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Removing Mothball Smell

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We are moving in to a small trailer and it reeks of mothballs. Could someone please tell me how to get rid of the awful smell it left behind?

By Anna from Gray Court, SC


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By tr4head07/31/2011

Ember - why didn't you just tear down the place and rebuild from scratch! I bet that would work too!

By Mary [5]02/20/2011

Put out bowls of vinegar to help absorb the smell. You may also try some eucalptus scented candles. The best thing though is to remove all moth balls that remain, and keep airing out the house.

I once had a battle with mice, and my house reeked of moth balls for a year. I overdid it on the moth balls, but I never had a mouse invade the house again, lol. :)

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