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It was mentioned a while ago about companies that sell items (clothing, toys, household items) inexpensively. One of the catalogs was called ABC Distributing ( I don't recall the other company.

By Kim


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12/11/2001 Flag

The other company you are talking about is named LTD Commodities.

Have a great day!
Marion Johnson

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By JSRS443 28 14 12/11/2001 Flag

I have ordered from ABC Distributing for several years now and have had no problems with any items I have gotten from them. Sometimes they are out of something an you do have to wait but not always. You can also order from them online. I do enjoy shopping with them an also another I use is Terrysvillage..they have some nice things they also are on site.

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By AZLEADFOOT2 8 12/11/2001 Flag

You might want to check out the COLLECTIBLES site. Nothing over $14.99.


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01/06/2002 Flag

ABC and LTD are both business catalogs, not for someone at home that wants to order from them !!
- Susan Cummins

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By TinaMarie (Guest Post) 06/22/2004 Flag

Terry's Village has another catalog division called
"A Special Place". I don't know the web address
but I'm sure your web browser can find it. They have very pretty home decor/gift items for less than "Terry's Village". If anyone know of any other's I love to hear about them. Thanks.

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By Michelle (Guest Post) 10/13/2004 Flag

A website that is run by LTD but available to the public is called This is a great site! It has all of the samethings at the same prices as ABC and LTD. I think this is what you are looking for.

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By owenmohrbucks (Guest Post) 10/13/2004 Flag

i work for a compnay called CTA (Christian Tools of Affirmation). it is a web and mail order business. the website is . please take a minute and visit the site. i think you will be pleased with the selection and the prices. we do require that you prepay with a credit card if we are delivering to your home but if your church or school orders we will be happy to invoice your church or school once we can verify your church's or school's address. we do have a secure site for ordering online or you can call your order in. THANKS for taking the time to take a peek at our website.

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By george (Guest Post) 12/17/2004 Flag

ABC Distributing is not just for businesses. I am not a business and have been ordering from them for many years and having them shipped right here to my home!

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By Kernickerlon Jackson. (Guest Post) 02/10/2005 Flag

lakeside, figis, lizclaiborne.

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By amanda 1 3 09/01/2005 Flag

Come on there has got to be some other places out there like abc they are right here under our noses we got to find them. I know is like abc they have office supplies. but ltd ask for credit card or payment up front.

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By marianne (Guest Post) 10/07/2005 Flag

I just tried to register at
abc and was advised that although the information page says they sell to individuals, you must supply a company name for the application to be accepted.

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By margaret bradford (Guest Post) 11/03/2005 Flag

the collectables site is that or is it the collectables today site . thank you

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By AAA 91 (Guest Post) 11/22/2005 Flag

For everyone who thinks you can not order form ABC Distributing, if you do not own a business, you are wrong. You can have your orders sent right to your home with or without a business. ,check it out yourself. You'll see. :) I do it all the time!

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By khristy (Guest Post) 01/19/2006 Flag

I recently visited a site called Fununlimited .com they have a wide variety of games puzzles gag gifts ect.
I am interested in only catalogs similar to abc distributing that bill you with merchandise anyone know of any let me know

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By denise (Guest Post) 01/19/2006 Flag

there is also ltd and lakeside they are exactly like abc distributing, just different shipping prices, i think lakeside was the best on shipping

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By Marcy (Guest Post) 01/31/2007 Flag

LTD Commodities and ABC Distributing are now as one. They merged a few months ago

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By sherry (Guest Post) 07/03/2007 Flag

i have alot of inexpensive gift catalogs their is one called uncommon goods,sierra trading post,lighterside,terrys village,carol wright,harriet carter,heartland,home improvement,etc collection,try some of these sites

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By Kristen (Guest Post) 07/18/2007 Flag

The -- they have great, inexpensive gift ideas and you can access past catalogues too!

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By MANNIE PERRY (Guest Post) 09/11/2007 Flag

ABC and LTD Catalogs.

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By Heather (Guest Post) 11/25/2007 Flag

Yes they do ask for a company name.

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By linda (Guest Post) 03/05/2008 Flag

I remember getting catalogs at work, one had home decor,kitchen items, etc, everything was $14.99, but I can't remember the exact name of the catalog, if you know please let me know, lopppyp AT, thanks

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By KRISTINA (Guest Post) 07/24/2008 Flag


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By Cyndi. (Guest Post) 09/19/2008 Flag

I used to order from ABC, LTD and Lakeside and before they would ship COD but not anymore. They all want a credit card before processing the order. I have a problem with that becasue they never ship your complete order together at once and a lot of times your items are back ordered for months. I prefer to pay only for the items I get when I get them.

If anyone knows of any additional companies that will ship COD, please let me know.

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By someone (Guest Post) 09/29/2008 Flag

I myself have been using ABC for almost a year now and I do not own a business and I order stuff by money order. So I pay 10 days after I receive my shipment. Although I do have some things on back order on occasion I can always find something else to replace it if I don't get the first item I wanted. I love their selection and wont stop using them unless I have to.

A very satisfied customer!

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By theoann 3 11/04/2014 Flag is one where most things are $14.99 but a few things may be higher. I can relate about paying the balance and then stuff has to be back-ordered or you wait days and days til they credit your account.

There's probably no way they can guarantee the item and price it is advertised, as being available with all the many many orders coming in 24/7.

Get on their email alerts lists and when they get something new advertised, order it NOW. Otherwise, I wait til you purchase a certain amt. specified and maybe get it or free shipping. Shipping is soo expensive.
Another option I have thought about - having the gift items directly shipped to the person you are getting it for, and ask them to wrap it and put under their tree. The only prob doing that, is the shipping label is included so the prices would be included too. Hmm - just a thought.

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