Crayon Stains on Clothing

I washed clothes not realizing there were crayons in there. I dried the clothes and and am needing to know what to do to get the crayon out of clothes. Please help me?

By Angela from Clinton, MA

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The hands down winner for me. I followed the advise of the editor was to start simple and work up from there. I used 1 box of baking soda and followed the regular washing instructions, voila, almost everything was gone from 4 dress shirts and 2 high-end restaurant aprons. (My son works at a high-end restaurant and picked up a brown crayon and put it in his apron. He forgot all about it and all his uniforms were 'ruined', at least till today.)

Of course, that's after I gave up following my first method (it was grueling and I couldn't get it to work). At first I started with one of the aprons and a blunt knife, trying to scrape off the excess crayon and running boiling water from the back of the fabric through the apron and blot onto a clean white towel to 'blot' off the crayon residue. This was grueling because the apron was water-resistant and I couldn't get the boiling water through it easily. Hardly anything was coming off and I scraped and boiled water for 2 hours, barely making a dent in the apron. My hands and back were sore.

I gave up and searched the internet and found all your great ideas. Starting simple was the miracle for me - although I was worried....the washing instructions called for a gentle cycle and cold water. I used almost 1 full box of baking soda, upped the temperature to 'warm wash and warm rinse', used my gentle detergent and set my HE washer on gentle.

After the first round, I had a couple spots of crayon left on an apron and a bunch on a shirt sleeve (it had been turned inside out on itself, so when I opened it there was still crayon all over inside it), so put the whole load thru another gentle cycle with warm wash/warm rinse and detergent. (I didn't have any more baking soda). After the 2nd time I only had 1 small spot on the apron that I could rub off with my fingernail. Too easy!

Thanks for the great tip!

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How do I get orange crayon out of my husband's khaki shorts?

By Shaquan S.

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There is a cleaner that dry cleaners use, you can find it in hardware stores. It's a chemical that needs a lot of fresh air around, and is flammable.

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My son put a red crayon into his pants pocket, which I then put in the laundry. I did not realize this until after drying the entire load. How do I get red crayon out of the clothing?

By Sharai from Orlando, FL

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How do you get crayon stains off clothes?

By Debra

Crayon Stains on Clothing

Scrape off as much as possible, first. Place a paper towel or white cloth on either side of the material around the stain. Iron it on low to medium setting. The wax should lift off on the towel. Rub a mixture of liquid detergent and water on any remaining stain, rinse, then wash as usual.

Mountain Maids

By mprince

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My 4 year old hid some crayons in her only good winter coat and never took them out. It was washed and dried before we knew it and it is horrible. I believe it is a cotton coat, and it's white with dark fur around the hood. I am so upset cause it's starting to get cold outside and she needs to have a winter coat for school. Please help me figure this out.

By Annie from Grover Hill, OH

Crayon Stains on Clothing

I would call a professional cleaner and see if they have the ability to remove crayon from cotton coat first, and then buy your child a good used coat in case she needs one before her best coat comes back from the cleaners. My own assumption is the dryer heat has caused the crayon to be absorbed into the material and it may never come out. I'd also "google" for suggestions to remove ground in crayon. (10/27/2009)

By Lorelei

Crayon Stains on Clothing

My 4 year old does this all the time. I don't know how it will work with it being white, but I have done this each time and it always takes it out.

Wash the item in hot water adding your liquid clothes detergent, white vinegar (maybe 1/2 cup), and some liquid dish detergent (maybe 3-4 Tbsp. full) as the water begins to fill the machine. Don't wait until it is already full. Don't turn the cycle on right away, let the clothes sit for 5-10 minutes soaking, then let it run through the cycle. It should come right on out. Hope this helps. (10/29/2009)

By minnabird

Crayon Stains on Clothing

Try the hot water to get the wax out. If the color remains, get some "Rit" clothes dye that works in your washer and use a dark color to dye the coat. (10/29/2009)

By catastrofy

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My boyfriend works at UPS and he uses a black crayon to mark boxes. He called me at work to ask me how to remove melted, dried crayon from his work clothes and the dryer. Needless to say I was not a happy camper, lol. He used a magic eraser on the dryer and it worked completely.

