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Craft Idea: Kids Can Use Pasta to Make...

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Turn your kids loose with various sizes and shapes of pasta, a bottle of glue, and some glitter! They can create beautiful snowflakes (which make pretty Christmas tree ornaments/gifts), noodle people, dinosaurs, etc. Just have some pasta shapes such as wheels, bow ties, elbows, spirals, etc., turn their imagination on, and let them go! It works best to glue the projects on small sheets of wax paper. It's easy to peel the wax paper off after the project dries.

By Kathy

Craft Idea: Kids Can Use Pasta to Make...


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By NY MOM (Guest Post)12/05/2008

Not a great choice if you live anywhere but a dry climate.

You also have to be very certain you cover the pasta entirely with a thick coat of paint or you WILL attract rodents who will check out the smallest trace of a scent of food. Mice and other things don't just look in your kitchen for a meal. They start out eating where it's dark and where you'd store your ornaments.

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