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Saving Money on Baking Supplies

Baking ingredients on a wood bread board.

If you like to bake from scratch you will need a well stocked pantry. All of the necessary ingredients needed for baking can become quite costly. This is a guide about saving money on baking supplies.



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Article: Saving Money on Baking Supplies

Tips for saving money on baking supplies from the ThriftyFun community.

Buy On Sale And Freeze

I use the red and green M & M's to decorate a lot of my holiday cookies, so I buy them after Christmas and throw them into the freezer for next year. I also do that with the marked down pecan halves after Thanksgiving for the following year's pecan pies. Also stock up on flour, butter, margarine, etc. when on sale and put in freezer.

By Betty

Big Savings At Food Co-ops

Check to see if there is a food co-op in your area sometimes (not always) co-ops have 50-70% savings especially if you can volunteer a couple of hours a week.

By Paula

Check At The Craft Store For Baking Equipment

For baking equipment, try your local craft store. I use the 40-50 percent coupons that come in my mail or newspaper almost every week to buy pans, cookie sheets, etc., and they also sell cookbooks.

By Jmd123

Store Bulk Supplies In 5 Gallon Buckets

The way we manage to save on baking supplies started about 25 years ago. We collected all the 5 gallon pickle buckets we could find. At that time, restaurants were giving them away. Wash them thoroughly and fill with water and let them stand overnight. When you dump out the water, the bucket should smell clean. Since I do my Christmas shopping early in the year, it's easy to put away a few dollars now and then for that special period between Halloween and Thanksgiving. That's when the sugar, flour, chocolate chips, coconut, yeast, etcetera, go on sale for unbelievably low prices. Store these supplies in the (very dry) buckets and they will last a year. I spend about $50 and am set for the two of us plus friends for the year. Of course, for about one month before Halloween there are case lot sales and the prices can be very reasonable.

By Coreen from Rupert, ID

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