Buying Coal For Home Use


Where can I purchase coal for my stove? I need a supplier in the Cleveland Ohio area.

By Joe from Westlake, OH


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By Linda 5 32 12/22/2010

Joe, my husband uses coal to heat his shop. Go to Google and type in the question, where can I find a coal supplier near (then type in your location). That's what we did and found a supplier about 50 miles from where we live. Good luck.

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By tomo 1 11/11/2011

check out www.buycoalonline.com

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Question: Buying Coal in Maryland

Where can coal be purchased and delivered on the eastern shore of Maryland? Does anyone know the average price?

By Claudia

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Archive: Buying Coal For Home Use

I have a wood stove and we use it for heating our home. Does anyone know of a place I can buy coal to burn at night. This whole area used to have coal furnaces and now they are gas. I would like to burn coal at night, so I do not have to get up every few hours to feed the black monster. Call me lazy. Thanks for the help.

Susan from Hamiton, Ontario

RE: Buying Coal For Home Use

I'm no expert, but I believe that coal burns much hotter than wood. Because of that, make sure that your wood stove is approved for burning coal, otherwise you could have it burn through the stove in the middle of the night. Some are fine for coal, others are not.

From: http://web1.msue.msu.edu/msue/imp/mod02/01500596.html

"You can burn wood in a coal stove, but you shouldn't burn coal in a wood stove, unless it is lined and designed for it. When you add coal to an approved stove, keep the stove pipe damper open until the fuel is burning well to avoid a potentially explosive buildup of gases from the coal. Heavily laden coal buckets can also cause strains and other mishaps if they are not handled properly."

Susan from ThriftyFun (10/12/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Buying Coal For Home Use

I've been burning coal in my wood stove for years, however, a conversion kit was available which included shaker grates and magazine to feed the coal. I'm able to get over 12 hours of burn time. Heat output is slightly less than with wood, but more consistent. You should not attempt to burn coal without the proper grates, as it would be difficult if not impossible. You could also damage the stove by doing so.

That said. You should be able to find coal dealers in the Yellow Pages. They've become scarcer over the years, but there should be some in your area. I'm located on Long Island and there are about three sources available. Good Luck. (12/10/2005)

By rontram17

Archive: Buying Coal For Home Use

I need to buy a truck load of coal in Ontario, WI. Does anyone know where?

By MKCONS1 from South West WI

RE: Buying Coal For Home Use

Call you Chamber of Commerce, they know where to get everything you can't find. (06/05/2009)

By islandsage

RE: Buying Coal For Home Use

Call this number which advertises clean coal, 1-800-654-7792. Tell them the state and city you live in and they will tell you who is closest. (01/13/2010)


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