Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

By karina 1

I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. I have already gotten him everything I can think of. I'm only 15 and he's 16. I need help, can anyone help me?


By Karina

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By Joan 13 1,479 Flag

December 9, 2010

You know him better than any of us do. How about tickets to a movie, or sporting event?

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By Veronica 10 114 Flag

December 10, 2010

Food, food, and more food! Make him a big chocolate cake that he doesn't have to share with anyone, for instance. Cakes, pies, cookies, a giant box of goodies- no one loves food more than a teenage boy!

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By Eileen M. 56 240 Flag

December 13, 2010

My daughter made a tied-fleece blanket for her boyfriend last Christmas, no sewing required.

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By Hannah Henderson 1 Flag

December 14, 2010

I'm the same age and had the same problem! Ha, I've decided to get him a pair of those big headphones, because his Ipod got stolen and I know his mom is getting him a new one. So, I thought that would be good! I'm also getting him his favorite candy, and a lot of it! Making him his favorite cookies, and a framed picture of us. If your boyfriend snowboards or skis you could always do a hat, like a beanie or maybe gloves. If he's into music you could make him your own cd or something like that. funny t-shirts are always cute too! Hope I helped. (:

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By Sandia 1 Flag

December 18, 2010

I'm the same age, and have the same problem. Except, he doesn't like movies. He already has headphones. I've already given him cds. I bake for him already, and last Christmas, I gave him clothes. Help!

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By dantonchristmas 1 Flag

December 24, 2011

This year I have surprised my boyfriend with a one night stay in a hotel in Jasper. There he will teach me how to ski at sunshine and we can have a great day together. This is a great gift idea because we can spend some time together and create lots of new memories. All we need to do is pick a date!

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Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

This is the first Christmas together for my boyfriend and I. I have no idea what to get him. Anyone have any ideas?

By Katie

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By Lynn 25 3 Flag

December 8, 2011

Make it memorable by getting him something with the date on it. It all depends on his personality. Gift stores at the mall offer this service.

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By jean leiner 15 411 Flag

December 9, 2011

If your budget can do it, give him an experience and memory the two of you can share. Tickets to a concert or a sporting event that he would enjoy for example. Or plan an outing to a place you know he likes, and provide a picnic lunch in an unexpected place. For example, my daughter's boyfriend is into fishing, and there is an outdoor living exhibition held locally. They attended the show ($5 admission) and then tailgated lunch in the parking lot.( prepared by her) IF he reads magazines, a subscription to one about his interests would remind him of you each time he receives it.

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By Shana Banana 1 3 Flag

December 9, 2011

I'm having the same problem. I don't know what to get my boyfriend for the first time and he says he has got me something that I would love so just ask him some little questions like 'what's your favorite thing in life?' and if they come back with 'you' (like my boyfriend does) then maybe ask what his fav music. You can always say it out of no where like I do and just ask him what he wants for Christmas but be aware they might come back with 'I only want you for Christmas' like my boyfriend also does which is hard.

So just ask him some questions and maybe ask his friends what he likes and dislikes (if you don't already know) or even if you talk to his mum ask her what he likes the best and what is a good Christmas present to get him because I do know that mother's know every about their sons half the time. So just ask around but don't ask to many people because it might get back to him that you are asking people for advice on what to get him. I hope this helps. If not good luck and sorry I could not help you.

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Question: Christmas Present Ideas for Boyfriend

By chey.pettit 1 3

I am 15 and my boyfriend is 16, we have been dating a while. I'm having a hard time figuring out a Christmas present for him. I want it to be very special, like him. Please help me.

By chey.pettit from Roseville, CA

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By coville123 326 89 Flag

December 12, 2011

Wrap a picture of him in a nice frame include a card that says the most gorgeous guy I have ever looked at. You can wrap chocolates with a card that says you are just to sweet for words. Make a card and glue a key onto it write you hold the key to my heart.

