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Instruction Manual for Microwave Pressure Cooker

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I am looking for instructions for microwave pressure cooker, as ours arrived without any. Thanks.

By Rick from Cambridge, England


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By Denise Wagner W.12/20/2012

There are some basic ratios on this post:

By scootobx07/08/2011

Ok Folks, Here's what I found out by experimentation and observation. I looked all over the place and the best I can figure "There is no such thing as an instruction manual for the goofy cooker, only that flimsy cook book. I took it completely apart and noted how it was designed. It is not, in fact, a, true pressure cooker it just trap a bit of steam at a very low pressure and speed cooking just a bit. It cannot blow up!

So here is how it works:
1) Note there are slotted holes in the black knob, line them up with handles.
2) put in water and ingredients lock lid down with black latches and cook as necessary.
3) Remove from micro and turn black knob 1/4 turn to let off steam and let stand a minute or so.
4) Unlock lid and carefully remove and check or eat food. Voila!

This product is just a doo-dah gadget that helps a bit, maybe!

By Lisa [2]11/15/2009

Once I rec'd a small appliance as a gift, and it had no instructions. I searched online for the manufacturer, and contacted them (I think I called, but e-mail will probably work, too). I explained what happened; they were very friendly and immediately sent me a manual. You should give it a try!

By KL [3]11/14/2009

What brand or model was it?

If it was Micro Master Microwave Pressure Cooker (As Seen On TV) it sounds like a lot of people received theirs without any instructions inside.

This link provides GENERAL instructions but I would be leery operating it without manufacturer's instructions.

I would call/email the company who made it or the company who sold it and ask them to mail you the instructions.
If by chance it was a Nordic Ware Microwave Tender Cooker you can contact them here:

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