Then he sprayed his clothes with Simple Green cleaner, let them soak for 20-30 minutes. He washed them in hot water with Oxiclean, a regular cup of laundry soap, and a regular cup of Dawn (regular being the cup you use with the laundry soap). He let washer agitate for a little bit then let them soak for 30 minutes then rinsed and they were clean.

All I can say is thank God I was at work, LOL.

Also, no WD40 smell. The Simple Green is organic so it won't hurt septic systems which I have. Thanks so much for this site. It saved us about $300.00 in clothes for work.

By jwalkjes from Gulfport, MS

Crayon Stains on Clothing

Hi, I just had this same problem. I'm one of the editors here at ThriftyFun and when I have a cleaning emergency, I know just where to look. After I found the melted crayon in my dryer and throughout a load of laundry (including my favorite skirt), I read through the feedback to see what people generally recommended. There were suggestions all over the place. I figured I would start out with my regular stain treatment of Spray 'n Wash and then move on to harsher treatments if need be.

I saturated each red stain (had to be a RED crayon, didn't it) and threw it into the washer. After a little bit of sitting, I set up a soak cycle with my regular detergent, some baking soda (which I often add to keep my laundry fresh) and vinegar (ditto). I let them soak for 30 minutes or so and then washed them in warm (I often use cold washes).

To my delight, all the red was GONE! I had a mix of towels, kids clothes, my husband's work shirts, underwear and my favorite skirt. All look as clean or cleaner than normal (my husband's white shirt practically glows). So I guess my advice here is to start simple and work up to the drastic measures. I'm not sure if different crayons stain worse, I'm pretty sure these were the classic Crayola brand.

About cleaning up the dryer, I was able to wipe most of it off with a wet towel, while the dryer was still warm. It looks like the crayon moved to the lint trap pretty quickly, minimizing the mess. I'm keeping an eye on it and will probably do another wipe down after I finish drying the clothes from this last load.

I had a conversation with my oldest son about NEVER putting crayons in his pocket again. I think I should get in the habit of checking pockets better though. (06/18/2009)

By jess

Crayon Stains on Clothing

I really thank all of you who posted on this topic. I put in a pile of clothes - pants, shirts, shorts, which comes in stripes, printed, and some in bright colors. I was horrified seeing the dried red streaks all over the clothes and worse, parts of white, purple, pink, red and yellow crayons got melted in the dyer, from my 4-yr old son's pocket apparently. I thought I would just have to throw all of them out, but not until I got tips from the postings here. I somehow combined the tips on the previous postings to see to it that the stains are removed for the whole batch of the damaged laundry. I bought most ingredients from Wal-Mart by the way, I should have used the HE products but I didn't. I used the soak cycle of the washer, chose hot water, and high spin, it is 1 hour and 15 minutes for the whole cycle.

1 cup color safe bleach (great value brand for HE washer)
1 cup Borax
1 cup Shout Triple Acting
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 cup distilled white vinegar (on-hand)
4 scoops (about 3/4 cups) SUN oxygen all-purpose cleaner

Result? Almost perfect! There's only about 4 shirts with little spots left, but I'm very impressed with the results, considering how bad the clothes were. I ran another express cycle and there were 2 spots left in two of the clothes which are not that visible... still impressive.

Note:If you don't have the washer's soak option, overnight soaking will do the work like some people did. (7/31/09) (07/28/2009)

By Eva1

Crayon Stains on Clothing

I washed three crayons and found them as I removed the clothes from the dryer! A friend told me to use a whole box of baking soda and wash as usual without any other preparation, and all the wax came out. (10/17/2009)

By Alacin

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Crayon Stains on Clothing. How do I remove crayon from clothing?

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I recently washed and dried a load of clothes which includes: light jeans, a white tank top, a dark American eagle hoodie, some cotton dark t-shirts, and some underwear with a dark blue crayon.

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My son had a blue crayon in his pocket. I washed it and dried it. Now I have blue clothes and a the inside of the drier is blue?

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I did a wash with crayon in my pocket I rewashed in hot and it came out of everything but two white shirts.

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