Crayon Stains on Clothing

By Angela 1

I washed clothes not realizing there were crayons in there. I dried the clothes and and am needing to know what to do to get the crayon out of clothes. Please help me?


By Angela from Clinton, MA

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By Gracie 1 Flag

March 20, 2011

The hands down winner for me. I followed the advise of the editor was to start simple and work up from there. I used 1 box of baking soda and followed the regular washing instructions, voila, almost everything was gone from 4 dress shirts and 2 high-end restaurant aprons. (My son works at a high-end restaurant and picked up a brown crayon and put it in his apron. He forgot all about it and all his uniforms were 'ruined', at least till today.)

Of course, that's after I gave up following my first method (it was grueling and I couldn't get it to work). At first I started with one of the aprons and a blunt knife, trying to scrape off the excess crayon and running boiling water from the back of the fabric through the apron and blot onto a clean white towel to 'blot' off the crayon residue. This was grueling because the apron was water-resistant and I couldn't get the boiling water through it easily. Hardly anything was coming off and I scraped and boiled water for 2 hours, barely making a dent in the apron. My hands and back were sore.

I gave up and searched the internet and found all your great ideas. Starting simple was the miracle for me - although I was worried....the washing instructions called for a gentle cycle and cold water. I used almost 1 full box of baking soda, upped the temperature to 'warm wash and warm rinse', used my gentle detergent and set my HE washer on gentle.

After the first round, I had a couple spots of crayon left on an apron and a bunch on a shirt sleeve (it had been turned inside out on itself, so when I opened it there was still crayon all over inside it), so put the whole load thru another gentle cycle with warm wash/warm rinse and detergent. (I didn't have any more baking soda). After the 2nd time I only had 1 small spot on the apron that I could rub off with my fingernail. Too easy!

Thanks for the great tip!

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Question: Removing Crayon from Clothing

By shaquan 3 1

How do I get orange crayon out of my husband's khaki shorts?

By Shaquan S.

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June 1, 2011

There is a cleaner that dry cleaners use, you can find it in hardware stores. It's a chemical that needs a lot of fresh air around, and is flammable.

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Archive: Crayon off Clothing?

I did a wash with crayon in my pocket I rewashed in hot and it came out of everything but two white shirts. One is my husband's favorite golf shirt. Please help! There is just one or two tiny spots on each one but right where they are obvious.


RE: Crayon off Clothing? 01/15/2001
I have a suggestion that sometimes works. Place a paper towel on your ironing board. Lay the part of the shirt with the crayon over the paper towel. Place another paper towel on top of the crayon spot, and a sheet of waxed paper on top of the paper towel. Iron using medium (no steam) setting. The waxed paper protects your iron, and the heat will liquefy the crayon and transfer it to the paper towel. This works most of the time - not always, though.
By atallred
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 01/15/2001
The iron tip (suggested by atallred) may remove the wax but it may not remove the color. After using a hot iron to remove any residual wax, take a cotton swab dipped in bleach and dab at any stain left. As soon as the stain is gone wash the white shirts. This tip is for white items only. When I was a young girl we use to melt crayons to draw on T-shirts. Then use an iron to remove the excess wax. This was an easy way to "paint" designs on T-shirts. This is why I doubt that the iron tip will work.

Mrs Kathy Cohen Northfield, VT

By kcohenvt
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 01/15/2001
This happened to me once and someone told me to spray WD40 on the spot, let it set then wash it out. It worked for me, I hope it works for you. Since then I use WD 40 a lot, it takes crayon off walls great as well.
By nona
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 01/16/2001
The same thing happened to me with my children's summer clothes. I washed them a few extra times with stain remover, but it didn't work. Then I used WD-40. It worked very well. The stains weren't totally gone the first time, but did come out after a few more washings, which was a good thing because the WD-40 smells! Don't worry, there's hope for your clothes!!
By emmalemma
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 01/16/2001
Crayon and Lipstick are both oil based and I have had the best luck using Ronson's Lighter Fluid. You have to break down the oil with a solvent and then use soap or detergent to break down the solvent. Works for me.
By aldrevlo
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 09/16/2002
Crayola has a GREAT site on how to remove almost any of their products from almost any item. IE clothing, fabric, wood, brick etc.! GOOD LUCK:->
By jsillhart
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 12/05/2004
Hi Jack,
Go to Crayola's site. Choose the type of crayon you have melted on your clothing, then go to step 2 and choose laundered items.

They have a lot of good tips for getting rid of it.

