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Sharpening a Handheld Can Opener Blade

Old school can opener 2

Buying a new can opener every time the blade gets dull can be expensive and wasteful. Perhaps the blade can be sharpened extending the life of the tool. This is a guide about sharpening the blade of a handheld can opener.



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Question: Sharpening Hand Held Can Openers

Does anyone know of a place that sharpens hand held can openers?

By Pat M.

Most Recent Answer

By Cricket12/07/2011

pamphyila is right. You can sharpen can openers very easily by running sand paper through them. Get a good coarse grade and run it through the can opener several times and it will come out like new. I do this with my can openers (hand held and electric), scissors and even my hole punches!

Also Deeli is definitely right. Getting them sharpened would cost much more than buying a new one. Whereas you can buy a package of sandpaper for a couple of dollars and they will last you for years, and have many many uses.

Question: Sharpening a Can Opener

I have a hand held can opener which has gotten very dull. Does anyone have tips for sharpening the blade?

Most Recent Answer

By Drema07/09/2012

We've had this U.S.A. made Swing-A-Way for fifteen years and it shows no signs of wearing out: around $9 online. I think the solution to your problem is just getting a quality can opener and you won't have to sharpen it! Here's a link to a picture I found that most closely resembles ours.

All I do is rinse it off under hot water, dab the excess water off with a towel, put it in the dish drainer to air dry before putting it back into an enclosed drawer. Hope that makes your life easier!