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Using It Up - Old Pantyhose and Nylons

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How do you use old panty hose and/or nylon stockings when they can no longer be worn.


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By jeannette [3]04/29/2012

Cut up panty hose are great for tying Orchids in the trees.

By Chayil [5]12/30/2008

We've all been there. We've all used soap till it's just a sliver that breaks into smaller slivers instead of delivering lather. Here's what I do: put them in the cut-off toe of an old pair of pantyhose, or an old knee-high stocking that's lost its mate. When you get three or four slivers together, tie it off and use it as a soap-filled scrubbie in the shower.

(You could also grind the soap slivers and mix with washing soda and borax to make your own laundry soap, of course. But where will you store them in the meantime? That's right -- in an old nylon!)

By karina [2]07/30/2005

As you only mention pantyhose/nylons ..what about tights...?like these thick opaque ones..any use for these

RE: Using It Up - Old Pantyhose and Nylons

By David07/06/2005

Old pantyhose make great thermal underwear.

My office is in an old drafty building where temperatures at my desk can be in the thirties at my feet. I tried regular thermals, under my slacks, but they were too thick. A female friend suggested pantyhose to me. I found that they worked great.

Being a guy, I have to buy them new to start (embarrassing) until I have a girl friend or wife to supply me. So think of your husbands too.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/22/2005

"Rings" cut from old pantyhose, then snipped open are great ties for climbing plants or tomatoes that need a lift.

By Linda

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/22/2005

Use your old pantyhose to tie up your staked plants in the vegetable garden and flower garden. Just cut into long strips and tie. Because they are stretchable, they do not hurt even the most tender of plants.

By Marion in Ontario

By Renee Griswell [1]06/13/2005

My husband uses old pantyhose scraps to wrap his fishing bait in when he uses chicken livers. It keeps the bait from falling apart and off the hook and also keeps the fish from just nibbling it off the hook and swimming off.

Renee in TN

By Brooke (Guest Post)06/11/2005

For Halloween, we use pantyhose legs to make scarecrow heads. Cut the pantyhose below the crotch area, so all you are left with is the legs. Each one can be stuffed with straw at the foot and knotted to make a head shape. You can sew button eyes, or just use a permanent marker to draw the facial details. To secure the pantyhose head to your scarecrow (a shirt and pants stuffed with straw), just use safety pins!

By Shannon (Guest Post)06/10/2005

I cut the waist off the top and put a roll of gift wrap in each leg. This protects the gift wrap from wrinkles and other damage when stored in your closet.

By Kim (Guest Post)06/09/2005

I use them to pack my costume jewelry. I tie a knot between each piece to keep them from rubbing together or tangling together.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/09/2005

Old pantyhose make a great scrubber for bathtubs, sinks, countertops, etc. They won't scratch them either!

By Robin

By Sheree (Guest Post)01/31/2005

When taking a photography class, I learned a really neat effect.
If you take pictures use the pantyhose as a lense filter.
Cut a circle out of the pantyhose. Next get two small pieces of cardboard and cut a circle out of the middle of them. put the pantyhose inbetween the two pieces of cardboard and stapple the edges. The cardboard just makes it easier to hold. Next place the pantyhose in front of the lense of a camera. Being sure that the cardboard is not blocking the lense. And take the picture. The pantyhose, will create a picture that is softer looking. This technique is good to use when photographing older people, or people with skin that has scars, they dissappear and make the skin look really soft.

Try it, its true

By melody_yesterday [213]10/06/2004

at camp or in the yard - drop bar soap - several smaller pieces is fine - to use them up
down into a knee high & tie it in a knot & hang it on the water faucet !

By melody_yesterday [213]10/06/2004

My dad is bald & he gets really cold even when the house is warm due to the fact that we loose body heat thru the top of our heads - so he asked me to crochet him a cap of old pantyhose. I cut off the toe & top & spiral cut the legs into one very long piece then crocheted the cap. Mom laughs at him "he looks funny" but "ya do what ya have to do"!

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]10/05/2004

Cut the legs off and fill with flax seed for the finches. They liked it better than the expensive feeders we bought last summer. Now you are left with the panty part. Put your growing pumpkins, melons and squash in them to discourage varmints. Worked in our community garden.

By Great Granny Vi

By Paula W (Guest Post)09/24/2004

Another great use for old pantyhose is to cut thin strips to tie garden plants like tomatoes to cages or fencing. The color blends well with the background and makes the garden much more pleasing and "natural" in appearance. The pantyhose strips are also very strong and will withstand wind and weather. I have reused these strips year after year. Hint: I've had good luck cutting the strips across the leg in a tubular rubber band type cut and then snipping and tying the strips together.

By melissa (Guest Post)09/22/2004

I know with many vacumes out there i often find it difficult to find the right belt to fit my own. However a old friend of mine used bicycle tubes and cut about a 1" strip out of tube so you have a circle. Use the circle piece for a vacume belt. You can cut several out of one bike tube and the tubes usually dont cost much. I get mine free from flat tires on my childrens bikes.

By Paula W (Guest Post)09/21/2004

This is an easy and amazingly effective craft use for old pantyhose! I used old pantyhose for a Baby Moses craft for Vacation Bible School. Take a tiny wad of polyester stuffing and stick it into a little piece of tubular cut pantyhose leg. Using a needle and thread, close off both ends and then "reach up" through the stuffing with the threaded needle to create a mouth and nose. Now, tie and knot thread off on back of the little thingy. It ends up about the size to fit in the palm of your hand. Next, hot glue little wiggle eyes on. You will not believe how appealing these are to the preschool crowd, and also to the highschool and adult helpers. They are darling!

