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Healthy Treats for Halloween

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I'm looking for healthy treats for Halloween. Because of things needing to be wrapped or tamper proof and wanting to give something nutritious, I'm at a loss what to give out. Does anyone have any good ideas?



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By Ihave510/22/2010

Homemade flubber or playdoh in a ziplock snack bag, they last forever!

By Dottie (Guest Post)10/31/2008

GREAT ideas! Thanks

By Lindsay. (Guest Post)10/24/2007

Several great ideas, I love the idea of giving kids either something to do such as coloring or little games or possibly money. But one thing to keep in mind is anything with nuts or peanut butter could pose an allergy risk in many kids. It may be best to avoid tree nut products.

By nutrition 1 (Guest Post)10/17/2005

you could try apples dipped in honey or fat-free caramel mix; pumpkin seeds

By Cat [2]02/03/2005

I gave out small packages of cocoa/hot chocolate one year and the kids remembered and asked for them again the next year when I has something else. A friend of mine gives out toothbrushes!

By badwater [264]02/03/2005

~sugar free packs of Kool-Aid
~string cheese
~tubs of Crystal Light
~colored pencils
~pages you printed off for them to color

By (Guest Post)10/18/2004

How about the coupons for Frosty's at Wendy's. They are a dessert but kids can always use extra calcium. You can get 10 for a dollar.

By Suzanne Spencer [8]08/26/2004

Try the packets of crackers with peanut butter that you put in lunchboxes. Or the pretzel sticks to dip in cheese. Fruit cups are another great idea they come already individually wrapped as well. Good luck! And have a very Happy Halloween.

By raisnboys10/04/2002

A healthy treat to give kids at school parties might be the new individual packs of the different flavors of 'Chex Morning Mix'. There are a variety of flavors to satisfy the tastes of many ages.
Cindee, Rapid City, South Dakota

By admin211/30/2000

In response to the healthy halloween snacks request, I am offering the following suggestions to hand out to trick-or-treaters:

* - Raisins (individual serving packages)
* - Peanuts (individual serving packages)
* - Pop tarts
* - Juice boxes (100% juice of course)
* - Microwave popcorn
* - Cereal bars


By admin211/30/2000

* Pencils
* Erasers
* Colored Pens or Pencils
* Coloring Books
* Pony Tail Holders
* Brightly Colored Paper Clips

A trip to the Dollar Store or to Walmart or an office supply store can be inspirational. Look for items packaged in larger quantity to get thriftier deals.

Lynn - West of Eugene, Oregon USA

By admin211/30/2000

Marianne's request for healthy Halloween treats that meet the sealed package criteria makes me think of yogurt-covered raisins! They come in small pckgs just like many candies. Or sugar-free gum - it tastes good these days.


By admin211/30/2000

Two healthy halloween treats come to mind. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers come in individually wrapped packages (about 2 oz. ea). Also some companies have individually wrapped pretzel packages. The kids love them and they make a great snack in the lunch box. Hope this helps.

Karen and Amy - Charlotte, NC

By admin211/30/2000

To the lady wanting treat ideas, instead of giving candy etc, give them a nickel or some pennies. Tell them to put them in their piggy banks and that will teach them the art of saving instead of taking all the time. Mary


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