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Electric Razor Pre-shave Lotion Recipe

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I am looking for a substitute for electric razor pre-shave lotion.

Harold from Florida



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By llangt (Guest Post)09/11/2007

Have you though of baby lotion? :) Good Luck!

By Paula Jo Carr (Guest Post)04/15/2007

My husband is disabled from a stroke, I have found that cheap hair conditioner thickly "lathered" on his face and left a minute or two will soften his whiskers, I then shave him with a saftey razor BUT only using the conditoner that is already on his face! No shaving cream is used at all PLUS it is a way to shave really very close and his face skin is softer because of my useing the conditoner...try it you won't be sorry!

By christi [66]04/13/2007

Try here, they have tons of make it yourself personal products. Good luck!!

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