Cat Peeing on Floor

Recently, my roommate and I decided to get two kittens. They are brothers and now, they are about 2 to 3 months old. We got them at 5 weeks old, and yes that is young, but they were going to be left in a box on the side of the road.


Flick is fine. He uses the litter box every time. Finn, on the other hand, recently started peeing on the floor. However, sometimes he will go in the litter box. No poop, just pee. Before, he was using the litter box fine. We haven't moved it or anything. Please help. How do we stop this?

By Britini from London, ON

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He may be sick. I would take him to a vet. Have you changed the brand of litter you are using?

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Sounds like a urinary tract infection. I have 2 cats and had this same situation one time. Please take him to the vet.

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Another thing is to neutralize the area that the cat peed on with vinegar and water. Never use any cleaning product with ammonia as cat urine is ammonia and they will go back to the same spot.

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Some cats also do not like to share a litter box or if they think its dirty they also will not use it or it could be he is sick try a second litter box and have your vet check him out good luck and take care.

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I agree with the others, he may be sick. Also try giving him his own box. Some cats refuse to share the litter boxes.

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He needs to be seen by a vet; in fact, as with any new pets, they should be taken to a vet for a check-up and any necessary vaccinations.

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My cat is peeing on the floor and drinking lots of water.

Todd from Owen Sound, Canada


Cat Peeing on Floor

If the cat is drinking a lot, it could have kidney disease or diabetes. Put the cat in the bathroom with a clean empty litter box and wait for it to pee. When it does, collect some in a clean container (empty syringe is good or empty prescription bottle) and put it in the fridge if you can't get it to the vet right away. The vet will be able to see if there is any glucose in there, if it is concentrated, or if there are signs of infection. You will need to bring the cat to the vet too. Good luck. (02/14/2008)

By junebug_000

Cat Peeing on Floor

Junebug is right, these symptoms could be diabetes (their symptoms: eating more but losing weight, breath that smells like nail polish remover, developing a peculiar walk). If it is diabetes your cat needs professional treatment fast, small animals can quickly die from dehydration. Wishing the best for your cat. (02/14/2008)

By perfume and powder

Cat Peeing on Floor

I'm sorry, but I think your cat has a kidney disease. Please take your cat to a vet and make sure. Good luck. I hope I'm wrong. (02/14/2008)

By Smoochie

Cat Peeing on Floor

(Sent in by email)

My cat started doing the same thing, he's an old guy, 16. I treated it as feline diabetes. I bought Precise cat food which is high protein and it really helped right away.

A vet will have you giving insulin most likely. Because my cat is old and hates the vet, I treated it this way and it works well. (02/15/2008)


Cat Peeing on Floor

Just joining the "take your cat to the vet" chorus. It's definitely diabetes or kidney disease, and a special food isn't going to cure it. (02/15/2008)

By chretienne

Cat Peeing on Floor

When my cat changed his urinary habits I thought it was so cute. He propped himself on the edge of the toilet bowl and did it there. I told my vet about it and his reply was " when a cat changes their usual spot for urinating it's a sign of too much ash in the diet". We changed his diet to a low ash one and he was fine after that. (02/15/2008)

By shebaro

Cat Peeing on Floor

I know the primary problem seems like the urination issue, but if you do some research online, you will find that excessive thirst and urination are the bodies way of trying to "wash" something toxic out. Try looking up "" for more advice. Was your cat exposed to anything toxic? I've heard that the Swiffer things can kill dogs and kids, and the Roundup spray for weeds is a neurotoxin. You might want to look through your cat's environment for dangers. Also, we've had great success with dandelion root powder to help animals and people detox. Good luck! (02/15/2008)

By Gina J.

Cat Peeing on Floor

Visit the vet immediately. Our 13 yr. old kitty has failing kidneys, which is completely normal for this age. We started her on Science Diet KD, and she isn't urinating as much, but still drinks a lot of water. The vet said be sure she drinks as much as possible. Feline Urinary Syndrome and diabetes are also possibilities - that's why you need the vet.

Best way to collect a specimen: fill box with clean litter. Place sheet of plastic (cut a bag to make it flat) over the litter and use your hand to make a fist size indentation in one corner, also making a slight slope toward that corner. Be sure the plastic is big enough to hang over all the edges. Sprinkle a bit of litter over the plastic. When kitty pees, it will run to the low corner. Use a small, clean container to catch the liquid when you pick up the plastic. (02/15/2008)

By shishi

Cat Peeing on Floor

Another possibility is Thyroid problems. My cat had the same problems, his thyroid levels were too low. They can check with a simple blood test. Good luck! (02/16/2008)

By diana1117

Cat Peeing on Floor

Our neutered male cat began drinking excessive amounts of water and urinating frequently and in large amounts. We took him to the vet and my wife, who is an RN suggested we check the urine for glucose. This test is not normally done as part of routine testing, unless a problem is suspected. Sure enough his blood sugar was five times as high as normal!

We started him on an oral hypoglycemic med. but within 2 weeks he was showing signs of liver damage. Now he is on insulin 2 times daily every 12 hrs. We are still in the process of adjusting dosage, as the blood sugar is not controlled properly yet. REMEMBER - Drinking large amounts of water and frequent urination are classic signs of diabetes (in people as well as animals). (01/27/2009)

By R. W. B.

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I have a cat who is 2 years old, he was neutered when he was 6 months old. In the last year he has started peeing on the floor. Sometimes next to his litter box even. I have to remind him to go to his litter box. Do you have any solutions for this problem or a way explain the change in behavior?