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Question: Christmas Present Ideas for New Boyfriend

I don't know what to get my boyfriend this year for Christmas. I need help. Any ideas?

By Shay

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By crazygirl_10 1 Flag

November 14, 2015

I'm 10 he's 11 so I just got him Candy's and a homemade card for our 1 month its on Monday

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Question: Christmas Present Ideas for Boyfriend

This is my boyfriend and my first Christmas together, and it also our three month anniversary. He is 18 years old. Any suggestions?


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By Kathie K. 2 22 Flag

November 22, 2011

I always like "to make" personal gifts. Put a photo album together with pix of both of you.

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Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

By <3hollywoodundead<3 4 2

For Christmas I am getting my boyfriend a blanket with his fav NFL logo and I need to get him something else. I already know what he got me. I hate it when he spends money on me to begin with, then he tells me not to get him anything, irritation to the max. I also want to tie our 10 month gift into it because the day after Xmas is our 10 months.

I really need help, he's 17 and I'm 15. Please help. Older girls, mommies what did you do when you were in my shoes? He's my first real relationship so I'm like super lost.

By hollywoodundead from Akron, OH

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By Sherry Jackson F. 1 Flag

November 16, 2011


I am older, a mommy, and a gramma. I am 45. I have dated, married, divorced, dated, and married again. During the days between my marriages, the one guy I dated, we parted as friends. I can tell you, after about ten years, still, I just found out he kept all the gifts that I handmade him. A book, with memories we had made and plans for future ones to be written. A gift basket (a brown candle, a movie (Chocolat) and his favorite candies) was thrown together rather cheaply when I found the movie on sale and knew he wanted to see it. That along with micro popcorn and a couple cans of soda made a great gift and a great "stay in" date.

Another great idea is, if you can sew, get his mom to give you several of his old school themed tshirts (like homecoming, club shirts, etc.) and you can cut them into squares where you can see the design completely and sew them, even if you only have six, it will work. You sew them together, then back them with some cheap material, then you can even use ribbon or bias tape to edge it with. It makes a great lap blanket for ballgames. How nice it would be for you to be the one sitting under his blanket that you made for him while you watch him star in the games.

:) Just a few ideas. Good Luck.

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Question: Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

I am 16 years old and my boyfriend is 19. We have currently been dating for a year and a month and I have absolutely no idea what to get him for Christmas. Last year, I got him a whole bunch of little things, but I haven't a clue for this year. Please help!

By Hannah C.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 467 2,133 Flag

December 20, 2011

Well, she is not. This isn't about our views on her dating someone older. If you can't respond to the subject of the letter, why not leave it alone.

Sometimes it's hard to test the waters with young men. I suggest a really nice photo in a nice frame, and then perhaps in a keychain digital. I hope this helps.

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Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I haven't been together long, but we have been really good friends since we met. We are both 14 years young. I actually have money and I want to try to get him something for Christmas, but I have no clue what. He doesn't play video games, so that is out of the question. So I have no clue what to get him!

By Shannon B.

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By recyclerichardson 28 Flag

December 16, 2011

Gift card!

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Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

I've been with my 16 year old boyfriend for almost 2 years. I really don't know what to get him for Christmas! Last year I got him a Christmas jumper and a photo of us. I've asked him what he wants and he always just says "nothing, you're enough" but I know he's getting me something. Any ideas? Please help. (money isn't a problem as I have a job)

By Meg R

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By Fay winsdor 1 Flag

December 23, 2014

I have only been with my boyfriend for a month and I love him dearly. I already gave him his gift, which was really hard to think of. I gave him chocolate because I know he loves brownies. If you really are stuck for a gift/surprise, it comes from the heart. You are is girlfriend and know on else know what he likes, only you do.

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Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

By Diamond510 1

I';m 16 and my boyfriend is 15. What should I get him for Christmas? It's our first Christmas together. Please help.