By Thrifty_Fun
Tide's new cold water formula 03/30/2005
If a crayon ever makes it through to the dryer, just wash your clothes again in Tide's new cold water formula. It worked for me--crayon was yellow & from Applebee's. The spots are gone, can't tell where they were.
By Tonya Vest
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 04/30/2005
I usually don't get to sing praises - but this one deserves it! I ruined a whole load of laundry when my 5 year old left a purple crayon in his jacket pocket. I had checked all the pants as I usually do, but the jacket escaped my attention. Well, the jacket, and my favorite pair of jeans were history, along with the minor stains on 5 other pairs of jeans and other items. I tried the solution shown here - and to my amazement, IT WORKED! I used Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser - on the clothes, sure - it was tedious, I had to treat every stain, then soaked all the clothes in HOT water for an hour, then washed in OXY CLEAN and Tide. I was very pleased with the results! Bravo to the person who originally suggested it! Thanks to all!
By JOANN (Guest Post)
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 07/26/2005
This just happened to me yesterday. I tried a product my mom suggested. It's called Lickity Split, made by Kirby (the vacuum people). I was amazed at how well it worked. It was a red crayon and you can't even see any spots. I pretreated all of the spots and let it set for about 30 min. Then washed the clothes in hot water on the heavy duty wash cycle.
It has a strong citrus smell, but once the clothes were washed you couldn't smell it.
By Michele (Guest Post)
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 11/20/2005
Thank you to Tonya! Your solution worked wonders on a big load of my boys' clothes that had RED crayon all over it. Washing the load over again in Tide's new coldwater formula got almost all of the crayon out and was much easier and less time-consuming than any of the other solutions I saw, especially the one on Crayola's site. It would've taken hours and who has that kind of time with 3 little ones???
By mjhumphrey97 (Guest Post)
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 02/04/2006
Tide Coldwater works like a charm. I put an entire load of "green clothes" in the wash on the heavy duty cycle with warm water. ALL of the crayon came out!
By Mandy (Guest Post)
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 02/07/2006
My Daughter left a Black Crayon in her pant's, and I thought that my cloths and dryer were ruined. Then I used a Little WD-40 , Oranger TKO and Tide Cold water detergent and I was suprised that it worked. I had to wash the cloths in HOT water 3 times but all the stains came out.
By Debbie (Guest Post)
RE: Crayon off Clothing? 03/17/2006
Thank you for your suggestions. I tried the 20 Mule Team Borax, soaking my crayon filled clothes in hot water with laundry detergent and the borax for 45 min. then let the washing machine do the work. I had to do it 2 times but the clothes look perfect and the 20 Mule team borax worked great!
By colleen (Guest Post)

Archive: Crayon Stains on Clothing

My son had a blue crayon in his pocket. I washed it and dried it. Now I have blue clothes and a the inside of the drier is blue? How do I get it out?

P.L. from Muscotah, KS


RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

GooGone works wonders! (05/17/2006)

By Julie.

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

We got the orange crayon out of the whole load of laundry I used about 2 tbsp of Orange hand cleaner (degreaser) also added just a little Shout and laundry detergent (Purex with bleach alt. Mountain Spring) Washed the load in hot water and was amazed all of the crayon was gone!! Thanks for the tips and I hope this helps others with the same problem. So when life hands you lemons just make lemonade smile. (07/17/2006)

By Patty from NC

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I was freaking out cause crayon got mixed in with all my favourite clothes, but i sprayed generous amount of shout on the spots and scrubed a little bit and it all came out! I'm still working on the white shirts but surprisingly hairspray is a miracle worker too it takes out VERY set grease stains as well as crayon off my white bra. (10/07/2006)

By Tara

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

When this happened to me, I freaked out! I hate for my three year old to get food on her clothes, let alone have crayons in her pocket! When I opened the dryer ALL of her clothes were red! Red crayon was everywhere! I went to Food Lion and bought 3 things. I bought Zout, Clorox OxyClean and Wisk with colorsafe bleach. I sprayed the clothes with Zout and then poured some of the Clorox Oxyclean and Wisk in the laundry. When we took the clothes out they were spotless! Even stains that had been there before the crayon were gone! Try it! It worked for me! (11/12/2006)

