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Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Recycling your cardboard boxes is a great practice, but don't forget that many of them can be reused in your own home. This is a guide about uses for cardboard boxes.

Uses For Cardboard Boxes
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December 3, 2009 Flag
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I have made a doll's house out of small cardboard boxes (not shoe boxes, but a little bit bigger). I have done each room separately so I have 4 separate boxes. Would anyone know what would be a good covering for this when joined together to make it more sturdy? I want to use something other than wood. Many thanks.

By h.arnott from U.K

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December 13, 20090 found this helpful
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I would use foam core board. Then you can use contact paper to decorate the outside if you so choose.

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December 14, 20090 found this helpful
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Many dollar stores have inexpensive peel and stick tiles. How about those in different patterns for roof and sides, doors and window frames could be yet another pattern.

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December 14, 20090 found this helpful
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Corrugated cardboard can be really strong depending on what it is made to hold. Go to your home appliance store (washers, stoves) or stores that carry heavy goods and see if you can get discarded cardboard. Hold the individual boxes together with a strong glue and then wrap with the strong cardboard. A hardware store could tell you the right kind of glue or strapping to hod the dollhouse together. Good luck. Send ThriftyFun a picture when it is finished if you can.

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December 18, 20090 found this helpful

My friend just made one and she used some wall paper and some contact paper to make the siding. I think she just stapled the wall paper.

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December 6, 2015 Flag
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I have completed several jigsaw puzzles and have glued them together to frame them. What do I do with the boxes? I really don't want to discard them.

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December 11, 20150 found this helpful

Use them s gift boxes?

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December 13, 20150 found this helpful

Good idea. Also, storage of things you don't use often. Small Christmas balls come to mind. If the top is sturdy, cover it with contact paper and use it as an "inbox" for mail, bills, etc. Use smaller ones to corral that "funk drawer" we all have. Glue some of the smaller ones together for a shadow box of light things, or cover the outside ones with fabric or contact paper, glue them together and put photos inside. I hope those helped.

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December 17, 20150 found this helpful

Wow!!!!!!!!! What great ideas. I won't have to keep going to the dollar store. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!1111

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April 15, 2011 Flag
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This year I want to try raised beds in my garden, but I don't want to spend any money on purchasing the wood necessary to make them, plus all the work involved. So I came up with this idea - why not use cardboard boxes from the grocery stores? I plan on getting approximately 12 inch deep ones with sturdier sides. I think that they should hold up for one entire summer. I will let you know how I fare with them. If this works, I'll be so happy!

By annelaundrie from Green Bay, WI


December 19, 2006 Flag
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For sending presents by mail instead of using brown paper to cover the box, try recycling a cardboard box that can be gotten from a grocery store or any other store (before they crush them, of course). Instead of blacking out all the writing on the box as the post office suggests, turn the box inside out.

Cut the tape or pull open the glued flaps as if you are going to flatten the box. (If you are lucky you can get the boxes already cut open from the store because some of them flatten the boxes before they crush them.) Carefully cut the seam of the box with a knife so it is able to be opened up flat. Turn the box over to the non-printed side (inside out).

Tape the seam back together with packaging tape inside and outside if you want it to be more stable although taping outside will suffice. Tape the flaps on the bottom closed again. You can then put whatever you are sending in the "new" box and seal it up with the packaging tape. This not only saves on the brown paper and recycles the boxes but also helps the post office because the brown paper often rips off or rips so that it gets stuck in the machinery used to process the packages. The only drawback is that you can only do this once unless you are careful when opening the box and you use easily removable labels on them.

I have done this countless times with no problems at all. Every time the box arrived intact. Happy shipping.

October 5, 2015 Flag

We recently bought some furniture at Ikea and used the broken down boxes to protect our floor while we assembled the furniture. When we were done our daughter decided to make her baby brother a play mat to drive his cars on.

Cardboard Vehicle Play Mat

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February 12, 2001 Flag
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I work at a restaurant that throws away all of their cardboard boxes. For a month or so I have been recycling the boxes for them because it annoys me that they throw them away. Does anyone have any cool uses for boxes? Craft projects that require a lot of boxes? Or somewhere that I can donate boxes. Thanks!

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July 6, 20080 found this helpful

When I have several boxes I make a playhouse for my cats. Duct tape them together & cut corresponding holes for them to climb through. They enjoy it for weeks.

When I was young my mom & sister made me a doll house out of boxes, left over wallpaper and other fabric scraps. It was biggest and coolest of all my friends.

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November 28, 20080 found this helpful

I work for a company that sends us WAY too much cardboard. I had made these suggestions to my fellow employees.Some are the same you have...


1. Burn barrel starter material.

2. Garage floor covering for oil spills.

3. Packing material for shipping your friends presents.

4. Makeshift dust pans for large floor junk in the garage.

5. Storm window coverings.

6. Broken car window replacements.

7. Coloring material for the kids.

8. Project material for the kids and their friends and their friends...

9. Backing for paper note pads.

10. Garage notes for measuring, drawing or figuring something so you don't have to back into the house to find a note pad and pencil.

11. To use for your outside burn barrel cover, to set on the grass so the hot lid won't burn the grass.

12. Patterns for things.

13. Garage trash holders.

14. Use extra 123's to hold your movies in,

15. Use them for bookshelves or CD holders.

16. Sock drawer separator walls.

17. Placemats for the table when kids are doing home projects.

18. Fan to restart your burn barrel fire.

19. Computer mouse pads.

20. Wind protector for the beach.

21. Cut & line with foil and create a sun tan shield for your face.

22. Inside cupboard lining.

23. Silverware drawer separators.

24. Mudroom flooring.

25. Recycle.

26. Kids play houses.

27. Play houses for your cats.

28. Tear up for a compost pile or a worm bed.

29. Donate to a local cardboard drive.

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March 14, 20090 found this helpful

You could check with your local Postmaster (the Post Office is the largest recycler in the US) and see if he will allow you to "donate" your cardboard boxes. My husband works for the Post Office here in Texas and they would allow that--but it's critical to talk to the Postmaster.

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March 26, 20090 found this helpful

I use cardboard in my garden. Instead of laying down 5 or 6 sheets of newspaper or instead of purchasing that expensive fabric in the garden department that you lay under your mulch, I cut up the cardboard boxes and then put my mulch on top of them. It sure keeps the weeds away from my rose bushes and other plants and it will eventually deteriorate into the garden.

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December 28, 2011 Flag

This year, I put lots of gifts in the cardboard decorated boxes you can buy at the dollar store. I noticed they were perfect for art projects, to protect furniture, and to store after the children are through with them.

Cardboard box under painted suncatcher project.

April 19, 2005 Flag
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Don't recycle those inner cardboard boxes used to separate tampons in the multipack. Reuse them for organization!

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