By Diamond

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By Beth 64 Flag

December 9, 2012

I would say that it depends on how serious things are and what his hobbies are. A shirt or jacket for his favorite sport (hunting, skiing, whatever) is always safe.

If you are closer than that, try something more personal along with it. Coupon cards are fun. Things like a night out with the boys or a home-cooked dinner or a complaint-free ball game show you care. Just don't make a coupon for anything that you don't want his friends to see!

In general, all most 15 year old boys want is a 16 year old girl so you're already ahead of the game. As long as it's from the heart he'll love it.

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Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Video Games

My boyfriend and I have only been together for one month. I know he likes video games, like Black Cops, but I don't know a lot more about him. What should I get him for Christmas? I already know he is going to give me a present.

By Nerea

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By Louise B. 6 2,509 Flag

December 19, 2011

If you have only been dating a month, a major gift is not needed. Something small is quite in order. And if you have no idea of his likes other than video games, it doesn't seem to me that you know him very well. However, if he is giving something to you, I can see why you would like to also give a gift.

In my experience with sons, boys like to get gifts like chocolates. Movie passes might be a good gift, or a gift card from a gaming store. A DVD that you could watch together would be great, or how about a "movie night in a bag", with the DVD, popcorn or chips, a couple of cans of pop, and maybe some other treats that you like.

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Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

By Hillery Caroline G. 1

I have a 23 year old boyfriend and I have no clue what to get him for Christmas. Every time I ask him what he wants for Christmas he says he doesn't know. I need help. I can't think of anything. Can someone help me please?

By Hillery G.

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By 9 11 Flag

November 29, 2011

For years I had the same problem knowing what to get for my 20 something year old nephews and my 30 something year old son-in-law. Finally I hit on something they've all seem to appreciate. I give them gift cards to either Best Buy or iTunes or my son-in-law Lowes or Home Depot. I've always attached the gift cards to their favorite candy or snack. This year it is a Visa Gift Card from my Credit Union, which only charges a dollar fee. I figure they can shop where they wish, get gas, food, or anything. Also another idea is a GC from Amazon. Not very personal, but very practical in these days of bad economy.

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Question: Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

So there is a guy I really like in my school. I'm thirteen. I know he'll be getting me a gift, but should I get him one as well? If so, then what?

By Kyla M.

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Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I was wondering if anybody has any ideas for Christmas gifts. ive been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and i dunno what to get him for christmas. he likes the color red and he like dale jr memorabilia but i got him that for his birthday and i need some ideas for christmas Can anyone help?

Amy from Bradenton, FL


Pocket Knife

I am a male, nearly eighty years old. When I was in my teens I received a stainless steel pocket knife with a nail file, scissors, and one blade. It was purchased at neiman-marcus and has my initials on it. It was made in italy. It has been on my keychain all these years. I use it almost daily. Believe it or not, but at the time it was purchased it was $4.95, But the last time I saw it in their catalogue several years ago, it was around $25.00. If they are not available, then consider a swiss army knife of the simplest and thinnest kind. (11/18/2005)


Homemade Certificates

Make your own "gift certificates" one for a" kiss" another "wash your car" "take you to the movies", just use your own imagination. (11/18/2005)

By Judy

Savings Bond

I suggest purchasing a "savings bond" to go towards the purchasing of a car in a few years or what ever he wants. This could be done for all of your holidays (Xmas, birthday, Anniversary etc.) By the time the bonds mature (7 yrs) he will be 21 and needing some kind of cash.

Bonds are purchased at a bank. The cost of a $50 bond is half of that at $25. A $100 one is $50. It is the idea that in 7 years the small bond that you bought will have grown "interest wise" to be cashed in for DOUBLE the amount you paid for it originally!