By Kim in Carolina

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I am so happy to report that MY red crayon disaster is resolved. My dryer and a load of clothes had red splotches everywhere. I used a remedy similar to Kim's of Carolina and I am amazed at the results. I actually had my clothes in the garbage they were so bad. I bought Zout, OxyClean Stain Fighter and Wisk dual action. I kind of did an experiment because it would be too time-consuming to spray every item with Zout, I used it with only the most important items, but everything got equally clean. I used hot water and let the clothes soak for a while with the washer door open and used the heavy duty cycle to wash. The dryer came clean very well with regular Colgate toothpaste. I think the hot water and Oxy Clean were the most important things that got the clothes clean. Hopefully this will help someone else. I am very thankful!!! (11/19/2006)

By Molly of Florida

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

As of 10 minutes ago... I totally concur on the soaking in oxyclean and hot water with a shot of Zout on any remaining tough spots then rewashing the "Zouted" items as normal. I just saved a whole load of light colored jeans from a green crayon disaster. This was the easiest and most efficient method-- THANKS! (11/25/2006)

By Gayle

Archive: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I recently washed and dried a load of clothes which includes: light jeans, a white tank top, a dark American eagle hoodie, some cotton dark t-shirts, and some underwear with a dark blue crayon. I tried the tide cold water, and spray and wash 3 times, which helped get the waxy part out, but the stain is still there. I also tried goo gone but it didn't help. Does anyone know how to get the stain part out without eating through my clothes? I heard borax can eat through them and dreyel is for colorfast clothes, have no clue what that means. How do you know if it is colorfast? This is my first time with a crayon stain. I only have 3 other pairs of jeans and these were my expensive pair! Thank you so much for the help.

Crystal from Eugene, OR


RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I was beside myself when I discovered gray crayon melted throughout my son's best shirt. He had left the crayon in the front pocket and needless to say the crayon also spread to more than one other garment in the load. It was so bad that my son's pocket of his shirt was stiff from the wax.

What worked for me was to place the shirt between two rags and press it with a hot iron to remove the excess wax, and then spray WD 40 followed by scrubbing orange bases hand cleaner to lift the stain. Luckily the crayon is gone.

By Danielle

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I have a HE front loading washer. One of my kids left crayons in their pocket and a whole load jeans got stained. I tried the sanitary cycle on my washer. Most of the stains were removed from the clothes. This worked great as with the front loaders you can only use HE detergents. The sanitary cycle saved me from having to go out and buy a bunch of new jeans. (03/11/2007)

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I just got through having maroon crayon all over my load of darks. I used about 2.5 cups of Awesome cleaner undiluted, doubled the amount of my laundry detergent, and 1.5 cups of color safe bleach in hot water soaking for 30 minutes. It has gotten it all out except for a few marks on a new pair of capris. I used Scrubbing Bubbles on my dryer with an abrasive scrub pad and got all removed from there. I am now trying the Scrubbing Bubbles on my capris. I got the 64 ounce of Awesome at my Dollar General store for $3. Most dollar stores carry it. (03/28/2007)

By Stacey N

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I washed and dried a purple crayon in with my children's NEW clothes I had just bought from Kohls. The googone and the awesome really worked! I thought I had just lost $175.00 worth of clothes, but i put googone and awesome and my detergent in hot water and let it set for 30 minutes and then washed twice and rinsed twice and its all gone. (04/15/2007)


RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I washed and dried red crayon with an entire load of my girls clothing. I treated spots with Zout, and soaked the batch in hot water with Oxy-clean, wisk and a cap full of tide. To my surprise all of the crayon spots with the expection of those in a white tee came out, after a regular wash cycle. Yes!! (04/24/2007)

By Arica

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I read most of these, and got some great suggestions. My son had a red crayon in his pocket and I washed it with my light colored clothes. It was a mess. After reading these suggestions(which by the way were wonderful) I ended up using Oxy Clean spray, WD 40 and hairspray. I sprayed it on the stains and then made sure to rub it in. I let the clothes soak in hot water for 30 minutes and then washed and rinsed twice. All the stains came out! It was great! Thanks again! (06/03/2007)

By Laura

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

WD40?! Who claimed this would work? I tried it on a load of clothes that were spotted with black crayon and not one single spot came out. Not only are the spots still on all the clothes but now they stink like WD40! Does anyone have another method? We've also tried the combo of WD40 and color safe bleach but no success. We've washed this same load 4 times! (06/06/2007)

By Lou

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I had purple crayon chaos this morning. My daughter was coloring and came to me with her brand new white Nike t-shirt spotted with purple. First I went for the iron idea,no go. Then I grabbed my trusty tide with bleach and poured it on the spots, let it sit for about 20 minutes, sprayed a little goo gone on them and rinsed. VOILA! Gone!

