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Product Review: Awesome Cleaner

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Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner

Product: Awesome

Cost: $.99

I had seen this product many times at the 99 Cent store, but never tried it. Then I read someone else's product review on ThriftyFun and decided to try it. I am so impressed! I tried it on a spot on the carpet. Just sprayed it on and used a brush to just wipe away the stain. Unbelievable, with only light scrubbing the stain is gone. I went back and bought 4 more bottles to use on the other surfaces of the house. Bathroom floor, walls/woodwork, etc. and all the counters also. The list on the bottle tells more. If it works this good for me, I know you will like it too. Here are before and after pictures:

By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, CA picture of carpet with stain picture of carpet without stain


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By kael03/31/2013

I actually got permanent marker that someone had already tried to remove out of a white pirate shirt with this stuff. I bought the shirt for a major discount because it had writing on it (looked like it had maybe been under something they were writing on and the marker bled through) that was still pretty dark even though they had obviously tried to get it out (you can't tell in the pic but there was a ring around the marker area from where they had tried to remove it).

I tried other tricks the internet suggested and figured I'd just have to dye it a dark color (still worth the price!) but then ran across a post suggeting LA's Totally Awesome which, luckily, I had recently bought to try out. It took some scrubbing but it got it all out (including the ring) when nothing else would even touch it! Amazing stuff! After that I had to post to all my friends on facebook telling about how "Awesome" this stuff is! Works great on so many things! :)

RE: Product Review: Awesome Cleaner

By Penny03/26/2013

Can anyone tell if this can be sprayed directly on a blood stain on a terry robe or if it must be diluted?

By Alicia [6]08/03/2012

I get it at Dollar Tree here in the states. I don't know if you have those in Canada or not. I have used La's totally awesome laundry detergent from Dollar General. It works very well for what you pay. 32 loads for $1. Dollar General might have it too, but it will cost more there.

By Gena C. Moore [1]08/29/2011

My friends and I say "if Awesome can't get it clean, nothing will".
Most amazing product for such a low price.

By KarenAkaDimples [2]08/17/2011

I used to work at Dollar Tree and there were days where we couldn't keep "Awesome" on the shelves! We had customers purchasing 10 bottles at a time. Good Stuff for sure!

By Beth G.06/29/2011

I've been buying Awesome cleaner for 10 years or more. It really is a great product. Note that more often than not, if you buy the bottle with sprayer, the sprayer doesn't work. Just buy (from the same dollar store) a spray bottle to designate as an all-purpose household cleaner, and fill it with the dilution ratio recommended on the product bottle.

@Desertgal: Wow, there's Awesome Laundry Detergent?! I'm very interested in hearing what you think of it after you've done a few loads of laundry. Please post it! : )

By evelyne frank [2]06/28/2011

Can you get it in Canada?

By Vi Johnson [286]06/28/2011

For texnicoi, the bottle has in red, LA's Totally Awesome All purpose concentrated cleaner. Degreaser, spot remover. Farther down it says" Cleans Everything Washable". Spray On - Wipe Off. Oops, it also said dilute before using. Which I didn't do. Live and learn. The 99¢ store has a 16 oz spray bottle and a 20 oz.bottle without the sprayer. Both great deals as far as I'm concerned.

By Ronk [1]06/28/2011

What name does this wonderful cleaner have? Or do I just go into the store and ask for "Awesome Cleaner".

By Dorina [2]06/28/2011

I've posted many times about this great product! I use it a lot in laundry, remove grease stains. But it does have tons of uses on the back of the bottle with the directions for proper dilutions. I also recommend the Awesome Toilet Bowl cleaner if you have hard water (lime scale etc). It does a great job but let it sit a bit for the first use.

By Mary [82]06/28/2011

Also have to jump on the band wagon! Someone suggested I try it years ago and I still use it. Best cleaner ever! A lot of people write in asking how to get rid of nicotine and I highly suggest using Awesome. Just spray it on and you will see the nicotine just roll off. Another great product is Spot Shot. I have found smaller cans of this at dollar stores such as Dollar Tree which is a great way to try it. Just spray it on a stain and you will actually see the substance rise to the top. Great stuff also. Keep a small can in the laundry for spot removal. Been using it for years too.

By Vi Johnson [286]06/27/2011

I should have told everyone that this is to be diluted with water for different jobs. Please read the lable for instructions. GG Vi

By Tonya [4]06/27/2011

This stuff is amazing! I don't think there is anything you can't use it on.

By Pat [17]06/27/2011

I found Awesome Laundry Detergent at the $ store today, can't wait to try it. It's not the itty bitty size that the other brands are now. I've used Awesome Cleaner for a long time.

By Joyce Lambert [31]06/27/2011

Oh, I get mine at Dollar General (for Diva53d).

By Joyce Lambert [31]06/27/2011

I have used this product since reading about it on the "thrifty" website, I agree, it's awesome! However a word of caution, use disposable gloves, its very strong.

By Laure Sullivan [8]06/27/2011

I've been using this stuff for a couple of years, and agree that it is "awesome"! I've even bought it for several of my friends and relatives, when I find something good, I just have to share. One of my favorite uses is to clean sinks and toilet bowls. I first spray the sink or bowl (both porcelain and stainless steel), then I sprinkle it with Barkeeper's Friend (another favorite), and then I scrub it with a big scrub brush. My sinks and toilets sparkles in just seconds with basically no effort at all. (I probably don't even need to use the BKF, but I like how it makes the surface feel so smooth.

By Elaine S. [39]06/27/2011

I use this all the time when I don't use natural cleaners such as vinegar and soda. It really is a good cleaner and you can't beat the 99 cent price.

By vanessa06/27/2011

Awesome is awesome! My sister-in-law turned me on to it. You can use it for so many things. It also gets grease stains out of clothes. You can even clean your oven with it. I love it. :)
Grandama Ness

By Donna [27]06/27/2011

Can you get it in Canada? If so where? It looks like something I can use! Thanks for posting!

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