Evryone rather male or female enjoys cash at any time of year at any age. (11/18/2005)

By Paula Jo Carr

Memory Album

I know some guys might not like this idea, but yet some might. How bout a memory album of pictures of yourself and him. But you must be sure not to make it frilly or too mushy. Maybe a hunter green album or some sort of notebook and just add the decorated memory pages. Good Luck (11/18/2005)

By kt1227

Baked Goods

Why don't you bake several different kinds of cookies for him. Make some homemade fudge. Get him a Christmas stocking and fill it with stocking stuffers, small bottle of after shave, hair gel, etc. (11/18/2005)

By lovethosehounds

Some Ideas

How about a DVD - maybe Fever Pitch (very funny baseball movie)? You could include some microwave popcorn and candy too.

What about those small remote control cars from Radio Shack? Kids & adults like those. They even have cones you can set up for an obstacle course.

Is he studying for his driver's license? Maybe a special keychain would be appreciated.

Does he have a cellphone? Maybe buy him a special ring-tone or extra minutes?

If you like to cook, you could cook his favorite meal for him.

Hope these help. (11/18/2005)

By Cheryl from Missouri

Hunting or Fishing License

If he likes to go hunting or fishing, how about a hunting or fishing license. (11/19/2005)

By snigdibbly

Gift Card

How about an arcade pass, or a gift card for one of his favorite stores, let him pick out something that he'd like, rather than you picking out something that he wouldn't like. (back in my dating years, I picked out a nice shirt, pair of jeans, a nice belt & belt buckle for a guy I was dating, for his birthday, he took them to a pawn shop & traded them all for enough money to buy a bottle of whiskey with!! I was furious, I'd worked hard to earn enough money for his gifts & to think he didn't care enough to appreciate them.) Best of luck on your gift giving! (11/19/2005)

By badwater

Pocket Token

For all special days, I get my husband (and he gets me), a pocket token. A coin, a dog tag, a rock, etc. You can find just about anything engravable and have a special saying or date engraved. It's like giving them a little of you to carry with them when you are apart. We never leave the house without at least one token in our pocket. (11/20/2005)

By Barbie

Music From Itunes

You can buy your boyfriend a refillable music card through where he can download songs for his IPOD most are .99 each-You just pre-pay it just like other gift cards-It is called itunes. Happy Christmas! Susan (11/23/2005)

By Susan


i know that my guy is a hard working guy who does a lot of outdoor work. Try adding something humorous that shows you really listen to him. I'm purchasing a bob the builder "hard" hat and a hello kitty hammer for fun and something else, a movie, that he seriously likes. Finally a favorite snack food (he loves oreos). (12/09/2005)

By slhpup

Photo Album

For my boyfriend for christmas one year I made him a photo album including all the good times we shared together as well as some really goofy shots of both of us. I also pasted in little items which had sentimental value for us both i.e. the movie tickets for our first ever date. Once i decided on getting him this i started collaborating little trinkets. He LOVED IT! (12/13/2005)

By Natalie

ID Bracelet

If he will wear jewelry, get him an ID bracelet with his name on it it's not that expensive and you could put your own secret message on the back. (12/13/2005)

By Vicky

A Calendar

If you've been together more than a year, this works. I save my old movie ticket stubs and always write descriptions of events in my datebook (date w/Luke, going to concert). At Christmas, I bought him a new calendar and transferred the dates from my calendar into his. So he would have a calendar he could use for the whole year, and certain dates were already filled in with good memories (EX: July 1, saw "Mission Impossible" together; September 9, went to Pearl Jam concert; or whatever). Fun, meaningful and inexpensive. (05/24/2006)

Pocket Watch

My husband can remember the second year we were together I bought him a neat pocket watch. It's been many years now and he still has it for a keepsake. (08/29/2006)

By Autumn

A Silver Ring

I have a good idea for a Christmas, Valentine's, or birthday gift for your boyfriend. get him a silver ring with something engraved in it. (12/02/2006)

By Casey

TV, Sports, Movies

Here's a step by step process.

