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Reusing Old Sheets

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Just wanted to share an idea with you. I was at our local thrift shop to buy a sheet to re-cover the pads in our dogs cages and I bought a beautiful sheet for a $1.50 and find it's too nice to use in dog beds. Don't know what I will use it for now but got to thinking about all the decorating possibilities sheets have. I know some people are on very tight budgets. This might be an idea that could help.

By Joan



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Besides all the other great ideas listed here, I would love to use a pretty sheet as a picnic tablecloth spread out on the ground at the park or beach. Since my best friend of 43 years and her brother are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and we were already planning a picnic I am going to try my luck finding a pretty one at Goodwill on Monday morning. ;-)

By Little Suzy [93]08/28/2010

Make rag rugs out of them. It may take a few though. Oops! I didn't didn't see the similar post below about rag rugs.

By PENNY K [15]07/28/2010

Yes, just think of sheets as very wide fabric. I've done many of the suggestions here, and made a summer kimono out of one once that was lovely. I think the idea of retro dresses is lovely, you might even be able to squeeze out a mother/daughter sundress set.

By mcw [80]07/28/2010

This is my post dated 10/03/07

By OliveOyl07/10/2009

Sheets are good for quick curtains. We have a sliding glass patio door that I leave uncovered in cool weather, but in summer its too hot. I make quick curtains out of flat twin size sheets, just put the rod through the wide hem.

Sheets make a good cover for the sofa. Just spread it on and tuck in. Not the prettiest thing, but it keeps your sofa clean. Good when kids and pets are around.

By DINE07/09/2009

Recently I purchased a brand new beautiful fish design cloth shower curtain. It was from JC Penney's Home Store. I bought it at Salvation Army for $1.49.

By Barbara Pope [10]07/08/2009

I saw something recently where somewhere where somebody took an old sheet, a curtain rod, and rubber bands and made an interesting looking valance. With a used piece of material and some rubber bands, it is a practically free decoration for your house. Because it is so inexpensive, most people could afford to change up the color on a whim. I use old blankets over the windows in my living room to insulate against heat (cold in the winter) because I can't find any of those old foil backed drapes to put in my house. My windows are 23 inches wide, a weird size, so I think I will be hunting in thrift stores for a good while. I don't think they make them anymore.

By Vivian [2]07/08/2009

Mine is also a rug craft; I split them into strips (especially flannel sheets) and make braided rugs.

By Marian Poke [12]07/08/2009

Make some simple grocery tote bags using this tutorial
I am making some now, you can use sheets or any other fabric you like.
You can make one in about an hour or less and make them larger or smaller, whatever size you want.I find that 30" for the top and 40-45" for the length makes a good size bag for groceries.The lining is simple,just fold half the bag into itself.Well you'll see when you read the tute!

RE: Reusing Old Sheets

By Sharon Hooley [1]07/07/2009

I made a rag rug out of old sheets.

By Gail Vance [16]07/07/2009

I have found that using old sheets when making Duvet covers is a great idea as well. Also I have made shower curtain swags out of them as well as covers for footstools. Lots of times I find fabric at garage sales or Value Village stores here in Canada,and I use that instead of buying material. Some great ideas in the Feedback section. I love this website. GailDarlene

By Debbie Jennings [2]07/07/2009

I have sheet curtains in my house. Also pillow cases. I have made throw pillow covers out of them. I made a shower curtain out of one. You can even make a cover for your comforter out of sheets. You are only as limited as your imagination. If it can be made out of fabric, you can make it out of sheets.

By Krys Gold07/07/2009

My 22 yr old daughter has been using them to sew beautiful floral retro summer dresses for herself and friends. Women stop her all the time to tell her that they love her dresses. They are one of a kind!

By Cyinda [214]07/06/2009

I have a friend that buys old sheets then tears them into strips & using the largest crochet hook you can buy, crochets them into throw rugs. I've used them for curtains, made summer dresses for myself & my granddaughter & I use several dark green sheets as tablecloths at my Saturday Market Booth. They work great because the launder so well & rarely fade. When they get to beat up to use for anything else they make wonderful drip cloths & absorbent rags for cleaning windows & mirrors.

By Tammie [15]07/06/2009

I use them to make aprons as gifts for friends. They also make good table cloths for outdoor/park picnic tables.

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Uses for old sheets?

We are looking for all the practical uses for old sheets that are no longer in good enough shape to use.


Archive: Reusing Old Sheets

Sheets are great, both new and used.

1. When purchasing new sheets, buy sheets individually and buy an extra sheet and make your own pillow cases, cheaper and you can get extras.

2. Old yardsale/flea market sheets make nice quilt backing. Especially useful if you happen to find old quilts that were never assembled and you want an aged look to compliment the front and back of the quilt.

3. Make coordinating window curtains from sheets. Great for master bedroom and adjoing master bath. Inexpensive decorator look!

4. Kitchen curtains. Coordinating cushions and table cloths.

Use your imagination. - Ms. Syd Barr - Dunkirk, MD

RE: Uses for Old Sheets

These are great ideas. Old flannel sheets can be used to make children's nightwear. You just cut the worn part out of the centre and use the good bits left. If the strips are too narrow for PJs, make pillow cases. Or even dusters!

There is no need to toss old sheets that are too thin in the middle, lol. (If only I could get thin in the middle!) (06/15/2004)

By Anne

Making Dish Towels From Old Sheets

I make dish towels out of my old sheets. My children may use these to wipe their hands or whatever--they do it whether or not I give permission. These get stained but I don't mind. I keep my good ones for me to use. (01/30/2005)

By Jill

RE: Uses for Old Sheets

I've made shower curtains from antique sheets found at yard sales. The are easier to wash and more appealing to me than plastic (01/30/2005)

By Genevieve

Old Sheets and Blankets

Donate old sheets and blankets to the humane society. (03/04/2005)

By joni514

RE: Reusing Old Sheets

What steps do you take to make shower curtains out of sheets? Does it keep water under control? (05/26/2007)

By minymont