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How do you remove pictures stuck to the glass in a frame?

By Rosee from Fort Payne, AL


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Archive: Pictures Stuck to Frames

How can I save family pictures that are stuck to the glass in picture frames. We evacuated for the hurricane and for 6 weeks our home was without electricity. Due to the heat and humidity I have precious family photos that are now stuck to the glass within the frame. Can you help me save these photos?

Katrina from New Orleans, LA


Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done that won't risk more damage to the photograph. I manage my family's photographic studio and we specialize in copy and restoration of old photographs. We have heard many horror stories involving this same situation where attempts were made to remove the photo from the glass from immersing the image and glass in water to loosen the grip, to applying heat or steam. In most cases, the image must simply be copied (through the glass) and reproduced in order to save the image, rather than to risk losing it altogether.

If these are snapshots where you still have the negative, you would be better off to simply have new prints made. Be very weary of tips that could risk the loss of the image altogether, especially if it is the only one in existence. Technology has opened the door for marvelous opportunities to salvage images by copying and reproducing them, with very little loss of quality, in fact, they may even be better. Cassie in KY (12/01/2000)

By admin2

For scrap booking...

For scrap booking there is a product called "Undo" that probably would work. You spray it on anything "stuck" and it will unstick it without hurting the picture.

Chris (12/01/2000)

By admin2

RE: Pictures Stuck to Frames

Q. Will un-du Adhesive Remover release a photo that may be stuck to the glass of a picture frame?

A. No, unfortunately it will not. Sometimes moisture will get between the glass and photo in a picture frame. Under certain conditions the moisture will heat up and create a type of adhesive between the glass and the emulsion on the photo. Our suggestion is to take the glass and photo somewhere you can have a high definition scan made and then have the photo reproduced digitally. (07/25/2005)


RE: Pictures Stuck to Frames

Perfect solution. Put your blow dryer on hot setting and blow the back of the glass that the photo is stuck on. After about 30 seconds, begin to pull gently on a corner. Continue using the dryer and the entire picture will come off slowly, but totally undamaged. I just now did this to a picture that was stuck on a piece of glass and it worked perfectly and did not damage my photo. Try it, it works. Sheryl (12/30/2005)

By Sheryl

RE: Pictures Stuck to Frames

This is from the Kodak website, thought it might help. I am ready to try it on my photos.

The primary reason why photographs stick to the glass in their frames or to each other is fluctuations in humidity. As the humidity rises, photographs have a tendency to absorb some of this moisture, causing their emulsion to become slightly soft. When the humidity level drops, any softened emulsion adhering to the glass or other prints will then cause them to stick.

Let me emphasize that the following information is provided strictly on a "do it at your own risk" basis. Kodak can accept no responsibility if any damage occurs. For that reason, if you decide to try this, we strongly urge you to begin by testing the procedure on one of the less important prints.

If you'd like to attempt to separate your prints, please use the following procedure.

Start with a large flat pan of clear, cold water and put it in your freezer for about 10 minutes with the prints soaking in the pan. Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cold, carefully begin to separate the pictures. Work on the prints slowly and do not force the separation as damage may occur. Keep them submerged in the cold water as you work on them. Do not run water directly on them, as this may cause physical damage to the already-softened photographic paper emulsions.

Once separated, lay them out on flat screens, if possible, and allow to air dry at room temperature. Do not attempt to pat them dry or touch the surface of the picture in any way until your prints have dried completely.

Once dry, place them between archival papers in a heavy book for several days to flatten them.

Thank you for visiting the Kodak Web site. If you need to reply to this e-mail, please reply 'with history' (include any previous e-mail) so we can expedite our service to you. If you should have future questions on Kodak products or services, please be sure to revisit our Web site as we are continually adding information to enhance our service. Sincerely, Renee R. Kodak Information and Technical Support (05/04/2007)


RE: Pictures Stuck to Frames

That blowdrying does not work. It only intensifies the heat between the picture and the glass. I did it and the matter was only made worse. (04/24/2008)

By aslek

Archive: Pictures Stuck to Frames

I have photos that are stuck to the glass in the frames. I guess they got moisture in them. How can I get them out without tearing the picture?

By Elly O. from Irving, TX

RE: Pictures Stuck to Frames

Don't try to pull the picture off the glass. Remove the glass from the frame, and make copies like that! Either at home, or somewhere else. To help prevent this in the future; glue strips of felt that match the color of frame, on the inside, between the glass and the photo. Let dry for several days, then replace. (10/17/2009)

By fatboyslimsmom

RE: Pictures Stuck to Frames

I have taken advice from archivists and have learned that water alone doesn't hurt prints. In the days of old my Dad, in his dark room, used to run the prints through various solutions and hang them to dry.

I took old albums of black paper where some members had glued the pics to the album. We soaked them in the sink in warm water and they eventually loosened and freed themselves from the paper. We then laid them carefully on wax paper and laid another layer of waxed paper over them. The next step was to weigh them down so they dried flat.

After all this we identified each one in the pic and put them in new albums from Walmart. My aunt and I no sooner finished this huge project which took us 3 weeks and she became ill and passed. The albums are a wonderful gift to the family as she was the last one who could ID the pics. (10/18/2009)

By notetotel

RE: Pictures Stuck to Frames

Water will not hurt the prints. In fact, that is the last solution that they are run through during processing.

However, if they are printed from your desktop printer, water will ruin them, and it would be best to re-scan them while under the glass or print a new copy from the file. (10/18/2009)

By Noella

Archive: Pictures Stuck to Frames

How do I remove a picture that is stuck in an old frame?


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