Uses for old computers and equipment?

Hello Frugal Friends, I've got a question for you. I bought a new computer last year, and now I want to know what to do with my old one. It's become a eye sore in my computer room. How do I go about disposing it properly? Thanks for all the help.

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Hi, I googled Richlands, VA computer recycling and I found some great links.

The first is for a place that you can donate your old computer.

If, for some reason, that doesn't work out, here is Virginia's DEQ page on recycling computers and other electronics.

I'm so glad that you are trying to find a way to responsibly dispose of it. I'm located near several Intel campuses and they do a computer recycling event every year for the community. You have reminded me to look up when it is this year. Good luck!

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There are countless people out there that need to be "Computer Literate" to find a job. They also need a computer to search the Net for job listings. I know because this happened to my daughter. Here are 2 suggestions where you can HELP someone, & not add your old computer to a landfill.

1) Post an add on Craig's list in the "Free" section listing your computer.

2) Call up you local DSHS (the welfare people) and ask to speak to a "Councilor"

3) Call your local "Unemployment" office & have someone post your computer on the bulletin board, there.

4) Call several churches & ask them if they know someone who really needs a computer.

5) Most Thrift Stores do not take use computers, but if it still works, call the local "charity" Thrift Shops (like the Cancer society or Children's hospital) They are more likely to take used computers. (If they work!) Plus, you get a tax write-off when donating to these guys.

6) Call your local "Food Bank" & ask them if they or someone they know needs a computer for job hunting.

7) Call your local library & ask them if they have a "regular" who comes in to use their computers that could use one.

8) In my state (WA), before the Republicans came into office (& they lost their funding) They used to teach a 2 week computer course, that taught computer basics, free for women trying to get off of welfare. If someone donated their used computers to someone from this class, They could have their own computer, at home, instead of using one at the library.

* There needs to be an organization where we can give our old computers to the poor (who need them to find jobs). This could also be a Tax write-off... & could help countless people who don't need the "Newest" computer, they just need something simple, so they can look for a job & be able to say on their job applications that they know how to use a computer.

* Call you local DSHS office & ask them if there's a place like this near you.

*REMEMBER: Your "old, outdated" computer, would be "New" to someone else & could change somebody's life!

---> Be sure to CAREFULLY ERASE EVERYTHING FROM YOUR HARDRIVE before giving your computer to someone else.... Even family!

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BE WARNED - In the uk we had a charity that recycled old computers - they were sent to the third world - mainly Nigeria - where computer experts got into the hard drives of the computers and stole all the previous owners details and it was a multi million pound financial scam!

Be careful!

Kindest regards - Borasic Lint

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We always remove our hard drives from old computers before getting rid of them just a safety precaution and for peace of mind.

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This just came out in the Costco magazine. Go to, click on electronics, and then on trade-in and recycle. If it has a cash value, they will buy it. If not, they will still send you a prepaid shipping label and you can send it to them. They will recycle everything that isn't currently usable, so it won't go to waste.

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Check with your local library or school. They sometimes take donations for afterschool projects. You may even try the YMCA or Local Boys and Girls Club. Hope this helps. Some computer repair stores may even buy it for parts.

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If the hard drive is safely cleaned off, I would Freecycle it.

The Freecycle in our area is all the time needing computers, they get grabbed up quick. You can look on to find the link in your area to join. You may have other things also you would like to freecycle. It's a great way to clean out....

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I live in Canada in a small town and we take any computers, televisions and electronics to our local dump for free. It is recycled from there.

ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful? Yes - people want those computer parts or all of it desperately! Theyll come and get them whenever you want!

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There's a new book out called "Show me How" ( which shows you how to make a fishbowl out of an old computer! What's great too is it gives you step-by-step illustration.

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What can be done with old computer equipment? I have numerous old computers that I have no use for and I doubt that some of them would be useful to anyone. Any ideas? Is anyone recycling computers?

Thanks, Don


Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

In our home town we have a place called Pathways of the Future. They will take old computers and fix them up. Give them to the senior citizens or to a needy family who can not afford to go out and buy a computer. You should check out in your town and see if there is something like that. - Margie (02/07/2001)

Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

As a homeschooling mother years ago I went to a hands-on museam and guess what we found? A whole exhibit with computers that children could take apart and play around with. At that time we had a friend that repaired computers and he gave us several old ones to take apart. We also had a boy scout troop. Can you imagine a lot of boys of various ages around tables with tools? We let them take the computers apart and make things with them. The one I rememeber best was a small piece that looked like a bug and was made into a tietac. There were other items also but I will always remember that painted bug. :) So check with local schools. Our high school children had old computers donated to them. They are learning how to repair them and then the school uses them. So check with the schools, museams, and scouts. At last resort check with the crafts in your area. (02/07/2001)