By Cindy

RE: Crayon Stains on Bed Sheets

So my family and I were cleaning cause we had some family coming for Father's Day and we opened the dryer. The clothes were finished and everything but there was something wrong. Purple was all over the sheets for my children's bedroom. We were freaking out! I searched for how to get stains out of my sheets. And then my husband looked in the dryer and what do you know there was a purple beat up crayon. Then I searched. I ran to Walgreen's and got Zout Oxy Clean and a bunch of other stuff listed and then wala it was out. Almost went out to get new sheets for my daughters but you know what miracles do truly happen. So thank you for everything. (Just so you know it really was my daughter who typed it!) (06/17/2007)

By Lauren of Indiana

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I tried everything at first and that stupid purple crayon wouldn't come out...then I stumbled onto this site and picked up some Zout, Oxyclean spray, and Wisk detergent and almost by miracle pretty much everything came out...except for my favorite white bathing suit top(but that gives me an excuse to make my boyfriend buy another!) Thanks everyone so much for posting all of this!! (07/03/2007)

By Katie in NH

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I came across this page in a panic because of the the melted red crayon in my laundry and dryer and not knowing what to do. My kids are 6 & 8 and I'd never experienced it before. I first want to thank all of these people who write in and share their experiences and formulas to remedy it. Without you guys I'd be throwing clothes away. Thank you! :o) I'd like to now share that I tried the Oxyclean stain fighter (1 1/2 cups) using the Zout first and my regular detergent (1 full cup) and soaked an hour (actually soaked while I cleaned the dryer with regular Colgate...worked like a charm and minty fresh). Everything came out first time around. WOW! No using WD-40 either like Crayola suggested. Pew! I had a positive experience and wanted to say thanks and to share to help others too. (07/03/2007)

By Jamie

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I was sitting here, melting crayons in my room trying to seal a letter, when some of it dripped on my favorite pair of long shorts. I'm sitting here freaking out, and I looked up how to do it. I tried most of these that I could find in a little bathroom. I found GoofOff in my room from when we were repainting the place, and I had marker on my walls. Now I've got my shorts treated in foam hand soap and little kid's crest. It's been getting it out little by little with the goofOff. Gotta say, you women and men have saved my shorts. [And me from grounding]

By Jill from Iowa.

Archive: Crayon Stains on Clothing

How do I remove crayon from clothing?

Mary Jo


RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

Thank you for the advice! The tide/oxyclean solution really truly works! I had crayon marks on jeans, a terry cloth robe and cords. All I did was wash them in tide and oxyclean on the hot cycle once. It all came out! (09/16/2007)

By Shelly

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

My husband called me today because the clothes had turned red from a red crayon that was in the laundry. I checked this site and took the advice of using 1 1/2 cups of Cold Water Tide, 4 scoops of Oxyclean and 1 cup of Spray and Wash, and washed it in hot with a cool rinse. To our amazement - it all came out! I also cleaned the dryer with Soft Scrub. Thanks for the helpful information! (09/21/2007)

By Maurine

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

YAY! I opened the dryer to find red crayon on my colored clothes! I was frustrated but I sprayed Shout and Resolve High Traffic Foam on the spots then threw them in the washer with Tide HE and presoaked them and washed them on a stain cycle and EVERY bit of it came out! I was so thrilled! (10/07/2007)

By Melodie

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing-Greased Lightning

My 8 year old left a orange crayon in his pocket that ended up soiling a whole load of clothes. I tried the first thing I reached for in the cabinet--greased lightning--and it worked! (10/08/2007)

By Abbie B

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

So I was working as a server, and a kid left 2 crayons on the floor. I pick them up and stuck them in my apron/frock (or whatever manly word you want to call it). Needless to say, that apron made it into the wash with the crayons tucked in the side of the pocket (a blind hand reaching in to check to see if a pocket is empty only checks the center of the pocket). Every garment I own aside from the clothes I am wearing today... destroyed. Why don't kids start using something other than crayons- "ANYTHING" other than crayons. What's worse, is the company I work for supplied them. I'm very grateful for all these 'posts' because I hadn't a clue what to do until now. (11/07/2007)

By Nerd5

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

Thank you for all of your suggestions. I have a 9 year old, 7 year old, and 3 year old and have just experienced my first crayon in the laundry. Needless to say, it's a red crayon. I will try your ideas and pray for success. (11/14/2007)

By Belinda

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I am so excited! Thanks to this web site, my jeans are saved. This morning I emptied my dryer to discover RED crayon on every single pair of jeans. Ten pairs, most brand new. I was sooooo upset. I found this site and came up with the following based on several of the entries. I can't believe it worked. This is what I did. Use 1 1/2 cups of Wisk Multi-Action (I used 3x concentrated for High Efficiency) 1 1/2 cups of Oxy Clean Stain Fighter (liquid) and 1 cup of Zout. There is no need to pre-treat.

