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Making a Bridal Bouquet

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Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet

Making your own bridal bouquet makes this wedding tradition even more special and unique. This is a guide about making a bridal bouquet.


Solutions: Making a Bridal Bouquet

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Tip: Create a Wedding Bouquet from Your Love Notes

Confused by all of the choices there are for a bridal bouquet? I have tried hard to make each wedding I ever designed (34 years designing) special and unique to each bride.

If you are not sure what type of bouquet to carry or trying to save some on cost, take all of the cards and love letters and notes that you saved from your groom and tie them together. Have some one make a fabric "envelope" to match your colors. Slide in all of the cards and letters, use a button to close it off. Have the florist make a larger "corsage" with trailing ribbons and attach it to the top of the "envelope" with corsage pins. This will truly give you a bouquet unique to you alone as no one else has the cards and love notes as you do from your beloved.

This is sentimental and very elegant, all the while being very cost effective as well! Say nothing to your groom until you are at the altar or after the ceremony. Tell him that you carried these items with you as they mean more than any bridal bouquet ever would and you get to keep them as well, secure in their special "envelope"! You may even choose to have the envelope embroidered with your names, initials, a sentiment, your wedding date etc.

Best of luck on your wedding day.

Source: It was my idea, you have to be creative when dealing with brides that all want a wedding unique to themselves.

By Beau D from Vancouver, WA

Tip: Vintage and Costume Jewlery Bouquet for the Bride

I saw a beautiful item on one of David Tuterras Bride Shows. He made the most gorgeous bouquet for the bride to carry instead of flowers. It was completely made from vintage brooches, costume jewelry, earrings that had no mates. He found most at flea markets and garage and estate sales. I am telling you I don't think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as what was created just using broken and mismatched jewelry findings.

    By Janette [87]

    Tip: Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet

    Hand Tied Bridal BouquetThis is a hand tied bridal bouquet I made. Being a certified wedding planner, I keep my business "all inclusive"! I sometimes am the florist too!

    By DesignedByJulie from Mt. Pleasant, NC

    Tip: Frugal Wedding Flowers

    Here is an alternative to florist prices for flowers. While I don't have a photo I am sure you will get the idea! My son is getting married in April and the wedding is on the cheap. What I did for bouquets is the following: took a toilet paper roll and inserted Styrofoam to fit snugly. Then I inserted silk flowers on stems into the Styrofoam, arranged as needed, as well as, then inserted Baby's Breath and greenery under the flowers.

    Then I wrapped the toilet paper roll with color coordinated ribbon (including the underside), pinned the end of the ribbon with pearl headed straight pins directly through the toilet paper roll into the Styrofoam. Viola! Instant bouquet! This takes about 15 minutes per bouquet and looks like a designer bouquet for pennies!

    Making a Silk Bridal Bouquet

    Making a Silk Bridal Bouquet

    Making a Silk Bridal Bouquet

    Thank goodness the days of HUGE Bridal bouquets has passed! Small, round bouquets with stems showing are being used more often in Weddings. Your local florist would be glad to bunch up a cluster of roses and tie with ribbon but believe me you'd pay dearly! And within a couple of days there is nothing left but photos of your flowers. By making a silk bouquet you have it for years to come, to keep with all your other wedding momentoes.

    To make a bouquet you will need:

    • A Wilton bouquet holder (less than $3 at Walmart)
    • 10-12 silk roses
    • wire cutters
    • A roll of green floral tape
    • Ribbon you choose to tie on and make ribbon loops (optional--for added color).
    • Stiff wire


    The bouquet holder is a small circle of styrofoam incaged in a plastic holder with an attached handle.

    In choosing roses, to make them more realistic looking, remove the end of the flower (I think it's called the calyx) and remove extra petals which make it look fully bloomed, leaving the last row and middle of the flower. This will make a small but more realistic looking rose. When buying roses, choose a more CLOTH feeling rose.

