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Printable Versions of the Lord's Prayer


I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find printable wallet sized versions of The Lords Prayer? I would like to make several for my children and family to carry with them. I would love to find them and laminate them. And also the Serenity Prayer?

Thank You,

wvqdz from WV



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By Kelly 20 512 06/09/2006 Flag

If you go into Word, and under Tools you will see Letters and Mailing or Envelopes & Labels. You can pick out a "label" size (like business cards) to use as a template and Type what you want on there. Just change the orientation of the paper if you want it on the long way. Even if you buy the business cards, I would suggest a cardstock (much heavier) or still laminate them.

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By Doreen 1 27 06/09/2006 Flag

This is "Thrifty Fun" so do it yourself on your own computer as Camo suggested...
Do it on Word though and reduce the font size, print to ensure it can be read, when happy with what you have printed, copy & paste as many that will fit on one page, print on good quality cardstock paper. Cut each one out. Then take very good wide size packing tape and cover both the front and back, then just cut off the excess tape. Make sure you put it on smoothly to avoid wrinkles or tape doubles up on itself.
Do this alot for staff at work for phone #s etc., works out well so far.

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By serenity (Guest Post) 06/10/2006 Flag is a geat source for bible verses such as the Lord's prayer. you can copy/paste them to word and choose size 8 font. i've done this for psalm 91 which is a gret prayer to give your family as well. for multiples on one page, use columns and you can usually get 4 depending on the length, of course. blessings!

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By dee 2 07/11/2006 Flag

Here is a gif of the Serenity Prayer

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By Eddie Smith (Guest Post) 01/09/2007 Flag

You should be able to make something beautiful with MSWord. Select an appropriate artistic font. Center the test. Separate the thoughts. Add some clip art from a free clip art site. Select brown type and print it on some parchment paper from a good office supply store.


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By megan (Guest Post) 05/02/2007 Flag

can i please have the lords prayers to say at night time!

Editor's note: Here's a link:

It has several versions.

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