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Ideas for County Fair


I need some ideas for a theme for a county fair and game ideas for both adult and kids. The menu is hot dogs and burgers. Cheap ideas would be great. Thanks.

Kim from Cove, Arkansas



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By dede smith 19 222 11/17/2008 Flag

When I think county fair I think of all the great movies with a fair scene in them. In particular, Charlotte's Web.
Games of 'Greased Pig Chase', Look-a-like Fern, Uncle Henry, for boys and girls,and Wilbur look-a-like pet contest (dachshunds dressed as piglets!)
Hay Stack treasure hunts, Scavenger hunts, Best Pie Contest, as well as a BBQ Cook off, or Pickle Palooza Tasting Contest.
Area businesses may donate cash rewards for a little advertisement.

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By Tracy Ferguson 3 17 01/23/2009 Flag

What about getting ball jars and fill them with water and do like a penny, dime toss or use rings, or ping pong balls. set up a clothesline from tree to tree and drape a peice of canvas over that you can decorate to look like a fishing booth. Using a dowel with string on it like a fishing rod but it has a basket or bucket attached they can swing it over the top and someone on the other side could put a prize on it something really inexpensive like a box of crayons ,coloringbook, lolipops, stuffed toy,keychain, sunglasses, balls, blowup balls, frisbee, slinky,jacks, etc.
What about fillinga huge old pickle jar with candiesand the closest to the right amount wins it. Cake mix is cheap and icing at walmart what about making a bunch of cupcakes and creat a decorate your own cupcake table? get like several types of sprinkles and have a few people there to help so it doesnt get too crazy like using the whole jar of sprinkles. Don't know if any of it is in budget but just ideas.

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By azhottie 1 05/05/2010 Flag

I loved finding this site and all the great ideas listed here. Can anyone give me some info on buying or building a food vendor booth for a state fair? I don't need anything electronic more than a microwave and soft-serve ice cream machine - any tips on renting the ice cream machine?

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