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Removing Musty Smell in Bathroom Cabinets

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Bathroom sink and cabinet.

It's very damp where I live. How can I keep the moldy smell out of my bathroom cabinets? And is there a way to prevent mold from growing on my walls, behind dressers, in closets, etc.?

By Tamara


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By Luana M. [82]08/13/2011

Live in Southern Ca. right on the Bay, in this area mold is on clothes, walls built up on any chrome (like light frames,curtain rods etc). I have an autoimmune disease which is bad, asking people who have lived here generations have let me in on new ways. I used those with my old ones and it is working like a charm. Even in the Midwest and La. I knew charcoal bricks work, but first you must wipe away using apple cider vinegar and baking soda (don't dilute as much as usual)put charcoal in a old stocking or net and hang if under sink or closet; if on shelf are put in bowl.

New way is a product called Damp Rid it is a miracle,it actually separates the moisture away from the product so all you have to do it dump the water,until need refill.It has either smell or non smelling.Amazing product so if the old way doesn't work I highly suggest investing in Damp Rid it saves those odors that wont come out and spots some think are rust stains from hard water in washing, no it's the air.

Try these and since I live it everyday I can sincerely suggest this with no hesitation.Good luck!

By Linda Seabury [1]08/09/2011

For the odor, put vanilla extract on a cotton ball & place where needed. It really neutralizes that musty smell.

By Lilac [18]08/09/2011

You can leave your cabinet and closet doors opened at night. This will allow fresh air to get to them.

By Frances Adams [11]08/08/2011

Mold can be a health hazard, causes serious allergies, illnesses, etc. You may want to have your home evaluated for why there is mold, the extent of mold, and what to do about it. For the smell, you can put bowls of charcoal in the cabinets, to absorb the odor.

I don't have small kids, so at times, I will put a small bowl of lemon ammonia under the kitchen sink, it had a slow leak that we didn't find for a while, and still has a lingering musty odor, noticeable when the weather is hot. The ammonia helps more than anything else.

It can be harmful to pets and children though, so you may want to stick with the charcoal.

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