- Ask him what he's favorite sport team, TV show, movie is.
- With the gathered info (haha) see what's easiest to buy
- A jersey of his favorite team basketball. Make sure if he tells you his favorite team you KNOW what sport it is!
- If he tells you his favorite show see if they have a DVD maybe of the 1, 2, 3 seasons
- If he tells you he's favorite movie he probably has it but you can get him something relating to it. Like shirt or something from it.

Hope that helps someone (12/04/2006)

By Jenna

Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I am looking for advice on what to get my 43 year old boyfriend for christmas?

Anne from OH


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

A really nice watch or his favorite cologne. Very practical, and not innapropriate. (12/06/2006)

By Carrie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

How about a gift card to a restaurant you both like? That way, you can both benefit from it and he doesn't have to foot the bill. (12/06/2006)

By tedsmom

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hum, lots of good ideas here. Perhaps you would get ideas more suited to your boyfriend if you told us something about him. All you said was his age! What are his interests? Does he have hobbies? (12/07/2006)

By Debbie52

Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

What kind of gift could i make my boyfriend for christmas?

Caitlin from Illinois


Little Notes

My husband and I write little notes to each other, whether it's where were going, miss ya, i love you, thinking of you today (maybe because you are going to the doctor's) or just because. One year I took all the notes (which I dated) and pasted them into a (manly) notebook. He loved it and brought tears to his eyes (12/10/2006)

By katluvsbears

Fleece Socks

I thought the craft idea of fleece socks is fabulous, for the girl whose boyfriend loves red and dale earnhardt, they have polar fleece in both of those colors and patterns. They'll be great, when he comes over to visit, he can slip on his toasty socks, he'll love those! And the gentleman who sugggested a swiss army knife. Those come in handy! (12/12/2006)

By jean

Massage, Manicure or Pedicure

What about a massage, manicure, pedicure I know men don't think about these things and it surely is something they would not buy for themselves but Lord knows they could use them. (12/14/2006)

By Brenda from Texas

Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I need some ideas for Christmas presents for my boyfriend. He's 16 and it's our first Christmas together and we decided to do homemade gifts for the most part this year. I would really love if somebody could give me some ideas ASAP, =)

Katie from WI


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Well, I'm 16 years old (I know, young) and I've been with my boyfriend for 13 months now. If any of you girls are having issues with Christmas presents for your sweetie, I'd say you should make him something cute.. like a picture frame with your picture in it. If you would rather buy something or do both, then I suggest something silly that will make him laugh his butt off and think of how cute you are everytime he sees it. My boyfriend jokes about calling me Poohbear (because I hate it so much) so I've decided on a Poohbear stuff animal for him. Good luck ladies! (12/17/2006)

By Valerie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

If you can cook, I think some food gifts would be great. Brownies, cookies, cookie bars are always a hit with guys. Snack mix made with pretzels, nuts and Chex cereals and maybe even some M&Ms or chocolate chips tossed in would be good too. You could bag up a mixture of some of these types of treats and then make up a little basket to hold them all. (12/18/2006)

By mef1957

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

How about a gift basket with stuff for his vehicle. anything that goes with owning wheels? (12/18/2006)

By Rosa

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Why don't you get your boyfriend his favorite new CD, something that would remind him of you (like a picture frame with your pic in it) or something that would remind him of your first date (12/21/2006)

By bianca

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Well, I was totally stuck with what to get for my boyfriend and by Christmas, we had been together about 5 months but fell in love fast. I was 15 nearly 16 and he was nearly 17. And if you're stuck, just think of somthing that's special for both of you. I bought my boyfriend a bracelet and got the date we got together engraved on and he absolutly loved it. A year later and hes still chuffed to bits with it, so you could do that.