I just let the jeans soak in washer for 45 min. in HOT water regular cycle and they all came out perfect. Thank you to all that wrote in. My dryer was a mess too. I used Soft Scrub. That worked really well. Don't ya just love those crayons! Good luck to all. (12/11/2007)

By Melissa in Texas

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

OMG! I work at a factory and I write on boxes with commercial strength BLACK crayon. I forgot to take one out of my back pocket before I threw it in the wash with my family's "colors" wash. After the dry cycle, it was evenly smeared all over the dryer and ALL OVER my families good clothes (even a pair of my husbands good slacks!)

Luckily, I found this website and was able to run to CVS pharmacy and get OxyClean, Wisk, and Zote (I couldn't find any Zout, but this old Mexican lady told me to cut up a block of Zote and soak in HOT water for an hour). I also got Soft Scrub which is OK, but I ended up busting out Comet which worked very well on the Dryer!

Anyhoo, what a morning! I got it all taken care of before my husband woke up and I didn't even mention what happened to his slacks because there's no more crayon! (01/12/2008)

By Demonica

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I am so thrilled! I tried using the ironing method to NO avail. Then I tried the WD-40 method. No such luck there besides some really stinky clothes. THEN, I finally tried using the 1 1/2 cups Wisk (3x concentrated), 1 1/2 cups OxyClean (liquid form), and the 1 cup Zout, and the crayon came out! It was blue crayon. All over everything that my lovely 2 1/2 year old left in the pocket of her pants. Imagine mommy's surprise when I woke up Monday morning to find blue blotches of melted crayon all over her and some of my clothes!! I am so thankful I found this website! Thank you so much for your tips! It really worked! (01/29/2008)

By Laura

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

So I get up this AM and go to the dryer to get my husband's work cloths out of the dryer, and to my horror all his good work shirts where covered with this blue ink like substance. We both thought that he left a pen in his clothing. I reach in the dryer and I find what is left of a blue crayon. He was so upset, and I was just devastated. But I googled the problem and ran across this page!! I have to say thank you! You just saved me a few hundred dollars, and I had everything at hand to remove all the crayon!

Thank you so much for all your posts! This was the one that I used:

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup of oxyclean
  • 1 cup of shout
  • 1 cup of laundry detergent
  • with a little goo gone

    By rts_girl

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Well I work as a busser at a restaurant. So at the end of the night, when I have to close. I have to clean the floors. I pick up any fries, forks, or CRAYONS on the floor, and stick them in my apron. When I got home I THOUGHT I had emptied out everything out of my apron. When I washed my uniform, I realized I didn't have a crayon, but crayons in my apron. Now my WHITE work uniform is COVERED in red, blue, and green crayon stains. (03/23/2008)

    By Justine

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Thank you so much. I had several items that were very expensive. I used the oxyclean, wisk, and zout method and most of all the crayon stains came out. I am so thankful. I want everyone to know that I actually used an off brand oxyclean called oxygen, a Winn Dixie brand. So, try it; it works! (03/29/2008)

    By Tracy

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    I know how you feel! There was a crayon in a load with most of my clothes and my parents are trying to get it out with a mix of different stain remover things.. :-/ (04/09/2008)

    By Carol

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Some W-D 40 should do the trick. If you don't have any, then try 3 in 1 oil. It will need to be followed by color safe bleach, dishwashing detergent and regular laundry soap. Put the clothing on papertowels while being treated so you don't end up with a bigger mess than you started with. Let each treatment set for a few minutes before applying the next. Treat on both sides of stain. Wash and if still not clean, repeat the method. After a couple of washes the stains should be gone. (04/24/2008)

    By Jessica

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    I always wash new clothes before wearing them. So I have no idea how a brown crayon got into my daughters new clothing; by accident maybe. So anyway, I have the most horrible experience of my life. I am about to cry. Thanks a lot for all your advices, I will try everything. (06/13/2008)


    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Well, my son had a birthday party just before we left for the Dominican, so he decided to bring most of his new clothes with us on our trip. When we got home I just wanted to throw everything in the wash, not realizing he had left a box of 4 crayons in his pocket! EVERYTHING, including his new clothes, his towels, my bathing suits, etc., had green, blue, yellow and red stains on them! And they had already been baked in by the dryer. I was so upset! After doing some online research and thinking about it for a week, I decided to try some of the ideas out. I pre-treated the stains with Spray and Wash for about 10-15 mins, then put 4 little cups of OxyClean in with the wash, along with about 2 cups of detergent (the cup size of the lid).

