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Strawberry Baskets and Containers

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DH and I buy a lot of berries in those little basket thingies with holes in them. Does anyone have an idea about what to do with them when they are empty? Thanks.

By Marty from Houston, TX


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By PENNY K [15]06/15/2010

I use them as mini-colanders for anything small that needs to drain: baby bottle nipples, small caps, bits of wool or yarn I've dyed, etc.

By hmb99905/19/2002

When my children were younger I used them to make Easter Baskets for the kids at school. Using construction paper to make the handles. Just staple them into the basket. Or use ribbon which is more sturdy also just stapled. Put in a little bit of Easter grass or shredded colored paper towels. Then put a few Easter candies in the basket. You have a nice inexpensive treat for the children in school or Sunday school or day care.

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By Keeper [58]07/31/2010

I cut a design out of the bottoms. Turn 1 over and you'll see on some what looks like a snowflake. I then spray painted them white and sprinkled with glitter. I used little suction cups and hang them in the window at Christmas time or trim your tree. They can be used outside also.

By MotherShip [9]06/20/2010

I attended a workshop for day care, educational providers given by the Ooey, Gooey Lady (Google to locate her website) uses these containers for a soap bubble activity.

By Des06/18/2010

If you are trying to go green, you could give them to your friendly local farmer for reuse. That way, they don't have to buy new ones. That's what the guy from No Impact Man did with his.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]06/17/2010

As I recall, these little baskets are just the right size to corral individually-wrapped cheese slices, or anything that general size and shape.

By Lee Taylor [15]06/16/2010

Contact an elementary school or church. They often want stuff like that for projects or organizing bins for supplies.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]06/15/2010

Find some cool ribbon or ripped rags and weave them in and out of the patterns, then use them for catch alls.

If they are straight up and down, use them for drawer organizers, napkin holders at picnics, candy dishes, coffee filters, and more.

The list is only as long as our imagination!!

By ayesha christmas [38]06/15/2010

They are fantastic for seed trays and also to prick out lettuces and other salads for a little windowsill garden. I have saved a fortune on buying containers over the years!

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