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Fixing a Paper Cutter


We need to know how to put the blades back on a paper cutter. The spring is very strong and we can't seem to get it back on. Any ideas for how to do it or where to take it to have it put back together? Thanks.

By Johnelle


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Archive: Fixing a Paper Cutter

How do you realign paper cutter blades?

Sandy from North Hollywood, CA


RE: Fixing a Paper Cutter

If you are speaking of the large paper cutters with the handle and the grid, then you should be able to take them to an office type store or somewhere that would sharpen the blade itself. (08/14/2006)

By smcarney

RE: Fixing a Paper Cutter

You may want to check and see if there is a screw where the handle meets the main body of the cutter. If there is, try tightening it before you take it somewhere to be fixed. Also there may be loose screws holding on the handle blade or the base blade that need tightened.

Try this first, it may save you $$ .

These don't go dull usually for a long time. (08/15/2006)

By chml

RE: Fixing a Paper Cutter

I have a Boston Paper Cutter, and the arm needs aligning, too. It cuts good at the first part of the blade, but then towards the rear the blade starts to lose contact with the board and the cuts aren't as sharp.

Instead of figuring out how to adjust the arm, I've adjusted the metal plate on the board itself that the arm cuts against. There are several screws that hold this plate in place. Loosen them a bit. This will give you some play, where you can push the plate closer towards the blade, and then retighten.

Between this, and making sure you put some pressure on the arm to make a tight fit when you are cutting, you should have better luck. (02/16/2009)

By Koz

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