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Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls


How do you remove hairspray that's on walls?

By jmcrober from Turlock, CA


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By Monique Rowe 7 4 09/11/2009 Flag

You can try using rubbing alcohol to remove hair spray buildup. Simply wipe the walls with alcohol and then wipe off the hairspray buildup with hot soapy water.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 09/11/2009 Flag

I like to use a spray-on bathroom cleaner (like Dow's Scrubbing Bubbles or the dollar store equivalent). A second option is to put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle then spray & wipe, but the bathroom cleaner works wonders & will clean practically anything!

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Archive: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

I have a small bathroom with the wall behind me getting a good coating of hair spray everyday when I get ready. The wall is a light yellow and the spots are showing up WAY too clearly! How do I remove this without ruining the paint?

Paula in GA


I am a retired hairdresser...

I am a retired hairdresser and salon owner. I often had a problem with a hairspray and other hair product buildup in some of my customers hair. I mixed about a tsp. baking soda in with with the 1st. lather of shampoo, I don't see why this wouldn't work on painted walls. You might try a small inconspicuous place to test it before doing the entire wall. I used this on my counter tops and chairs as well. Hope this helps. (12/01/2000)

By Ann


Try using shampoo diluted with warm water to remove shampoo from bathroom walls. (12/01/2000)

By Dee

Try wiping the walls...

Try wiping the walls with a damp sponge and a little baking soda or ammonia. It will help if you do this after a hot steaming bath or shower.(12/01/2000)

By Kathy Cohen - Northfield, Vermont

To remove the hairspray:

To remove the hairspray build up wipe the area with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol works for me. (12/01/2000)

By Mabel

RE: Hairspray Build Up on Walls

I've tried some water with a little shampoo. Shampoo is designed to take care of product build up so it works well on hairsrpay on walls and mirrors. Just wash surface, rince and wipe dry! (11/09/2004)

By R Walker

RE: Hairspray Build Up on Walls

Use a Mr Clean Erasor. They work wonders! (06/27/2005)

By denise

RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

I just wipe down walls and counters with rubbing alcohol. It is cheap and has never damaged the paint. Be sure to wipe it off well with clear hot soapy water after you remove the sticky spray. It can also be used to wipe hair spray build up on a curling iron.

Warning: Work in an open area and never have an open flame or light cigaretts while working with alcohol. (07/05/2005)

By j walker

RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on hair

Thank you ANN (retired hairdresser) for your comments about removing hairspray build up in the hair. I have been trying to find the best and safest way to accomplish this and shampooing alone does not seem to be working. The worst part is that the build up is only in my bangs, which of course is the 1st thing everyone sees. I will try the baking soda idea tonight. (07/05/2006)

By Patty

Archive: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

Does anyone know how to get hairspray off your bathroom wall without stripping the paint off too? I never realized how bad my wall looks from me using hair spray to get my hair ready in the mornings!

Mandi from Erie


RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

Removing Hairspray Residue. You can use this formula to remove hair spray residue from any hard surface -- vanities, tile, floors, walls, etc. Mix a solution of 1/3 liquid fabric softener and 2/3 water in a spray bottle. Spray on the surface to be cleaned, and wipe. Not only does it remove hair spray, it also acts as a dust repellent and shines vanities beautifully.

By SweetCali40

RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

Spray vinegar on the wall and wipe off. tough areas may need to be scraped with an old credit card or something like it but vinegar works, is cheap, safe and the smell evaporates.

By tardev

RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

Be careful with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on color painted walls. I tried this and it left white streaks on my dark red wall. Oops! Works great on white walls though. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also works wonders on taking rub marks, door dings, etc off my white car.

By Michele

RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

I tried using Mr. Clean Eraser and it didn't do anything. Going to try shampoo and water, if this doesn't work someone posted to try alcohol. I will try anything at this point without having to paint my walls.

By Effie

RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

I tried the rubbing alcohol. It didn't remove the hairspray, but it did remove paint!

By Guest

RE: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

The BEST and easiest way to remove hairspray from anything is to make a paste of nothing but water & baking soda. make it pretty thick and then rub it in. Let it set a minute or two then wash off. This works on walls, sinks, mirrors, even your barrettes, curling irons/brushes, etc.
If you have a lot of build-up on your hair, get a small cup (like a dixie cup or something), pour in double the amount of shampoo you normally use, then mix in baking soda...make it like 2 parts shampoo and one part baking soda. spread evenly on your hair. Let it set a good while. My hair is long & thick and it had a lot of build-up and it took 45 minutes. It just depends on how long/thick/thin your hair is and the amount of build up you have. After that, rinse VERY GOOD...then, wash again as normal and then condition it . You will see a HUGE difference. It will not effect perms/haircolor or anything. Baking soda just dissolves the hairspray.

Our salons around here do this 'hair-treatment' and charge high prices for it. I promise---this really works. I have never met one person that this has not worked on. Hope this helps.

By jenjoejace

WARNING: Mr Clean Magic Erasers

Be careful using Mr Clean Magic Erasers in your home. If you do use it, wear disposable gloves and wash the area you rubbed with the pad.
These pads contain formaldehyde, a known toxic carcenogin.

By Brian

Archive: Removing Hairspray Build Up on Walls

Anybody have any suggestions on getting hairspray residue off the walls in the bathroom.

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