Tree Sap on a Car


Can anyone tell me how to safely remove tree sap from my car's finish?

By Claire from Chicago burbs


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By Waylen 1 07/27/2010

Wash vehicle with a quality car soap and dry. while vehicle is in shade or other cool place. Use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on a soft clean cloth, pour on a generous amount.Wipe over sap using very light pressure. If you use to hard of pressure, dirt in the sap or encased by the sap may cause scratching. Follow with a cleaner wax.

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By ZiZi 5 2 08/08/2010

I just posted the same question without knowing that it was a widespread problem. I already tried to clean the sap drops. But light dark marks were left on my brand new white Mercedes I wonder if alcohol with be able to remove those dark marks?

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By ZiZi 5 2 08/11/2010

Thanks I will try rubbing alcohol. Hope it will still work because I already removed the sap without rubbing alcohol and left dark marks on the finish. The marks are not that dark, but annoying to me.

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By rick 1 08/21/2010

Have to say, rubbing alcohol works magic. I bought both that and Goo Gone (for cars). Both worked but the alcohol was much easier and required less grease (elbow) to remove the sap. Thanks for the help!

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By Jackie 32 04/08/2011

If you have tree sap the best thing to do is not touch it and use a water hose to rince it off. I have tried everything also and found if you touch it, it sticks but if you rinse it with water it comes off very easy.

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