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Making Homemade Bridesmaids Dresses

A woman wearing a homemade bridesmaid dress.

If you can't find the right bridesmaid dress, one option is to make your own. A homemade bridesmaid dress gives you the ability to have a custom fit and can save you money. This is a guide about making homemade bridesmaids dresses.


Solutions: Making Homemade Bridesmaids Dresses

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Tip: Homemade Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo of a girl wearing a homemade bridesmaid dress.

I made 4 dresses for my son's wedding for around $20 apiece. Walmart sells a CHEAP pattern and it was a very simple, strapless A line. I hadn't sewn in years but it worked out fine. The secret to making bridesmaid dresses is not to be extravagant about the material you choose. Shoes were from Payless. The cost for each girl about $35.

Don't make the cost of the dresses keep friends from being able to have a part in your wedding. After all, the dresses (LIKE MINE) hang in the closet never to be used again. Incidently the $35 was the cost of BOTH the dress and shoes.

This is a photo of my Daughter in hers. The bouquets were also made by me.

By Sharon Shearer

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