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Spiders In My House


How do I get rid of spiders in my house?

By Irene V. from TX


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By Myrna 16 1,082 05/12/2010 Flag

If you have a big enough crawl space under your house, you can set up cans of insect bombing spray to kill pesty insects before they have a chance to become overbearing in the home. We get ours at Family Dollar, but WalMart sells it too.

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07/04/2010 Flag

If only we could talk to the darned things to find out what they truly don't like, doggone it! This has me steamed now.

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By LaurieS 11 37 06/18/2013 Flag

Peppermint oil on cotton balls. Set several around your house, the spiders don't like peppermint.

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Archive: Spiders

What can I do to get rid of spiders in my house. I have all different kinds. I have fogged and sprayed but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions.



RE: Spiders

In order to rid your home of spiders, burn eucalyptus candles. (10/10/2001)

By Karen

RE: Spiders

Keep the corners, under beds and furniture well vacuumed. Keep your eye out for nests and vacuum them up a soon as you see them. Spiders seem to like corners and dark places where their webs won't be disturbed. (10/10/2001)

By Jeanine

RE: Spiders

What I do to keep spiders and other creepy crawlies out of the house, is I buy the big gallon jug of the indoor/outdoor bug spray with the spray nozzle on a pull out line. I then at least once a month or so, spray around the outside of all the window and door frames of my house. Depending on rain hitting the house, this keeps them out for at least a month. I know it is time to spray again when I see a spider inside. This really works. Good luck. (10/11/2001)

By silverleaf

RE: Spiders

I know that this is a little late, but I have read that the majority of spiders do not bite you. They are there to eat other bugs that you have. If you get rid of the others, the spidders will go. I have also read that the spiders that do bite can be really nasty. The Black Widow, of course, and there is the Brown Recluse, which is not always brown. It is supposed to have 'crab-like' legs. I think I saw one in my backyard, rolled up in a little ball inside of a leaf which was also rolled up. I saw the little legs and the first thing that came to mind was 'crab'. Anyway, I have a cat and must be careful of spraying with poisons.

I read about Boric Acid sprinkled around the house, whicj I bought at a local drug store, but then I got Borateen in the detergent section of my supermarket, which is cheaper and works just as well. I have a lot of stubb against the walls, but it is too small a space for the cat to go. I sprinkled some around the rooms, esp in cracks where the rug or linolium, etc ends. Under the fridge and stove. In corners of cupboards on the floor. I vacuumed the rugs and sprinkled some lightly on the rugs. After a few days I vacuumed that up. I don't want the cat exposed for a prolonged time. The reading I did said the stuff does not decompose over time, so works indefinately, as long as it's still on the floor, it's working. The stuff is also a mild germicide and also a fungicide. It is non-scratch for cleaning bathrooms and will discourage mold. (08/02/2003)

By goldengrain

RE: Spiders

Any cardboard boxes are a great place to find them. I threw all boxes out and got plastic bins it has cut down on spiders. (10/03/2004)

By Nicky

RE: Spiders

Keep your house clutter free and cardboard box free. When we moved into our house I had all of my daughter's toys in a few cardboard boxes. Also had cardboard box full of clothes in closet. Got too lazy to mess with it and found out that I should have done something. A few weeks ago we started getting loads of spiders, adults and little white babies. Spiders like the dark, cardboard boxes and clutter. Also keep tree branches trimmed. Certain spiders live in trees. (04/12/2005)

By Ciela372

RE: Spiders

I've recently moved into a new apartment and have found that it's apparently infested with crab spiders. These are supposed to be garden spiders. However, they seem to have found a home in our building. I don't know what to do to get rid of them! They're not typical spiders (no webs, etc.) I'm going nuts cleaning right now, but they appear to be living in walls, etc. I took down a light fixture to change a bulb and the glass globe was full of them. Does anyone have any ideas?? I'm not really a fan of this kind of roommate! Thanks. (02/18/2006)

By Jill

Archive: Spiders In My House

My friend has an enormous amount of spiders in her basement. It's gotten to the point where there are numerous spiders crawling on the walls and floors. She needs something that will not only be safe around kids and pets, but will also kill spiders on contact and not screw up the paint job on the walls. Got any ideas?

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