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Grease/Oil Stains on Asphalt

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Can anyone tell me how to get grease/oil removed from asphalt? I've heard kitty litter works, but some of the stains could be as old as 5 months. Thanks a bunch.


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By Richard Cline (Guest Post)12/09/2007

I have 2 products and have used both on concrete, asphalt, clothing etc with good results:

DRIVEAWAY, degreaser and heavy duty cleaner, 32 oz, about $4-5. Mfg by TRJN Inc. PO Bx4246, Carlsbad, CA, Part #DG 0131 or DG 6131

By (Guest Post)05/13/2006

Try Coca Cola

By Joyce (Guest Post)11/18/2005

I am wondering if the suggestions work for gasoline too. It seems my gas tank sprung a leak and the gas has been on the driveway for at least 18 hours and seems to be almost eating the asphalt. What do you think?

By jodie (Guest Post)01/22/2005

i used kitty litter, dawn, stiff brush and the bleached out area from the kitty litter is the most noticeable now. any ideas for the white area? simple green helped cover the oil stain.
will i need to reseal this area of the asphalt?

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]01/03/2005

Hi Mary,
We put this in as a new request:

By mary (Guest Post)01/03/2005

how can you remove a nail polish stain from a bedding cover?

By Mabjack08/13/2002

Putting Down some clean sand over the area absorbs a lot of the spill before cleaning with a detergent. this must be swept up and discarded before sealing or cleaning. I noticed a new "primer" for use over oil stains sold at Lowes in the same area as driveway sealer. Good Luck.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/22/2001

OXY CLEAN or Spic'n'Span might work on that oil too. But use cat litter first to absorb as much as possible & stomp it in good. - Linne

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/16/2001

For grease/oil stains on asphalt you might try
Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), available in stores that sell paint, and a stiff bristle brush.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/11/2001

Kitty litter will absorb large grease puddles, but won't remove stains. I've heard that sprinkling powdered Tide on the stain will soak most of it up, then add water and scrub with a broom, or gently use a pressure washer (careful, you might wash away the driveway). - Marti

By emtr207/11/2001

try using some dawn dishwashing liquid. let it soak awhile and scrub with a brush
its biodegradable too.

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