Hope it helps a bit X (07/15/2007)

By Emily

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Get your guy a mixed CD of songs that remind you of each other, or a hoody. All guys like hoodies. Just make sure you buy the right size. If you are a good singer, you could write him a song and sing it for him. If you can't sing, you could write him a sweet poem, including some memories you have shared. Print it out and put it in a nice frame. Maybe add in a picture of y'all in the bottom corner. Just some ideas. (09/10/2007)

By Keila

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I bought my boyfriend a really nice soccer jersey of his favorite player. He mentioned it a long time ago, so when he saw it he flipped over the fact that I remembered. Just keep your ears open for a hint, eventually an idea will come to you. (09/23/2007)

By lindsay

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I am a 17 year old, I've been dating this amazing guy named Alex for nearly a year now. I didn't know what to get him for Christmas either, but just recently he has been talking so much about this picture that he loves of us that we took a while back. I'm a painter, so I decided I'd take the picture and put it in my paintings. For Christmas, I'm going to give him this. Of course you can either pay to get this done by a professional or do it in a black and white drawing. I just thought it would be a good idea. I'll let you know if he liked it or not. Good luck this year. (09/27/2007)

By Carolina

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hi! I specialize in creating custom designed gift baskets which are made just for the person you are giving the gift to. If I can help anyone out with gifts for your boyfriends or girlfriends, please let me know. We ship our gifts all over the country so we can ship them to you to give to your special guy or girl. (10/28/2007)

By Vicky

RE:Gift for My Boyfriend

For all you ladies having trouble finding the perfect gift for your boyfriends, don't worry I have as well. However, going onto my first year anniversary, I had ideas like an Edible Arrangements basket (look it up on the internet), it comes with chocolate covered strawberries, and yummy goodies. If not maybe a scrapbook, If you have a funny relationship story like i do, that wont be a problem. And if not then a simple dinner, or box of Godiva chocolates is nice, and if you have enough pictures of each other I recommend perhaps a collage of pictures with both of you together.

Good Luck (11/04/2007)

By Damsel in Distress

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Well this year (2007) is my and my boyfriend's first Christmas together and I have decided to get him a gift basket filled with shirts, socks, and different candies and treats he likes. Also I am getting him a silver ring with something engraved on it. If you want to get creative, buy a camera and take pictures then put them in a scrapbook and give it to him on Christmas. I'm sure it any guy would love any of the gifts and girls choose for him if he really loves her. So girls don't worry about what you buy, it's the thought that counts, right? (11/06/2007)

By Bugg

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

What I did was I gave my boyfriend a ID bracelet with his name on it and the day we met in the back. He loves it and wears it everyday.
=] (11/11/2007)

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend is a drummer, so im getting him engraved drumsticks with our anniversary and I love you on them. Also he loves his truck, a black lowered Chevy. I'm getting him a Hotwheel like it as a jokey thing, then a bag of his fave candy bar (Butterfingers). I'm making him a blanket, because he likes to cuddle and I'm going to make him a picture frame to put a picture of us in. I added all that up and it only came to about $100. Fits my budget perfectly and it's all got sentimental value. (11/13/2007)

By Alexa

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Every year I always make chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate molds, almond clusters and chocolate covered strawberries (just make sure that the strawberries are totally dry before you dip them). You can get really creative and it's so cheap. Just get the chocolate discs at A.C. Moore or even Walmart. Melt them in a double boiler pot. If you don't have a double boiler, just put a little water in the bottom of the pot and put a slightly smaller pot inside it. The boiling water underneath melts the chocolate without burning it. You can probably microwave them too. Just follow the instructions. Just dip whatever you want or pour it into a mold and let it cool. It's a lot of fun. Sometime me and my boyfriend make it together too :) (11/14/2007)

By el1187

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

For Christmas, I'm getting a huge stocking, like as big as I can find. Inside of it, I'm going to have boxers, shirts and PJ's all rolled up with ribbon around them and little things like a Christmas pillow, a cute stuffed animal. I want to make him a blanket, this ring he wants, movies with bows around them, or wrapped up, his cologne (Polo Blue), a calendar with our pictures on it, a frame with a picture of us in it. We love to go to Subway and Starbucks so gift cards for that. He's addicted to his Xbox 360 so games for that or whatever is "cool". I'd make like the reindeer candy canes and have personalized M&M's in there, make him a huge Christmas card, cookies and like a gingerbread cook, Hershey kisses and just all kinds of cute things. (11/15/2007)


