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Recycling Tin Cans

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Recycle your cans. Tin and steel cans save a lot of energy if they are recycled. Reclaiming one ton of steel or tin saves 1.5 tons of ore. Tin recycling saves an estimated 2,600 kilowatt hours per ton. Steel recycling saves and average of 4,300 kilowatt hours per ton or 47% of the energy required to process steel from raw materials.


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By Ethan (Guest Post)11/21/2008

I'm a senior in high school and working with an eight grade science class, who is starting a recycling program in our school district and surrounding areas. We live a a very rural area in Southwestern Missouri and we would like some ideas from anything from buyers to resources.

By Jerica (Guest Post)09/10/2008

I am a senior at naselle high school. I am currently working on my sr. project. My partner and I are helping our school recycle. If you have any information that can help me expend my project to help our school you can contact me at

juaj9446 AT

I would really appreciate it.
Thank you

By chris (Guest Post)07/15/2008

4000 aluminum cans = 400 pounds. 400 * $0.50 = 200 dollars.

By Biraban Public School Sponser (Guest Post)06/23/2008

How much money would I get if I sold 4000 aluminium cans to a recycling company?

By (Guest Post)05/23/2008

I wonder what tin is made of? TIN?

Editor's Note: According to Wikipedia it is an element. It is a silvery, malleable poor metal that is not easily oxidized in air and resists corrosion. Tin cans contain a thin coating of tin.

By Cassie (Guest Post)04/04/2008

What happens to the can after they are crushed. Do they get melted down and made into new cans or is recycling a waste of time and energy?

By Earthling (Guest Post)04/03/2008

When recycling cans, do you need to take the paper off of them?

By Krystal (Guest Post)01/21/2008

Hi Ather, I work for a company that sells seamless tins if you would be intersted in purchasing new ones you can email me at krystal @ and I will be happy to help you if you are looking for new ones.

By NO BODy (Guest Post)11/13/2007

How do you recycle tin cans? Is it hard or easy?

By natalie (Guest Post)11/08/2007

What do they do with the tin cans, is it used to make anything else?

By Robin (Guest Post)11/05/2007

Why would you want to disintegrate a tin can? Why wouldn't you just recycle it?

By Rob (Guest Post)09/18/2007

I hate to ask a dumb question, but what type of cans are steel? I know soda cans are aluminum and soup cans are steel, so what are tin?

Editor's Note: All steel cans are coated (plated) with tin. I believe cans may have been all tin at one time but now they are only tin coated. So they are both steel and tin cans.

By ather abbas (Guest Post)06/20/2007

I would like to know where I can buy tins or recyled tins. I am a forwarding agent and a customer my mine wants 10x 40ft containers a month. Can you help me to tell me if you sell them or where I can buy them. Thanking you.

By (Guest Post)06/08/2007

It's roughly 0.12 million tonnes / year. Here i'm talking about pure tin metal.

By recycling project (Guest Post)05/20/2007

how much tin is used in the world per year?

By Tallyho (Guest Post)04/25/2006

Do you know any buyers of tin cans in Florida. I have about 115 tons of tin cans and need them recycled.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]03/18/2006

According to:
It takes 100 years for a tin can to disintegrate.

By kathryn. (Guest Post)03/18/2006

do you know how long it takes for tin cans to disintegrate

By lucy (Guest Post)03/13/2005

do you have any pictures about recycling tin into things

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