    After only one wash, all the stains were gone! It really does work! The only ones that didn't completely come out were the ones that were not pre-treated (because I didn't see them) so I just pretreated them and ran them through the wash again. Another HAPPY MOM :)! Don't worry, the stains actually do come out, and the clothes are as good as new. Good luck everyone! (07/20/2008)

    By Minda

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    I tried every suggestion on this page and I have to say that for those of us who are dealing with extreme crayon (more than 1 on white clothes) that has been completely set by the drier, nothing worked completely. WD40 did nothing. What worked the best was the Goo Gone and Oxyclean combination recipe above. Softscrub took care of the drier. I am still dealing with much lighter crayon on some white shirts but I apply GooGone before every wash and I line dry to prevent further problems all clothes that still have the stains. The stains get lighter after every wash but they are still visible. (07/28/2008)

    By bethany

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    I just soaked the crayon stained clothes in a bucket of hot water, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a half cup of Oxyclean for about an hour and then washed the load of laundry again, seems to have done the trick! (08/17/2008)

    By Natalie

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Thank you so much Minda! I tried the spray and wash and oxy clean and detergent thing. It worked great! My daughter had a neon green, a neon pink and a brown crayon in her pockets. I washed them then found the crayons. I then dried the clothes. bad mistake. I did exactly what you suggested and her white shirt that had all the colors on it can completely clean! Thank you so much! (10/01/2008)

    By Serena

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    So our 3 year old and his broken red crayon met our dryer today along with a load of mixed dark clothing! It was everywhere! First, I used gain and 2 cups of vinegar(that's all I had handy). A lot of the tint came out, but I then tried the wonderful "this is the one" recipe. I saved just about everything. My reciepe varied slightly, Gain detergent (2nd line), 2 cups vinegar, 1 cup shout, and oxyclean liquid (full cup).

    I only used the oxyclean liquid because my husband bought the wrong thing(that's what I get for sending him to the store), but it still worked surprisingly well. I soaked the clothes in WARM water for about an hour the 1st time, everything minus my favorite jeans,a sweater and a polo shirt were back to normal. Hooray! I spot treated what was left with peroxide,shout,oxyclean and a toothbrush. It's improved, not completely gone, but wearable :)

    As for our dryer,I used soft scrub and elbow grease. I wasn't too thrilled at the idea of using WD-40. The smell and the flammable part was a big turn off. After I scrubbed I threw in a load of towels to get the cleaner off,saving the time of trying to wipe it all off,then just re-washed the towels. I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy,but if your reading this,it's probably already happen to you. Hope this helps! Kaci in FL~11/10/08 (11/09/2008)

    By Kaci

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    For small stains, I sprayed on Goo Gone, rubbed it through and then I put on some Palmolive antibacterial. Lathered up in the sink of hot water and it came right out!

    By laura in GA

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    I came here looking for help, and I found it. My son, the consummate artist, left a lovely purple crayon in the laundry basket, and I have a habit of dumping basket loads into the washer. Needless to say, the crayon went into the dryer as well, and wouldn't you know it? It was a load of whites :o(

    Like a few of you, I grabbed for what I had, which was Orange Powered Greased Lightning and Shout. I sprayed on the Greased Lightning and let it sit a minute, then sprayed on the Shout, then scrubbed it a little with a toothbrush and VOILA! Purple crayon came out of my white t-shirt. I haven't worked through the rest of the load, but thought I'd share the success I had :o) (11/18/2008)

    By my4kids

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Thank You for this site. It has been a blessing in disguise. I woke up to a black and white surprise. I had a load of white with my son's school uniform shirts along with other white clothes and to my horror, every one of them looked like a dalmatian. I stared at it for a while and this was my first search site.