By gravel

Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

Many computer clubs refurbish old computers and then donate them to schools and needy children. Why not look for a computer club in your area and donate your old computers to them. Dee (02/07/2001)

By deewalker310

Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

Check your local Schools sometimes they take them and refurbish them for the students to use. - Jo (02/08/2001)

Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

There are many recycling programs for equipment in local areas. Check with your local officials to see what they recommend for recycling equipment. - Susan (02/08/2001)

Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

Find a program in a nearby city or town where they reprogram and rebuild newer systems for reading programs and for schools. Or take parts and pieces out and makes X-mas decorations for a computer friend or relative or a computer themed X-mas tree. - Rachel (02/08/2001)

Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

I can't believe I just read this question and today I read the answer in my new Good Housekeeping Mag. They said.... "If your old PC is a 486 or better, the National Cristina Foundation (800-CRISTINA) will match the computer with a needy organization and pick it up from your home. To donate an ancient or nonworking computer, call your local Goodwill, 800-664-6577. The recycling service of IBM will collect (and refurbish if needed) computer; $29.99 for home pickup. Call 888-SHOP-IBM, reference number 06P7513. Kim (02/08/2001)

By kaowen

Brainstorm: Uses for old computers and equipment?

You have a lot of what to do with old computers. I am sure there is a person in your town, who works on computers, independently and probably will be more than glad to buy them from you. However, what ever you do with the computers, make sure you remove the hard drive from it or someone esle can can find information on them that you may not want them to find. Check into this. (11/08/2001)

By fayth81

Uses for old computers and equipment?

Dude, soupe it up, throw in an Intel Celeron D processor, upgrade the motherboard/chipset, 2 gigs of ram, new hard drives, cd/dvd burner, 22" LCD monitor, thats a hecka good idea!!!!

By Computer Nerd

Uses for old computers and equipment?

You could use it as a server of some kind. (08/06/2005)

By Brock

Uses for old computers and equipment?

you can use old computers for anything i use an old P2 laptop as my web server- and i use another p2 for space file server, throw in a NIC card and some decent sized harddrives and you can store files you dont want cluddering you good computer. look on google theres a ton of things you can do (05/19/2006)

By joshua webb

Uses for old computers and equipment?

i have a Penitum 100mhz with 64mb acting as a file server on my home network, and a Pentium MMX 200mhz machine with 128mb set up as a dedicated web browser. there are many uses and i hate to see people throw something away because it is "too old". i refurbish them, give them fresh Windows installations, and donate or sell them cheaply around my area. (08/19/2006)

By TechDude

Uses for old computers and equipment?

I don't know why, but I have a compulsive interest in reusing that which others deem as garbage, and I am not talking about actual garbage. Computers are one of those area's. I set up an old computer for my grandparents to use for internet and solitair, that's really about all it can do too. I also fixed up a win95 based machine to replace a deaf neighbor's broken win3.1 based system. All he does is play solitair. I took his broken computer(beyond repair) and made fridge magnets out of the cpu and ram by useing the rare earth magnets out of the hdd. My next project is an old pentium 180 Gateway from the 90's, my plan is to make it into a nintendo emulator game machine to be hooked up to the tv. Because I am cheap, I have never bought my own a game console, but I grew up in the 80's where I became addicted to the old nintendo and super nintendo so this beast of a machine will get a lot of use if I can make it work. (01/19/2007)

By Ryan

Uses for old computers and equipment?

Install linux on it, hook up a joystick, load up all the free linux games, (a lot are cheezy but what the heck, some are Fun!) my reccomendation would be PCLinuxOS.
If you plan on recycling, and are worried about your data find and run Darik's boot and nuke. DBAN will securely erase all your info, totally wiping it, and it's free. (06/06/2007)

By Zeusmorg

Uses for old computers and equipment?

try Freecycle. Someone in your area is bound to want them, be it a charity or an individual. Otherwise use them as coasters (bits of) and placemats or make into jewellery (06/06/2007)


Uses for old computers and equipment?

There's a Salvation Army Store in an affluent area my husband the teacher always goes to to buy used computers for his kids/classrooms. Schools are always looking for donations. Sometimes they even have computer technicians to fix them all up - You would be surprised what can be useful to them...We have re-used printers, monitors, keyboards, and hardrives. The kids aren't necessarily on the internet - & sometimes only need limited memory for playing education software and for keyboarding... (06/06/2007)

By pamphyila

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