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

The most important thing to remember when getting your partner a gift is that it should be a reminder to him that you love him more than ever. Getting him a sentimental gift will have a far greater impact and longevity than something edible or generic. The best way to show your partner you care is to: engrave jewelery, make him a goodie basket with favourite keepsakes, make him a journal and fill it with important dates and sweet messages (this works particularly well if you make a mix CD so he can play certain songs on special days), a relationship scrapbook, make him a cute storybook capturing your relationship, get a sweet pictures turned into a painting, get him gift cards or tokens for kisses and massages etc.

If you think long and hard enough about what your man will like, then I'm sure you'll strike something golden that will truly make him smile!
Goodluck xox (11/16/2007)

By Michaela

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend is a big movie freak. At Spencer's right now, they have a bunch of Scarface stuff. Every guy loves that movie. Also, "Books a Million" has some cute star wars toys. Ha ha, yeah corny. But you would be surprised. Oh! and I went to a marked down book store and got him a book on Marlin Brando, it has a bunch of pictures and tells about his life. This was all way under $50. I am just gonna get some candy and something more romantic and personal and then call it quits. Haha Christmas shopping is so stressful! But maybe if anyone's boyfriend is similar, this will help. =) (11/20/2007)

By Jena

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I'm 18. What I did for him last year was bought tons of candles, got a heart shaped cookie tray, and made him dinner. I bought roses and laid them out on my driveway to lead him into my house. Downstairs there was pillows, candles, and his favorite dish. Try it, he'll love it. (11/21/2007)

By Kaytiie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend i have have been 2gether for six years and this year we are making each other gifts. i decided to make him a picture frame and use rose petals from roses he bought me weeks ago to put around a picture of us. i think the homemade ones are always the best. (11/25/2007)

By Vanessa

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

i'm going to make him a scrapbook :) (11/27/2007)

By hi

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I am 18 and my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 years. He loves to hunt, derby, and race. He isn't very picky Last year I got him a Raven's football jersey, he loved it. He bought me an engagement ring last year. So this year I think I am going to take him on a cruise. (11/27/2007)

By Ashley

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have been going out with my boyfriend for 3 months and I have no idea what he likes or what I should get him. We are both 14 so plz help
thank you x (12/01/2007)

By danielle

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Last year for Christmas, I bought my boyfriend a UK t-shirt from and some UK happy feet. For his birthday, I went to Walmart and got a keychain in the photo aisle and put a picture of us in it and bought him a video game chair. My parents game him a Cracker Barrell gift card cuz it's our favorite restaraunt. I make him brownies a lot and I have made him big cards too. Hope this helps! (12/01/2007)



Ok, well my bf is 18 (same as me). We've been together 1 1/2 years. He's a real guys guy mostly but can be sentimental sometimes. For Christmas last year, I bought him a stainless steel bracelet. You can easily pick a real nice one up for like $50-100 bucks. It's deff a good gift, if you've been going out for 6 months or not so long term, because it reminds him of how much you love him but doesnt have "I LOVE YOU FOREVER" plastered all over it.

Another good idea if you've just started dating is a nice cologne. It eventually runs out so he's not gona look at it as a marriage proposal and freak out about commitment, etc., if you've only been together a month.