    Am going to walmart to get the zout and other stain busters and should luckily get them out. Feel relieved that I am not the only one who has done this thought! It is funny if you think back since every one of us must have thought we were the only ones! LOL (11/20/2008)

    By deepika

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    A "magic eraser" works great to get the crayon out of the dryer. No cleaners necessary and not much elbow grease either. (11/25/2008)

    By Melissa in KY

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Thanks for all your wonderful formulas to remove crayon. An orange crayon escaped my attention and lodged itself in my dryer after getting on the entire load, not missing one item. Soft scrub and a toothbrush worked well to remove the crayon stuck to the dryer. I used GOO GONE, lots of it, to dab a lot of the crayon off each stain on the clothes. Then I soaked the stains in OXY CLEAN for an hour. Only two of the items needed more treatments. Thank you so much for your ideas! (12/07/2008)

    By Judy

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Ah, emergency. Game tomorrow for high school senior son and a white set of home jerseys to be worn. Enter dark purple and dark blue crayons from eight year old younger brother's jeans and coat pockets, the kind broken in half without the wrappers, discovered after home jerseys removed from hot dryer.

    Review mottled, flecked, dotted jerseys.

    Send older son to bed with promise I will do whatever it takes to make suit whole and white again. Enter this website. Without, what would I have done? Softened the crayon to pale blobs across suit? Armed with ZOUT (promises to get stains out: promising!) and OxyClean (so many recommendations, had to get) and bleach pen (for chasing shadows of blue and purple, after other cleaners) and Borax and hair spray....and two washings in very hot water, they are now rinsing.

    Dawn is soon, and tall sleepy son will not know how raw my hands feel and how sleepless I am and how I drove through the dark emptiness of town to buy these ingredients recommended by all of you, or perhaps I will tell him, over and over...but his suit will shine. And the game will include him. Thank you all. (12/19/2008)

    By rhine

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    Thanks for posting your experiences, ladies! I just washed and dried a red crayon in my daughter's clothing. Everything has red stains on them! I was so upset! I'll try the Spray N Wash, but I don't have Oxy Clean. I'll give it a shot anyway. Thanks! Sarah (12/24/2008)

    By Sarah

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    I want to thank each and everyone who posted on here. My daughter had a blue Crayon in her pocket, and oh my goodness it was a mess. It caused a lot of problems. I dryed the clothes, and the dryer was a mess. I used softscrub and it came clean, and I stayed up half the night getting the stains out of the clothes. I will next time check the clothes first. (02/12/2009)

    By Kathleen

    RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

    First and foremost, I'm so happy to see that I am not the only one who this has happened to! I am a preschool teacher with a class of 2 year olds. The teachers wear a uniform consisting of khaki pants. I threw in a load that had a week's worth of khakis and work shirts and found that every single item was covered in blue crayon. ugh! I come home from work covered in paint, but i cannot show up at the start of every day looking filthy!

    First I scrubbed the dryer using SoftScrub then threw a load of rags and old towels through the wash to clean out the dryer and make sure no new blue marks appeared... sure enough that worked!

    As for the clothes, I mixed together the following on the hot water cycle:

    • 1 cup white vinegar
    • 1 cup of oxyclean
    • 1 cup of shout
    • 1 cup of tide cold water laundry detergent
    • about 6 sprays of GooGone goo gone
    Everything came out perfectly and I do not need to explain to my bosses why I need new shirts, nor do I have to run out and buy 5 more pairs of khaki pants! (02/27/2009)

    By TinaD811

Archive: Crayon Stains on Clothing

My boyfriend works at UPS and he uses a black crayon to mark boxes. He called me at work to ask me how to remove melted, dried crayon from his work clothes and the dryer. Needless to say I was not a happy camper, lol. He used a magic eraser on the dryer and it worked completely.

Then he sprayed his clothes with Simple Green cleaner, let them soak for 20-30 minutes. He washed them in hot water with Oxiclean, a regular cup of laundry soap, and a regular cup of Dawn (regular being the cup you use with the laundry soap). He let washer agitate for a little bit then let them soak for 30 minutes then rinsed and they were clean.

All I can say is thank God I was at work, LOL.

Also, no WD40 smell. The Simple Green is organic so it won't hurt septic systems which I have. Thanks so much for this site. It saved us about $300.00 in clothes for work.

By jwalkjes from Gulfport, MS


RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

Hi, I just had this same problem. I'm one of the editors here at ThriftyFun and when I have a cleaning emergency, I know just where to look. After I found the melted crayon in my dryer and throughout a load of laundry (including my favorite skirt), I read through the feedback to see what people generally recommended. There were suggestions all over the place. I figured I would start out with my regular stain treatment of Spray 'n Wash and then move on to harsher treatments if need be.

