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Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

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How long before you can let your dogs outside, after a pravo outbreak? I have bleached my yard twice, and my other 2 dogs were all updated on shots prior to the outbreak.

The puppy who had pravo was taken to another house for treatment, plus I have bleached my house twice.

By tara102 from OH


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Archive: How Long Does Parvo Last Even After Bleaching?

I just lost Honey Bear, a Terrier puppy last week to Parvo, and her sister, Shana, just went in today with it. I had thrown away most of the first puppy's stuff, and knew somewhat how dangerous the virus is. Now, after Shana having to be in the hospital, I am bleaching, bleaching and bleaching. I've read on here that I need to bleach my yard every day for two weeks, and to wash my walls, floors, cabinets, clothes, shoes, car, porch, etc with bleach, for I guess two weeks as well. I've read on some medical internet pages that Parvo usually only lasts for approx 9 months in the yard, but I've also heard up to 5 years.

What is the real time expectancy with Parvo? And by spraying my yard for two weeks with bleach, will that kill it, or do I need to keep worrying about it. I have another dog, Maddie, that is a year old and so far has not been affected by the virus, and after the loss of Honey Bear, I do not plan on getting more dogs anytime soon. But I worry about Maddie being infected.

She is up to date on her shots, but I am major germaphobic, and do not like to think I have such a horrible virus living in my yard, even after 14 days of spraying bleach on my yard. Also, what am I to do with Maddie when I spray the yard, she could carry the virus into my home, and that is disgusting. Can she survive the bleach? This is bad, I'm about to just set the whole yard on fire. Yuck, yuck, yuck.


RE: How Long Does Parvo Last Even After Bleaching?

Ask your veterinarian all of these questions. He or she will have the correct, factual answers you need for how to rid yourself, your older dog, and your property of the virus... and you are already paying him or her for this advice! They will not mind if you call and ask to speak with the Dr. about all of these questions if they are caring for your dog. I call my animals' vet with questions any time I have a problem and continue asking questions until I am satisfied that I know what to do. Also, write down everything they tell you so you don't forget later. (06/27/2005)

By guest

RE: How Long Does Parvo Last Even After Bleaching?

I had the parvo disease with my 8 puppies. I lost 3 and still have 5 left. I bleached for 2 week everyday. And my 7 dogs are doing great. (08/08/2005)

By Bobbie H

RE: How Long Does Parvo Last Even After Bleaching?

I bleached my yard for 1 week. I took half a mop bucket full of bleach and the rest water poured it on. Let it sit for about 1/2 hour then take buckets full of hot water and kinda rinse the yard. I kept my other foster dogs totally out of the parvo infected area. I never cleaned my walls just my floors where the dogs and I walked. I tried really hard to keep the puppies contained to an area where no one could be by them. I took a spray bottle 3/4 bleach and the rest hot water and soak the bottom of my shoes everytime I came in from the yard or the floor the puppies were on. I bleached the floors and kennels every morning and night. We got rid of it in 1 week (05/30/2006)

By Bobbie H

Archive: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

How long do I have to bleach my property for parvo until it's officially gone.

Kyriann from Graham

RE: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

When in doubt, ask the vet. (08/21/2006)

RE: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

The Parvo vaccine is not at all expensive and will sure help out in the case of an outbreak. There is no reason for this disease to take the lives of these animals. (08/21/2006)

By Sue

RE: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

We had started parvo vaccine on 6 boxer puppies. Mom had her full series. They still got parvo. My husband was told by our vet that since he delivers for ups, he had probably walked through an infected yard and brought it home to our group. We had 3 puppies come down with parvo, all of them made it but it cost us over $1500 to do it. They had already had their first shot. Sometimes you just can't help it. We bleached our yard once , that was at the vets request. John never again walked into our back yard without first removing his shoes. (08/21/2006)


RE: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

We just had a Parvo outbreak in all the strays that we pick up, as a shelter. The vet told us bleach, but, no, it does not work.. We had to burn the contents of what was in the pens outside and did this a couple of times , now we have no problem. But, extreme heat is the only way to rid your grounds of Parvo. We are licensed through the humane asso. so we have to be very careful of our pens. (08/22/2006)

By Megan's mom

RE: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

Just yesterday I lost my 6-week-old puppy to Parvo and now I am a bleaching fool. I called my vet to find out how to get rid of it throughout my home and yard and this is what I was told. You need to bleach everything in a 1:30 part bleach to water mixture. Wash all floors, furniture and concrete. (IE porches, side walk things of that nature). Also use 50/50 water bleach mixture in your yard. Once everything is bleached the Parvovirus is killed off. But please don't bring another puppy into your home or yard for 6 months to a year. Also to disinfect your clothing from parvo bleach everything that you can bleach, then with colored clothes you can use 1 cap full of bleach (the one that comes on the bottle) or you can use distilled vinegar to disinfect them completely. I know this works very good! (02/07/2007)

One more thing.... to make sure that other people that enter your home is not bringing in more parvo from the unknown put a shoe box size rubbermaid container outside your door and do the 1 part bleach 30 parts water in it. Then have everyone that comes to your home dip their shoes in it... Just to be on the safe side! Good luck! (02/07/2007)

By Desi

RE: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

To the lady that said the extreme heat kills it and I can say that it isn't true because I live in the south and where I had my kennel was very hot and it didn't kill the virus. (04/02/2007)

By Tommy

RE: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

You can also use GSE (Grape Seed Extract). It's a 100% Natural cleaner made from Grapefruit Seeds...Sold under the name-brand of "Nutribiotic". Nutribiotic can be taken orally for infections & the like or used topically if diluted. But the product you'll want is a stronger form of GSE called "Citricidal"...(Used to disinfect Hospitals & the like)

Read more about GSE & Nutribiotic here:

*** IMPORTANT: Please use care if you have a Liver disease of any kind... GSE may be natural, but it can enter through your skin & affect your liver. That is, ONLY if you have any liver problems. If you're healthy, Don't Worry About it, Just use care as you would with ANY non-natural cleaners or bleach... (05/05/2007)

By Cyinda

Archive: Bleaching To Get Rid of Parvo

How do you bleach the backyard for a parvo pup?


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