Now these babies are ready to "dress" in diapers, blankets, and make little baskets for. We did squares of donated material for the blankets and diapers, and paper plates punched out with hole cutters and threaded yarn for baskets. The children, boys and girls alike, spent so much time caring for their little babies that we actually had a problem getting them to leave our craft station to go on to the next!

By Hal (Guest Post)09/21/2004

Nothing beats old pantyhose for buffing shoes or boots after polishing - gives a high gloss shine

By SL Edens [1]09/21/2004

I always cut the legs of pantyhose into a bunch of "circles" and use them for my ponytail tieback...usually over a rubber band. My daughter laughs at me but...hey!!! It works!!!!

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]09/19/2004

Make a punching bag by putting a soccer ball into the waist section of a pair of pantyhose. Knot the waist. Using the legs, tie it to a hook or a beam.
Now start punching.

By Katz

By Mark Grigg06/06/2004

I use old panty hose to make a breathable bag to hold Zeolite. I fill the bags with zeolite, and place them all around the house to control odors and moisture. One pound of Zeolite in the refrigerator in a panty hose bag works better than baking soda and by laying out in the sun for several hours once a month, you can use them over and over.

By Kim from NY (Guest Post)04/29/2004

I use old pantyhose and knee highs to help collect the lint that comes from the washing machine. I cut the legs off, tie in a not around the return hose so all the lint doesn't clog the drain of the laundry room sink.

By quilts4homeless04/30/2002

Hello All,
I have a great use for unwanted clothing items that most other charities(Salvation Army, Goodwill) ussually will not accept! This is a great way to keep things from going to the land fill!
Please email me for more details!


Make a boa for a dance costume from pantyhose. You will need one pair of panty hose and a thin plastic solid color tablecloth from the party section at Walmart or some such place.

Cut tablecloth into 2" x 6" sections.

Tie each foot to a separate chair and spread apart until panty hose is tight. Panty part will be in the middle.

Begin at one end of chair and tie tablecloth sections onto pantyhose using a tennis shoe knot. Push ties back so boa is full. Keep tying until entire length is covered or as long as needed. When you come to panty part. you can either cut it off there, or wrap the panty part around itself and tie around it. Make sure the sections are completely covered and full. Knot toe ends so boa sections won't slip off. Voila a very cute boa for dance costumes or Halloween costumes or for just plain dress up.
- Linda in Swinney Switch, TX


I remember hearing that the legs of pantyhose can be used for storing onions. Just tie off in between each onion and hang them in a cool place. You just cut off one of the sections when you want an onion.

- Susan


That World's Biggest Rubber Band from panty hose also works with underwear. Mom had a bunch of undies that were wearing out. We used the elastics for tying up plants as well as fastening garbage bags. And we have one piece tied to the door of our circuit breaker box which is by our back door, the outside door doesn't shut well due to shifting so when the weather gets rough we stretch the loop, catch the door handle and shut the inside door on it. We also do this in warm sunny weather so the sunlight comes through the glass door & our cats don't get out.

After Mom took the elastics off the undies she cut them into strips and crocheted them into rugs & chair seat covers.

- Linne Dodds

By lmlhlinc [1]02/22/2002

Cut into the panty just below the waistband, and remove the waistband without damaging it. This waistband is now the world's biggest rubber band! Use it to hold your garbage bag in place in a large garbage can, by fitting the giant rubber band down over the garbage bag, and under the lip at the edge of the can. This will keep the bag from falling down inside the can.

Becki in Indiana

By vols_fan202/21/2002

I find many uses for old pantyhose. I cut several up into 2 to 6 inch pieces and use the different sizes for different things. The 4 inch pieces are great to use for removing nail polish. They do a better job than cotton balls. I use the 6 inch squares for washing my face. You get a gentle facial scrub with them without buying the scrub products. The whole family uses the 2 inch squares for fishing. For the soft type baits, (liver, etc.) that won't stay on the hooks, just place a piece of bait in the square and twist it up around the bait. Run the hook through the pantyhose and you've got bait that isn't going anywhere. I also like to use pantyhose for soft sculpting little "people" faces. A scrap of hose, a long needle, some cotton batting, and a length of thread is all it takes.

By caricapr02/20/2002

Our dryer vents into our breezeway (a screen-enclosed play/storage area) so we attached one of my old thigh highs with a rubber band to keep the lint from filling the room with dust. You could do the same thing with an outside dryer vent to cut down on the dust directly outside your house.

By grmakat02/20/2002

I use old pantyhose and nylons to stuff dolls and pillows. It is very soft and washable.
If you cover a styrofoam ball with a nylon or panty hose it will give the effect of skin, such as: doll's face, Santa etc.

By catchdmc02/20/2002

I cut the legs, horizontally, to make stretch bands. These are great for tying up plants because they stretch, and allow for growth, and give a little against the wind, etc. I use them for my tomatoes, and raspberry canes.

Also, a clean leg works as a great tie to hold an ice pack, or hot pack in place. Again, it's the stretch.

Finally, if you have a lot of those plastic bags, stuff them into the legs of the pantyhose, a cut in the toe will allow you to pull them out as needed. The waistband can be pinned to a wire hanger. This method also works for rags, and yarn. For yarn cut the legs at he knees, and stuff the skein into the waist pull the end out of the opening at the knee.

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