    To form the bouquet, clip stems down to 5-6" long and beginning in the center insert a rose. Following the circle pattern fill your holder with closely fit roses, using the leaves as well for greenery. Make small loops of ribbon and attach to stiff wire, and wrap tightly with floral tape, inserting them into the cluster of flowers. To have stems showing at the bottom cut the end of the stem to your desired length and holding them around the handle, wrap tightly with floral tape at the top (so as not to show) and leave the rest of the stem showing.

    Tie on ribbon and wire onto the top of the handle also wrapping with floral tape to cover the wire. This makes a beautiful rose cluster bouquet your Bride will be proud to carry. Many people at my Daughter's wedding were surprised to find out that hers was not real--but silk flowers and she proudly displays them in her Curio cabinet, still as pretty as the day she used them.

    By Sharon Shearer from Ravenna, KY

    Tip: Use Wildflowers in Bridal Bouquets

    Is there a local wildflower you can add to your wedding flowers? At my wedding back East, we gathered wild Queen Anne's Lace, which was lovely with the roses we bought for small nosegays on the tables (and less than the baby's breath they sold.) I have discovered that on the West Coast, they sell Queen Anne's Lace and Goldenrod! Go figure.

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    Here are questions related to Making a Bridal Bouquet.

    Question: Homemade Wedding Bouquets

    I'm getting married in August and I'm looking for some patterns to go by on how to make my own bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. I'm on a very limited budget and I'm trying my hardest to get everything and make it myself with help from my wedding party and close friends.

    My wedding colors are Victorian lilac, purple, periwinkle, and white. I was wondering if someone has suggestions on flowers and flower colors, too. I hope there is someone on this site who can help me. Thanks for your time.

    By Sharon from St. John's, Newfoundland


    Most Recent Answer

    By Beverly02/10/2010

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. If you are fine with artificial flowers I would suggest checking out Wedding & Party Scrap. You can view their products at I got my wedding flowers from them and they were great. Everyone thought they were real and it was very inexpensive! This is a photo of my wedding flowers from there.

    Question: Using Lavender in a Wedding Bouquet

    My daughter wants to use lavender at her wedding. Has anyone ever used it in their bouquet? Maybe with some baby's breathe?

    By nurse mary from Monmouth, IL


    Most Recent Answer


    I was a floral designer for 34 years and have used lavender in many weddings and bridal bouquets.
    Make sure it is FRESH! or it will shatter all over and what a mess. In the bouquets to make more impact use "shocks" bunches tied or wired together and inserted in to the bouquet, this will give a statement for sure, if you are wanting it to be just an accent try using two or three stems and spread it all over the bouquet. I have done one bouquet that was ALL lavender with only 3 or 4 larger fresh or silk orchids in the center and trailing down was one additional one, you can make all lavender nosegays as well for the attendants, same for corsages just add a beautiful french wired ribbon and tadah!

    Boutonnieres are sophisticated made of only lavender and an ivy leaf to cover the mechanics (stem), elegant, different, cost effective and best of all you can make them yourself ahead of time and save the cost of a florist doing all the "personal " flowers. If you can arrange time and care use large pots of fresh growing lavender or pots filled with floral foam soaked and filled with cut fresh lavender for all centerpieces in a clay pot sprayed the color you like and also larger pots filled for the ceremony! Pews can be decorated with simple 5 loop bows with lavender hot glued into the centers.

    Good luck and it will be relaxing as well with the lovely scent of lavender filling the rooms for every one to enjoy!


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    Archive: Homemade Wedding Bouquets


    Homemade Wedding Bouquets
    Homemade Wedding Bouquets
    *** These are sample wedding bouquets that I made myself.

    By Marlene from Seagrove, NC

    RE: Homemade Wedding Bouquets

    Very pretty. I made mine myself too. They were inexpensive, and since they are artificial, I'll always have mine. (02/25/2009)

    By LuvMyFurKids

    RE: Homemade Wedding Bouquets