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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Finding the perfect yet inexpensive stocking stuffers can take some thought. Look here for great ideas for thrifty stocking stuffers. This guide contains stocking stuffer ideas.


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December 16, 2011

Tired of the same old stocking stuffers? Here's a horse of a different color idea. Instead of using a traditional stocking why not use something entirely different.

For example:

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December 19, 2011

In the excitement of keeping up with early risers on Christmas morning, and getting ready for other company, breakfast might be neglected or delayed. How about stuffing some quick breakfast items in the stockings just before you go to bed Christmas Eve night?

I found these suggestions in a woman's magazine several years ago. The following breakfast stuffers are mainly for children's stockings:

By Vivian P. from Red Lion, PA

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Brought back memories :-) My parents would put an orange and some nuts on top of the fun goodies in our stockings.

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December 1, 2006

Teens and Adults

Paperback books. (These can often be found in new condition at used book stores.), Socks, Energy Bars for school lunches, Gift Certificates, especially for chain restaurants near their schools, Small fragrant soaps, Pocket calendars, Lotions, Shaving Gels. Charities that provide gifts for children say it is especially important for the teenage children to receive gifts and they are always looking for stocking stuffer gifts for these young ones. Too often, the teens in struggling families take on adult family responsibilities way beyond their years and they need to be remembered at Christmas, too.

Lynn - West of Eugene, OR

Useful Items

Gloves, Ice Scrape, De-Icer, Hot Oil Treatment packet, Barrettes and hair ties, Pens, Pencils and Erasers, Scissors, Pencil Sharpener


For Adults

I always felt that stocking stuffers for adults and teens were easier than coming up with ideas for children. Some things that have worked really well in the past for me are: Small or sample sized colognes, Manicure sets or makeup brush sets, Slipper socks (I think everyone can use these!), Chapstick, Prepaid phone cards, Bubble bath/sponges/bath oil beads, Address books or pocket calendars, Keepsake ornament, Shaving kits (you can buy trial-sized shaving cream and after-shave at discount stores), Pen or pencil sets, Bean-bag babies, Gift certificates to music stores, movie theaters, or a video store. Happy Holidays!



Everyone, even teenagers, can use pliers or screwdrivers. For little ones: colors and coloring books.


Here's what I would like to receive...

These are some of the things I would like to receive as stocking stuffers! A package of safety pins in assorted sizes, scotch tape, Band-Aids, paperclips, Kleenex, a small calculator, a small mirror, felt tip permanent ink pen, wash rags, dish rags, small trash bag liners (they have pretty, scented ones now), a list of current addresses, phone numbers, and E-mail addresses, a new coffee mug, anything small to add to a collection I might have, envelopes, stamps, fabric glue, black and/or white thread and/or coasters. Some of these are very common but very necessary when you need them.


Science Items

My Dad is a semi-retired mad scientist, that explains my bend towards this sort of stuff. I've been doing some business with Edmunds Scientifics forever - never a problem. It's fun for adults and kids. Our daughter once stated that she noticed that she only got gifts that encouraged her curiosity. They had a special (on their catalog order form) for a bag of various sized prisms. This is only poured glass - nothing spookier than the glass in your window panes. If placed in a sunny window pane/clear glued, it is fun to watch for a rainbow in different places during the day as the sun changes. The childrens' ward at the hospital love theirs as they anticipate the next rainbow. Each tiny prism is individually wrapped in a small cardboard box. I don't have much money, but was able to give a rainbow to people who have had recent troubles, and a surprise gift for my family and friends. Be good, and have some fun.

By Susan

A Few Ideas

Another few stocking stuffer ideas would be life savers, nail files, small pack of tissues.

Pat Shook.

My Idea

Disposable camera, scratch off lottery tickets, local fast food $5 certificates, crosswords or riddle books, car fresheners, key chains, ornaments, ice scraper, address book, quality pen or mechanical pencil, hot chocolate. These work for both sexes.


Scratch Tickets and More

Chapstick, Toothbrush, Chocolate Books and/or magazines, Holiday Scratch Tickets, Trial size shave gel or hand cream, razors. For kids: Toothbrush, chocolate, bracelets, ornaments, pencils/crayons, books, craft kits.


