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▲︎ Training Pets


Training Pets

This page contains information and tips about training your pet.

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Cat Pooping in Bathtub

My cat has been pooping in the bathtub lately. It's not cause she doesn't like her litter box, she uses it just as much as the bathtub. She has all my other pets scared, and usually tries to attack them.

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Training a Dog to Not Run Away
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Cat Pooping in Bathtub
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Keeping My Cat Out of the Garbage

Ok, I too have a small place and a limited budget so I cannot afford an expensive can. My cat Odd Thomas will get into the garbage and leave a huge mess.

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Cat Not Using Litter Box

Our small cat has started using the front room carpet. We know for sure that she has used it for #2, and it's has happened more than once.

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Cat Won't Poop in Litter Box
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Tips for Training Your Cat
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Keeping Pets Out of Trash
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Alleviate Your Dog's Fear Of Rain
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Teach Your Dog Not to Bark

The best way to teach a dog not to bark is to teach it to bark, and then reward it for barking. I have my Bruno, who is a Rottie mix who lives in the house, has just recently seemed to learn that I like him to mouth the word "Mama" and he gets lots of attention.

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Keeping Cats off Kitchen Table

I have a kitten and mama cat that are really good pets. If they scratch the furniture or rugs, I can stop them by spraying water from a spray bottle.

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Teaching a Dog to Come
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Teaching a Dog To Come
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Keep Dog From Jumping Through Window

Once a dog learns that he can jump through an open barn, house, or shed window, he's apt to be hard to keep out. You can let the animal cure himself of that habit, by setting an open pan of water in the opening.

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Use a Ballpoint Pen as Dog Marker

I have found that the clickers that most people use are too loud. I like the soft sound of a ball point pen retracting instead.

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Keep Dog from Pulling on Leash

Teach loose leash walking by using treats. Have your dog on your left side, leash slightly loose, and have a pocket full of treats on the other side. Speak your dog's name or make lip pursed sounds or whatever it takes to get his attention.

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Treating Dog's Fear of Stairs

Put a baby gate at the third step from the bottom of the stairs. Hide upstairs and call the dog to you. He will be able to go up the three stairs because he does not feel he will fall.

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Help for Dog Aggression

Our dog was very unfriendly towards other dogs and would growl as she passed them and one day actually chased one and nipped it on the rear end. I was shocked and horrified, but knew that this could not continue.

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Dog Obedience Advice: Use a Squirt Bottle

I am a mad 'critter' lover of all types, but have always had a problem with some methods of disciplining pets that I have read. I often consider them cruel. About the best, and most friendly, is a simple spray bottle with plain old water and perhaps a drop of citrus oil.

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Aluminum Foil to Keep Dogs Off Furniture

I keep my dogs off the furniture by placing large sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil on each seat cushion. They will not get on the sofa. Try it and let me know if it works!

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Training a Wolf Hybrid

Can a Wolf hybrid be trained to stay in the house?

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Training Cats To Stay Off Furniture

What can I do to keep the cats from sitting in my rocking chairs? They leave their hair on the chair pads.

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Pitbull Protection Training

How do you protection Train a Pitbull ?

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Homemade Potty Pad for House Training

I made a potty pad for house training out of a square of an old vinyl tablecloth. I put it on the floor and put junk mail flyers or old school papers on it. The dog goes on it as well as the expensive pads.

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Puppy Training

When we get a puppy we start out with lots of love and affection. We get a nice size box and put a clock that ticks (sounds like a heart), a cuddly blanket and a hot water bottle which we place under the blanket.

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Getting Cats to Stay Off Kitchen Table

I have cats that keep getting my kitchen table and chairs. I have used a bottle of water to spray them and they have not learned yet. Any ideas for this? I can't afford to spend a lot! Thanks.

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Obedience Training Advice

If anyone has questions about obedience training for their dogs, please feel free to ask me!

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Pets Pooping On Carpet

I am trying to break one of my pets from eliminating in the same spot. Well, actually, I am working on housetraining entirely. I have an 8 month old sheltie that has recently been introduced into the family. He is doing fairly well in the potty situation but I find a pile of poop in the same area on the carpet very often. I am not sure just who is the culprit - my pom, my cat or the sheltie.

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A Firm "NO" When Training A Puppy

My 7 week old shih tzu/yorkshire likes to "talk back" when being told no. When he is doing something like digging into the couch or chewing things we don't want him to chew on and we gently push him away from it and firmly tell him no he turns around, growls, and tries to bite. We pick him up and, again, tell him firmly. He will wiggle and try again and then, after another firm no, he usually tries to lick, almost like to say sorry. Is this somewhat normal and are we handling it the right way? Your help on the last question was greatly appreciated.

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Training An Abandoned Dog

My children had found a 6 month German Shepherd abandoned so now we have adopted her. I am not sure of the best way to train/housetrain her. I don't want to do anything the wrong way! I'm not sure on the environment she came from but she is a really loving dog! My other concern is she pees a little when you approach her, is there a way to fix that? Other than a few concerns, she really is a good dog.

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Training A Young Puppy

Have a new 8 week old male Shih Tzu and have to train with everything. Potty and chewing main problems. I have about every chew toy available but he seems to get bored and then chews my pant legs, or whatever he shouldn't!

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Diapers For Very Little Dogs

I have a baby Chihuahua (male) that is not even 1 lb but too young to potty train right now. I would like to get a diaper that would fit him, but not even the xxxsmall diaper for dogs under 2lbs is small enough.

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Fold Up Kennel For Obsessive Chewers

As the owner of a overly curious and very hyper Jack Russell, I have learned how to deal with a obsessive chewer. My dog, Abby, was six weeks old when we got her.

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Solve Cat Problems with a Positive Attitude!

Cats don't willfully misbehave out of spite, anger, or stupidity. Many owners assume their cats are deliberately scratching the furniture or eliminating outside of the box just to be spiteful...

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Teach Your Dog Where To Go Potty

When house training your dog, take it to the same place, every time you take him/her outside to do it's business. Tell your dog "hurry up" or "potty" as your dog does his business.

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Foil To Prevent Pet Accidents

We had a problem with one of our cats pooping around the litter box, but not in it. In fact, she really liked the bathroom rug. Our vet recommended we lay down foil in the places she was pooping, because they don't like the feel of foil on their paws.

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Saving on Dog Treats When Training

When you buy soft dog treats, such as jerky or sausage type, tear them into smaller pieces. You can give just one tidbit as a training treat or plain old reward.

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Handy Device For Dog Training - A Pop Can

An empty pop can with a few pennies or washers in it. Put a small piece of duct tape over the hole to keep the pennies in. When dog exhibit inappropriate behaviour, just shake the can. It gets their attention in a hurry! By KathyC

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Calming Down Your Pets With Comfort Oil

Has anyone used a product called comfort zone? You plug it into a wall socket, it has some kind of oil in it. To help calm down your pets. Ruthann

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