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Alternatives to Paper Towels

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I use washcloths to clean up spills instead of paper towels whenever possible. This saves a lot of money and the washcloths can just be washed when doing laundry. Try it! You'd be amazed.

By Jody from Howard City, MI


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By lavonneann [6]04/08/2015

It is not really fugal to use cloths in place of paper towels. The detergents and extra water consumed are harder on our environment than recycled paper.

By Cathy04/02/2011

Keep the wash cloths in a small container with a bit of bleach added to the water.


I do the same thing and you can often find them at the dollar store in packs of half a dozen :-) Thanks for sharing this environmently friendly and frugal tip!

By joanfry [23]04/01/2011

This is a great idea. I do it myself and nowadays I never buy paper towels.
I buy bundles of facecloths when I see them on sale and keep stacks in each bathroom and in a draw in the kitchen. I also just throw them into the wash with other dirty whites.

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