Happy Meal Toys

If you can manage it without the kids knowing, kids meal toys make great stocking stuffers.


Clearance Items

Use coupons for buy 1, get free gum, candy, etc. Check throughout the year for small clearance items.


For Hubby

I had a few ideas that I am planning on putting in my hubby's stocking. Starbucks gift card, Desktop(one-a-day) calendar, Personal Certificates for Favors, Hugs, Etc. Russel Stovers Candy, Lottery Scratch Tickets, Alcohol Samples (little bottles that you can buy at the liquor store to try new kinds of alcohol), A Car Compass (the sticky kind).


Crafty Ideas

A few great ideas for stuffers are: a christmas ornament that you buy at a craft store that you can paint and put a picture of yourself in, a bar of handmade soap, a can of their favorite fruit/vegetable (ie. olives, fruit cocktail etc.), make a CD of their favorite songs, one of those tiny sewing kits for repairs on the go.


More Ideas

Lottery scratchoffs, gum, makeup for the ladies, skin care items, boxers for the gentleman, small and inexpensive jewelry

Ideas for men: chapstick, shaving cream, favorite snack, gum/mints, boxers/jogging pants, personal grooming kit (Wal-Mart had some with razors, tweezers, shoe horn, comb, finger and toe nail clippers), lottery tickets, desktop calendar. My husband needed a cell phone charger for his truck. - By Brooke

Trivia Card Games, Popcorn & popcorn seasonings, Work gloves (for men), Garden gloves (for women), Eye makeup remover & cotton remover pads, Their favorite styling products, face and/or body cream, antibacterial hand soap for kitchen, small frames with special picture in it, a scarf you knit yourself.


Gift Cards

Gift cards are great. LIke Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Albertson's, etc.

My List of Ideas

Here are some ideas: Lotion, Candles, Ornaments, Card Games (UNO, Phase 10, Etc.), Mini Tool Kit, Bath Stuff (bubbles, beads, fizzy things), Magic Towels, Nail Files, Nail Polish, Make-up, Yo-Yo, Candy, Lottery Tickets (Christmas Type), Gloves, Flavored Tea, Hot Chocolate, or Coffee, Gift Certificates, Matchbox Cars, Crayons, Pens, Pencils (school stuff), Mini Shaving Creams, Razors, Jewelry, Chapstick.


Clearance Aisle at Walmart

For several weeks and months I watch the clearance aisle at our Wal-Mart store. Mostly I am only able to find things suitable for stocking stuffers, but I am almost always able to find several. This year I found scarves for .40 cents a piece and socks for .75 cents a pair! It pays to look!


Goodies and a Letter From Santa

Toothbrushes, eye-shadow, matchbox cars, underwear, orange, pack of gum, scratch off tickets, sample size deodorant (they love it since they are 6 and 8, they feel grown up), perfume samplers, deck of cards, $10 gift certificate to a local gas station, bag of fruit snacks, granola bars. They all get a personal letter handwritten by Santa telling them what wonderful things they did over the year.


One Dollar Bills

I put 5 crisp one dollar bills in my 5 year old's stocking. I also bought a gift certificate book to McDonald's for him. He thinks he is so grown up paying for items himself. I don't do gift cards, he loves to get the change back and purchase other items. I also get tickets to the zoo, aquarium, movies, etc and put one in each one of our stockings.


Batteries and More

Batteries, photo film, shoe laces, breath mints, flavored tooth picks, disposable bibs for baby, hand sanitizer for purse and hand cream, crayons, paints, Legos, magic tricks.


Halloween Clearance Candy

Right after halloween I went to Target and found my sister's favorite candies for only 50 cents for a big bag! I have enough to put a few in everyone's stocking.


Shake Up Flashlights

Shake up flashlights for the kids, no batteries needed, ever!

Harlean from Arkansas

Emergency Items for the Car

For women and driving teens: a good dependable flashlight and emergency flares for their car, in case of roadside emergency. For men: knives. For Preteens: an accessory to go along with their personal interests. For children: flavored chap-stick, sing-a-long CD's. I think the rest has been covered. There are some really good ideas listed.

