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Can I Use a Dark Brown Purse in the Summer?

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Do you think it is okay to use a dark brown purse in the summer?

By Mindy from IN


Recent Answers

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By Maryeileen [76]03/25/2011

Sure you can use a brown purse in Summer; however, if you want to brighten it up, tie a scarf around one of the handles or straps.

By Sherri [6]03/24/2011

Hey girlfriend, you be you! You wear whatever you want! I use a brown purse & shoes in the summer. Go for it. Have a great summer

By Mindy [12]03/23/2011

Thank you everyone for your comments. I think it is ok too but I wasn't sure what everyone else thought.

By Betty [104]03/23/2011

Most of the time I carry a black purse all year long. But I say any color you like. For someone to say you can't wear white in the winter or black in summer is "ole age thinking" in my opinion and I'm a senior myself. And think about it, you see black sandles and shoes in the summer and all colored purses. Carry and wear what you love.

By Barbara Huggins [8]03/23/2011

Honey, it is 2011! You can use any color purse or shoes you want...even white shoes in the winter! Sorry, redhatterb, but I think that old "After Labor Day" rule is so passe.

By Louise B. [5]03/23/2011

Any shade of purse whenever you want. If you like it, go for it.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]03/23/2011

Yeah, just use whatever color purse you want. If you like a brown purse, I don't think it matters what the season is. Also, I don't think there's a purse police out there. :-)

By Joan [13]03/22/2011

You can use any color you want whenever you want. I wouldn't use white shoes and purse in the winter, but brown, no matter the shade is a neutral color.

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