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Smell in Refrigerator

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My Frigidaire is approximately 3 years old and I have the most horrible smell inside the fridge. It actually smells like a dead carcass. I looked underneath in the drip pan and it looks like sludge. I cannot get the pan out. I poured bleach in there but the smell is still there. Any suggestions?

By Jen from Ogden, UT


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By Brenda Sherwin [2]04/12/2009

It sounds like you've got a lot of good suggestions to try but I have one more. A refrigerator repairman said that if you take several tubes of plain white Crest toothpaste and squeeze the toothpaste on big sheets of cardboard it will take the smell away. It has to be plain white Crest toothpaste. I would love to hear which one of all these suggestion works!

By Judi [17]04/08/2009

Well, you've GOT to get the drip pan out somehow. Maybe a neighbor husband or somebody could help. Until you get that empty and clean it's going to continue to smell.


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Archive: Smell in Refrigerator

I have a serious problem with a smell in my fridge that has now moved into my freezer as well. It is a side by side type and cannot for the life of me see why it is in both of them.


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