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Cleaning Artificial Trees

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Does anyone have an easy way to clean artificial trees. Dusting with a duster dosn't work ..
- Loafer98


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By Jean (Guest Post)07/25/2006

Use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. It seems to work well.

By ashley (Guest Post)11/06/2005

I clean mine in the shower. It works really well. Do it when you don't need it because you got to let it drip dry.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]04/25/2005

Walmart carries a spray in both the pump bottle and aerosol can and this works well. You spray it on and let dry. It dusts the leaves as wells as leaves a shine. Works well on baskets as well.

When I run out of this stuff I just set my artificial plants or baskets under the shower and hose down well. I leave them in the shower to drip dry.

by Tawnda

By Wally (Guest Post)01/26/2005

Most apartment dwellers don't have hoses. Putting the tree in the shower works pretty well if they are made of just foliage. Tip it so the water doesn't go in the container. Do it when you can leave the tree in the shower to drip dry.
I have a tree with fabric flowers I don't know how to clean. Any suggestions?

By lrjk407/02/2002

I suggest you put it outside and spray it down with the water hose. That is about the only way you will really get it cleaned.

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