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Fireman's Banquet Decorations

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Decorating for a fireman's banquet can be great fun and help make this event honoring these first responders memorable. This is a guide about fireman's banquet decorations.



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Question: Fireman's Banquet Decorations

I need ideas for a 35th fireman's banquet. There will be about 20 tables to decorate. Help! I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you.

By Debora


Most Recent Answer

By Connie (Guest Post)06/17/2008

I used red galvanize buckets approx. 5-7 diamater and made candy bouquets in them. Put a firefighter sticker on the front.

Question: Firefighter Candles and Centerpiece Ideas

I would like some ideas for making centerpieces for a fireman's dinner.

By etcoursen from Harrisville, PA


Most Recent Answer

By Michele [5]04/06/2010

What about making it a Dalmatian (dog) theme instead? You could make it mostly black and white with red accents. Table covers could be plain white paper with painted dog prints tracked across it. Snacks could be served in plastic dog dishes (new and clean, of course) and serve bottled water. Napkin rings could be made out of inexpensive small dog collars. You could wrap plain vases in newspaper and put red carnations in them. Someone could make cookies in a dog bone shape.

Question: Fireman's Banquet Favor Ideas

We are having a 65th fireman's banquet. Does anyone have ideas about favors for all the guests or anything else? Thank you.


Most Recent Answer

By Lisa Otts [11]04/14/2009

Being on a volunteer department and on the ladies axillary at one you realize there is a child in all of the firefighters that still loves the trucks and all that goes with it. So hot wheel type firetrucks make excellent decor or the bigger toy trucks if funds permit(after use send home with your heroes or save to pass out at school when the firefighters go do their fire safety talks) and those plastic party "helmets you can glue plastic lids to top so when turned over the will "sit" then line and fill with chips and such. Check dollar tree and party stores for items that are related. Those little play sets for children can be made very cute for table decor and check your party stores and places like smilemaker and oriental traders because our "hero's" have became very popular party subjects! <p>You can use stuffed animals the dalmatians for decor and you use to get plastic hydrants at the party stores that were inexpensive and you could use as part of your decor. Just using your regular serving dishes for chips, dips etc and putting those play sets around them can bring your theme to life! Get treat bags from one of the above locations and put a small fire truck or other children's party favors in that are in that section. Your guest with love it. My baby's first birthday was firefighter themed because his Godparents are volunteers! Good Luck!

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