I saturated each red stain (had to be a RED crayon, didn't it) and threw it into the washer. After a little bit of sitting, I set up a soak cycle with my regular detergent, some baking soda (which I often add to keep my laundry fresh) and vinegar (ditto). I let them soak for 30 minutes or so and then washed them in warm (I often use cold washes).

To my delight, all the red was GONE! I had a mix of towels, kids clothes, my husband's work shirts, underwear and my favorite skirt. All look as clean or cleaner than normal (my husband's white shirt practically glows). So I guess my advice here is to start simple and work up to the drastic measures. I'm not sure if different crayons stain worse, I'm pretty sure these were the classic Crayola brand.

About cleaning up the dryer, I was able to wipe most of it off with a wet towel, while the dryer was still warm. It looks like the crayon moved to the lint trap pretty quickly, minimizing the mess. I'm keeping an eye on it and will probably do another wipe down after I finish drying the clothes from this last load.

I had a conversation with my oldest son about NEVER putting crayons in his pocket again. I think I should get in the habit of checking pockets better though. (06/18/2009)

By jess

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I really thank all of you who posted on this topic. I put in a pile of clothes - pants, shirts, shorts, which comes in stripes, printed, and some in bright colors. I was horrified seeing the dried red streaks all over the clothes and worse, parts of white, purple, pink, red and yellow crayons got melted in the dyer, from my 4-yr old son's pocket apparently. I thought I would just have to throw all of them out, but not until I got tips from the postings here. I somehow combined the tips on the previous postings to see to it that the stains are removed for the whole batch of the damaged laundry. I bought most ingredients from Wal-Mart by the way, I should have used the HE products but I didn't. I used the soak cycle of the washer, chose hot water, and high spin, it is 1 hour and 15 minutes for the whole cycle.

1 cup color safe bleach (great value brand for HE washer)
1 cup Borax
1 cup Shout Triple Acting
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 cup distilled white vinegar (on-hand)
4 scoops (about 3/4 cups) SUN oxygen all-purpose cleaner

Result? Almost perfect! There's only about 4 shirts with little spots left, but I'm very impressed with the results, considering how bad the clothes were. I ran another express cycle and there were 2 spots left in two of the clothes which are not that visible... still impressive.

Note:If you don't have the washer's soak option, overnight soaking will do the work like some people did. (7/31/09) (07/28/2009)

By Eva1

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I washed three crayons and found them as I removed the clothes from the dryer! A friend told me to use a whole box of baking soda and wash as usual without any other preparation, and all the wax came out. (10/17/2009)

By Alacin

Archive: Crayon Stains on Clothing

My 4 year old hid some crayons in her only good winter coat and never took them out. It was washed and dried before we knew it and it is horrible. I believe it is a cotton coat, and it's white with dark fur around the hood. I am so upset cause it's starting to get cold outside and she needs to have a winter coat for school. Please help me figure this out.

By Annie from Grover Hill, OH


RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

I would call a professional cleaner and see if they have the ability to remove crayon from cotton coat first, and then buy your child a good used coat in case she needs one before her best coat comes back from the cleaners. My own assumption is the dryer heat has caused the crayon to be absorbed into the material and it may never come out. I'd also "google" for suggestions to remove ground in crayon. (10/27/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

My 4 year old does this all the time. I don't know how it will work with it being white, but I have done this each time and it always takes it out.

Wash the item in hot water adding your liquid clothes detergent, white vinegar (maybe 1/2 cup), and some liquid dish detergent (maybe 3-4 Tbsp. full) as the water begins to fill the machine. Don't wait until it is already full. Don't turn the cycle on right away, let the clothes sit for 5-10 minutes soaking, then let it run through the cycle. It should come right on out. Hope this helps. (10/29/2009)

By minnabird

RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

Try the hot water to get the wax out. If the color remains, get some "Rit" clothes dye that works in your washer and use a dark color to dye the coat. (10/29/2009)

By catastrofy

Archive: Crayon Stains on Clothing

How do you get crayon stains off clothes?

By Debra


RE: Crayon Stains on Clothing

Scrape off as much as possible, first. Place a paper towel or white cloth on either side of the material around the stain. Iron it on low to medium setting. The wax should lift off on the towel. Rub a mixture of liquid detergent and water on any remaining stain, rinse, then wash as usual.

Mountain Maids

By mprince

Archive: Crayon Stains on Clothing

My son put a red crayon into his pants pocket, which I then put in the laundry. I did not realize this until after drying the entire load. How do I get red crayon out of the clothing?

By Sharai from Orlando, FL

Home and Garden Cleaning Clothing StainsFebruary 20, 2011
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