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Fireman's Banquet Decorations

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I need ideas for a 35th fireman's banquet. There will be about 20 tables to decorate. Help! I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you.

By Debora

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By Connie (Guest Post)06/17/2008

I used red galvanize buckets approx. 5-7 diamater and made candy bouquets in them. Put a firefighter sticker on the front.

By Tina Brown [5]01/02/2007

I would have a program made at a local printing shop, in the shape of the Maltese Cross, or napkins imprinted with it. It is a very important part of the firefighter that it wouldn't be right to leave it out.

Center pieces have a way of blocking everyone's view. I suggest trying to find more individualized items. Small plastic boots with a single buttoneer, different color flowers for the different ranks. (If formal)

If you can get your hands on some of the pictures taken over the years, have someone create a dvd type slide show, they are very affective. My son made one of pictures taken during his training. The audiance and graduates all enjoyed it.

I like the idea of the silver containers and red and white lights. But keep in mind how the center pieces can be in the way of viewing the stage.

I wish I was near enough to help you out. It sounds like such fun!

Hope this helps,

By Jodi (Guest Post)01/02/2007

How about flower arrangements with white daisy, red carnations, and blue spike streamers coming out of them. (available at party stores) insert small american flags. You can also have copies of pictures from the past 35 years of the fire department history and insert them in the arrangements using floral picks. (find at craft stores or florist will sell them cheap). I have done this at are fire department parties and it has been a hit. Do the tables in the plastic table covering, some in red,some in white, some in blue. :) Good Luck

By Fern (Guest Post)07/04/2005

I also have to come up with ideas for a Firemen's Ball. I am kind of thinking lots of chrome and red (like a fire truck). Probably red flowers in silver smaller buckets and lots of little red lights mixed with twinkle white lights everywhere. What does everyone think about this? Any other ideas, I am desperate.

By liz craig [1]02/05/2005

I would use a fireman's boot (or boots) and fill them with silk flowers for the centerpiece. You could use the color of the flowers to tie into the color theme that you've chosen for your party.


I think it would be fun to have some toy fire engines on every table. I like the plastic helmet idea, too. You could probably buy some cheap plastic fire engines at the dollar store or possibly borrow enough of them from those helping to put on the banquet.
- Susan


Sometimes the "Dollar Stores" carry children's plastic fire helmets. This could be decorated with the company #, the station name in stick-on letters, add an American Flag, patriotic ribbon, etc. Use your imagination!
- Syd

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