Tina, TX

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December 19, 20080 found this helpful

I always feel that the perfect item to stuff a stocking with is a fake foot.

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October 9, 2013

Bath and Body Works (hand sanitizer, bath salts, shower gel, soap, candles), warm and cozy socks, jewelry, a movie or fave TV series, a CD or iTunes card


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December 11, 2004

It's fun to buy stocking stuffers for teen girls. I always use this time of year as an opportunity to give them the little treats they want and/or need throughout the year but that I don't want to spend the extra money for. Here are some items our teenage daughters will find in their Christmas stockings this year:


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December 18, 2013

I stuffed my wife's stocking with a lot of cool things like: a wallet, her favorite type of candy, body wash, hand made romantic certificates, a bath sponge, a bag of rose petals, candy canes, Christmas card, little wrapped boxes, and a ring.


December 1, 2006

I do one of two things each year for my family for Christmas (especially my grandchildren). I make a homemade ornament of some sort and send them early so they can enjoy them on their tree during the holiday season.


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I used to feel a real anti-climax when at the end of Christmas my children would be gloating over their presents and little treats in their stockings and I end up feeling feeling left out, even though I had presents from my hubby or children.



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December 16, 20040 found this helpful

Post your favorite stocking stuffer ideas.

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May 4, 20080 found this helpful

I'm one of THOSE "coupon clippers".... My family and extended family never get tired of shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. Last year I was able to assemble a basket of gourmet items (valued from $4 - $10 dollars originally) for my future sister-in-law with spices, seasonings and sauces that were being discontinued at my local grocery store. Note: NOT expired, just making rrom on their shelves for new lines of products. The store had them reduced to 4/$1.00. Some of the items were originally over $6.00 each. The basket was 25 cents at a tag sale and I was able to fill it for $3.00, not the nearly $60.00 it would have cost me had I paid full price!

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September 12, 20080 found this helpful

Well these are some ideas I have gathered for men/my husbad:

cd/dvd repair kit


shaving kit

grooming supplies(deodorant, cologne, bodywash)

cellphone accessories

Ipod, MP3 or MP4

car fresheners



lottery scratch tickets

tylenol or other pain reliever

magazine for men (car, sports, workout)

humorous desktop calendar

gas card

money clip

massage gift certificate

fishing license

a little pouch of coins for a car wash

watch or new wedding ring

A small $1 photo album filled with pictures of yourself and kids at your nicest looking, silliest or from a special event or time spent with him.

A book of homemade coupons for a car detail, a night out with the guys, a night at with you, a favorite dish/dessert made for him, catering to his needs for one whole day, doing his chores, "naughty" coupons, massage, car wash anything- be creative!

My children: Ages 10,6,5 (all boys) and 1 (girl)

For the boys anything like:

coloring books (rolled up)

crayons, tape, glue, mini stapler

small building sets- lego, K'Nex

fake bugs and reptiles



hair styling stuff for spikes

not big on candy but they really like gum


flashcards (alphabet, multiplication etc)

card games or electronic handheld

hotwheels cars



musical instruments (have found a recorder/flute, harmonica, and tamborine at the $1 store)


mini radio


rubber/plastic dinosaurs or army men playsets

hot cocoa and other treats we don't get often

game console accesories: paddles, games, batteries

flashlights(definitely shake up)


bubble bath

create an e-mail address for them to have and write their friends with- thats great spelling and punctuation practice.

Cookbooks for kids

craft supplies and ideas

for babies or girls:







board or cloth books

small brush

hair things: bows, headbands


baby wash


sippy cups/bottles

gas drops, infant tylenol or motrin

musical cd


key ring


ring stacker

toy cellphone

new washcloths


jewelry box (can be homemade)

jewelry (can also be homemade with beads)

The stockings are our favorite because those are specially ours and ours alone. We get a couple gifts each after that, but because we always use evryones stuff and share it all anyway we normally have family gifts: a box of books, movies, playdoh or craft supplies ETC..

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December 7, 20080 found this helpful

My grandsons LOVE to receive a gold dollar coin in their stockings.

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December 10, 20080 found this helpful

During this time of year i will go to the mall and ask for samples of perfume/cologne. They will give you the little sample bottles that are perfect to stuff stockings with.

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