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Ladybug Problem

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Would anyone know how to get rid of ladybugs? At first I thought they were so pretty, but they have infested my walls and ceilings. I live in the country, but the windows were closed all winter.

Thank you.


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By Mary Ann (Guest Post)04/08/2007

You people don't understand they fly in your food while eating in your coffee pot and end up in your coffee. Needless to say the rest. I was sitting at the table eating dinner and one flew in my plate. Yummy! NOT. And like someone else said these are not lady bugs. They are Asian beettes and they are in my house by the thousands also. I guess I will just start trying stuff and let everyone know my progress. Best wishes to my self. I will start with the recipe given as

1/2 cup water
1 Tbs. vinegar
1 squirt dish soap
1 Tbs. sugar

Place in a milk jug near infestation.
I will give it a week and come back and post.

By Bill (Guest Post)03/25/2007

OK. I know Ladybugs are beneficial. I know they eat aphids. I now they are a great alternative to pesticides in the garden. Blah blah blah....I HATE THEM!! For those of you who say they aren't a problem and they will just hide in the sashes till spring. Or those who say to just "seal" up your house so they don't get in. To those who think a "few" lady bugs can be have NO IDEA what some of us are going through. Maybe you have 20 or 30 cute little bugs walking around in your house....but when fall comes I have MILLIONS all over my house. They are so thick you can't even see through them on the windows and walls outside. Seal the house up?? Sure...but when you open the door to go out or come in from outside hundreds fly in as soon as the door opens. They are in my bed, in my food, in my shower and in the closets and drawers with my clothing. I have a garden and a small farm. I get my water from a well. I undersdtand about chemicals and pesticides in the ground water and around my animals and children...but I kill these PESTS every chance I get and by any means necessary. In the fall when they first gather I use a pump sprayer and a strong pesticide and spray several times a day the outside walls of our house. The bugs pile up in heaps at the base of the house...but new ones replace those and I spray em again. Once again....if you think they are "cute" and "lucky" and "nice to have around" then you don't have a clue as to what some of us are talking about.

Editor's Note: Here is a good article about them and controlling them:

By admin211/30/2000

Here's a great online resource with information about ladybugs.

Helpful Reader

By admin211/30/2000

Capture them and sell them to a nursery, or send them to friend's who garden (esp. in the southern part of the U.S.)! Ladybugs feast on many of the garden pests that devastate gardens. I can understand why you don't want them in your house however! Please don't kill them though as they are so beneficial to have around. I would love to have some.

Helpful Reader and Holly

By admin211/30/2000

Oh, Gertrude, this is not a problem! This is a blessing. Living in the country you need Ladybugs to rid your outdoor plants of aphids. They "hole up" in the window sashes and such in winter, but will soon disappear and you will find nary a one, unless you find them hard at work around your outdoor plants.

Sandra - Upstate NY

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By Rebecca05/06/2010

Hi, My name is Rebecca and I'm the producer on a new Animal Planet series called Extreme Infestation.

I am looking for stories relating to severe infestations of any kind of animals, including ladybugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, spiders, toads, frogs, termites, wood worm, even bears! The series will look at the science of each type of infestation, as well as the stories of those who experienced them.

If you have been unlucky enough to experience an extreme infestation in your home or workplace, please do drop me a line at rebecca.north AT We are especially interested in hearing from people who filmed some home video footage of the event.

Darlow Smithson is a respected documentary conpany based in London, England. You can find out more about us by visiting our website at

We will be filming across the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in a few months time.

Hope to hear from you soon!


By Stefanie10/25/2009

I saw two ladybugs three days ago, two days ago there were 15, today there were way too many.

I filled a juice bottle with 1/2 cup water, some sugar, a splash of vinegar, and a squirt of dish soap. Shake a bit. When they are on the ceiling, put the bottle opening over them and gently move it, so they fall in. If they're on a wall use a piece of paper to nudge them in. They instantly die. It's time consuming, but I dont have a vacuum.

Then I found their favorite places (a corner of the kitchen, a specific window, and where the wall hits the ceiling.) I sprayed it with lemon lysol. I heard somewhere that they hate lemon, but maybe other cleaners will work. They drop immediately, scoop them up and put them in the bottle, to kill them instantly.

I heard they like blacklights, so if more come out tomorrow I'm going to put the vinegar sugar solution in a clear container, and put it over the blacklight on the floor. Hopefully they will all fly to their death.

By Kelly (Guest Post)11/16/2008

Okay. I live in Wisconsin and I have some lady bugs in my house. I kill them, but for some reason I keep seeing more and more. Is there anyway that I can get them all out of my house? If so, just comment back. Thanks.

By Jac (Guest Post)11/14/2008

I came home to my boyfriend preforming a holocaust on all my lady bugs and was so sad! I loved them! I personally have thousands of them and he was vacuuming them! Then I found out they were Asian beetles. Fudge that, I don't want Asian beetles in my house! Gonna try the candles first. Hopefully they'll go away!

By lurenda (Guest Post)11/01/2008

I have to get rid of them. My 11 month old put one in his mouth. Yuck, they have to go. Please help me do so.

By allie (Guest Post)04/12/2008

Today, I was sitting on the computer doing my homework and looked out the window to see about 30 ladybug beetles things on the window. So I scooped them into a water bottle and spray it with febreeze and nail polish remover and sometimes soda. Although it's not stopping the problem it slows it down. I'm going to try the mixture that 'Mary Ann' posted.

By Paula [14]03/25/2007

Use a shop vac when you vacuum them up, because they smell terrible if you use your household vacuum cleaner! And, while I am a gardener and appreciate beneficial insects, these little pests are not benefitting nature if they are in my house!

By Ihateladybugs!! (Guest Post)03/10/2007

I don't consider them a blessing. There are thousands in my house and when the infestation is at its worst, 10s of thousands! They are like a plague. All I do is vacuum them up, at least 10 times a day. They get in our food, our bed, stain furniture, walls. Rarely has an introduced species ever been a benefit.

By (Guest Post)04/11/2006

Mulberry candles burn them in every room of your home the ladybugs don't like them and they leave. Mulberry and I heard bayberry candles work too. but I know Mulberry does work. Home Interior candles are so far the best. the stronger the candle smells the faster it works Sarah Pa.

By admin211/30/2000

If those bugs are more on the orange side than a true red, they may not be ladybugs at all. Asian beetles look like ladybugs but are orange and they are more likely to cause the infestation that she was speaking of. You definitely want to dispose of these bugs, they really are not beneficial like ladybugs are and they can stain whatever they are sitting on (drapes, tablecloths, carpet). I have had some in my house and I try to keep them vacuumed up.

Sue, Wisconsin

By admin211/30/2000

In reference to the ladybugs, we also have a ladybug problem,they are everywhere. So far we've found no real way to get rid of them. Although, I have found that if I leave the outer window cracked open, it seems to cut down on the amount that stay inside. Then I just vacuum up the rest.


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