Cecile from Canada


A Towel

We have had luck in the past placing a towel over the spot (we slept with the towel a few nights so that it smelled like us). Another member of my family has used a Pheromone spray with some success that you can buy from your vet. You may want to be sure that your cat does not have a UTI. Also, if it is a male cat that has not be neutered he is scent marking the house and he should be altered. He will continue to urinate around your house. Good luck! (12/11/2001)

By hemsath

Sprinkle Vinegar

I once read somewhere to sprinkle vinegar on the areas where you don't want the cats to go. Now whether it works or not, I don't know, but it's worth a try. I don't think that it would leave an odor from the vinegar, either, since your just sprinkling it on. Hope it helps! (12/12/2001)

By April

Nature's Miracle

Oxiclean works very well. If you have a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner, put in a solution of Oxiclean instead of using carpet shampoo. If you don't have one, spray the area well with Oxiclean.

I'd check anything you use on a piece of carpet in a closet or out of the way place first to make sure it doesn't change the color of the carpet.

There are also enzyme products like Nature's Miracle that work, also. The problem with carpets is that they are thick and there is also padding and flooring beneath. Make sure that you get down to the flooring with whatever you use to really get rid of the smell. Any little bit left, even if you can't smell it, still smells like the place to do it to the pet. (12/12/2001)

By Susan

Here are some tips to try:

  • Have your cat neutered or spayed if it is not already.

  • Baking soda and water mixed and sprayed and left on for a couple of hours.

  • Orange peelings in the area, to dissuade future use.

  • Vinegar and water spray.

  • Lacquer under carpet, let dry and then clean with any of above cleaners.

  • Aluminum foil placed over the area with a rock or something to hold it down.

  • Coin can, fill a aluminum can with five pennies, and shake at the cat when he is trying to use the box.

  • Water bottle to spray at the cat when he is inappropriately using the spot on the carpet

  • Last but not least, put a litter box there.

By Racer

Bathroom Training

If you can put the cat in a bathroom and he pees on a rug in the bathroom instead of the litter box. Take a top from a storage bin and put the rug on it (training pads under the rug and or baking soda reduce odor). Next place litter on the rug see how it goes for a few days.

Home depot sells carpet runner. Get the stuff that is 49 cents a foot and place over his "Favorite" spots (cats don't like to get their paws wet).

Place a litter pan over his favorite spots. I just went through this myself. I even got an under the bed box and filled it with 35pounds of litter. I have six litter boxes in the area that was used for a bathroom and covered the area with runner, and set pans on top. Be patient. oust full strength or if you catch him baking soda immediately as it draws the pee out and then after it is somewhat dry remove from carpet and pour a liberal amount of oust on the spot. My hoover was operating overtime. Good luck and within three weeks this should improve things. I realize it is not the quick fix and of course remember the treats and praise when he uses the box.

P.S. When the enzyme cleaners work it can smell worse, just re-clean the area 24 hours later. Good luck. (09/22/2004)

By Mother of Pee Queen

Oxyclean, Vinegar and Oxyclean

I have used oxiclean and then followed up with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, the peroxide kills the bacteria. I also mix baking soda and water and shampoo the mistake area. My girlfriend puts white pepper on her pale blue rug and cats do not go back to rugs, sofa or to her dirt in her plants. I am now planning to use the vinegar after reading this site. (11/15/2004)

By kathy


Walmart sells a product called Out that works excellent. It contains enzymes and bacteria and also has a money back guarantee. It completely removes odor and prevents pets from going in the same place. Supermarkets also sell similar products that contain enzymes and bacteria. (11/18/2004)

By klawrence34

Rule Out Medical Problems

I'd rule out a medical problem, especially with a male cat. They tend to get feline urinary syndrome which can cause a blockage. Using unscented litter, or a recent change in kind used could also explain his behavior. (02/03/2006)

By cathy

Urinary Tract Disease

Since your cat is neutered and male, CHECK WITH YOUR VET about Urinary Tract Disease... it's most common in males after this. As they get older, it's worse. A big trigger to the constant urinating is a high ash content in their food (kind of like when we get a u.t.i. and eat salty foods) so a special food is needed. Purina makes a great Special Diet (red and white bag) and I think the wal-mart Special Kitty should have one. The vet's food was way to expensive and stinky: my mom has always had male cats, so this is first hand experience! Of course you should professionally clean the carpets if possible, because that smell is so hard to get rid of, and worse in summer! (02/03/2006)

By camo_angels

See a Vet

Take him to the vet asap. My cat started to do this and we took him to the vet. It turned out he had a blockage and we were lucky to have him treated when we did. He still had to be on an IV and be hospitalized for about a week. From that point on he has had to be on food made specifically for urinary tract health. (02/03/2006)

By brenda-ohio

Urinary Tract Infection

I'm dealing with the same problem with a cat with a urinary tract infection. Because it burns the cat has decided that it is the box that makes it burn. We are treating the infection and then my vet has recommended a different style of box with a different letter and a product called cataract ( to draw her into using the new box. (02/05/2006)

By Jeanne

Nature's Miracle

There is a product called Nature's Miracle that you pour on the pee. Don't use soap first, just blot up the excess by standing on a folded towel placed over the pee, then pour this stuff on it. It has to soak the area. I used it on a couch, a chair and rugs. Darn cats. Three different episodes, three different cats. It left a water line on a white wing-back chair because that fabric was not water safe, but all the other areas left no mark and the smell is GONE. You can buy this stuff at most pet stores and farm stores that have pet areas. (07/23/2006)

By Sam

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