For his bday I also made my bf a scrapbook. It's something more personal but I'd only recommend it if you've been together for a while (like over 6 months). It was definately something he didn't expect but loved it all the same. It nearly even brought a tear to his eye, which is saying something. I did mine on the cheap but if you're not a real arty person, it can start getting pricey so be prepared to part with your money if you don't think you can make things yourself. My worst fear would be making a book too tacky. You don't have to make it 100% perfect coz he is a guy after all and won't really notice if your handwriting is messy or something. A few ideas if you wana do a scrapbook: don't go too lovey dovey. I only had 1-2 pages that were all lovey. It was all the reasons why I loved him. Other than that, I had just formal pics and pics of us together. We also did a marathon together so with the pics from that, I just wrote a note next to it which said "Thank you for bein there for me" rather then the love hearts surrounding our photos. I also had a some pics that I got off his mates of him being stupid with the guys, etc. It kinda detracted from the whole lovey-dovey-ness but was still sentimental because it showed how I took the effort to go to all his mates. Also, rather then having every second page saying "I love you", say something like "hey there sxc boy" or something. He'll think it's the greatest. Trust me.

Hope this helps you all anyway to some extent. i tried to answer a fair few questions in one so sorry it's quite long. good luck. (12/02/2007)

By Kyra.

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Ok, my boyfriend has just turned 16 and I turned 15 not to long ago. We've been dating for about 3-4 months and Christmas is coming up! He loves to go hunting, loves movies [yeah, even the lovey-dovey ones], and definitely loves music [we're both in band]. He says he's already got not 1, not 2, but 3 gifts already for me! So, that puts a little more pressure on trying to find the right gift(s) for him. If any of you have an idea for me then please let me know! I already have some ideas but I need more! Thank you. (12/02/2007)

By Victoria

RE: Christmas Gift for YOUR Boyfriend

Make him a homemade coupon book with different things on each page decorated in Xmas colors. Like 1 page says "this coupon is good for one kiss." Something like that. "This coupon is good for a 20 minute back rub." It's cheap and meaningful.
Also you can go to the dollar store and buy mini stockings and decorate them with craft paint and paint his name on it Xmas 07'. Then inside you can put his favorite candy, the coupon book, and a homemade ornament "Sally and John's 1st Xmas 07'" (12/03/2007)


Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

me and my boyfriend are both 13 almost 14 and i've been going out with him for almost a year now. Hes an awesome boyfriend and he treats me like I'm a queen! I wanna get him something that he'll love for Christmas this year but i have no idea. He skateboards and snowboards a lot and he plays drums. Anyone have any suggestions!?

By carla

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm so confused me and my boyfriend been together for 3 1/2 months and I don't know what to get him. He said that the thoughts that count but I want to do something creative but I think that he might not like it. What are some ideas? (12/04/2007)

By Carmeysha

Perfect Ideas for HIM

Boys are complicated, and us girls feel like we need to do the absolutely perfect thing for our guy on christmas. So, here are a few ideas that may interest you =)

  1. A stocking with all your little keepsakes in it
  2. Burn him some CD's with your favorite songs/christmas songs/love songs.
  3. My boyfriend and i have been together for 2 1/2 years now, and for our first christmas together, I got him a silver ring. He LOVED it and he still wears it every single day.
  4. A t-shirt with his favorite band on it, or a sports t-shirt/jersey
  5. Get a picture of you two and blow it up, or put a picture of you two in a frame. My boyfriend also loved that one. it's right next to his bedside =)
  6. A scrap book is not a bad idea at all
  7. Pocket knives are good too! Especially if they're the rebel/bad kind of boy ;]
  8. Bake some home goods! On Christmas, it's always good to bake some goods and put them in a little Christmas box or decorate gingerbread cookies taht look like the two of you, or wrap them in a special way with bows and stuff in a bag? just make it look nice, and i'm sure he'll LOVE it!
  9. Paint him a picture: If he enjoys art, or is just extremely artistic, paint him a picture yourself or buy him a painting or drawing for his room.
  10. Make him a Christmas ornament
  11. Does he wear a necklace or chain? maybe a silver or gold chain/cross.
  12. Art utensils. (once again, if that's his hobby)
  13. On the more expensive side: a new accoustic guitar or a new bass. or an amplifier, or a new guitar strap! OR accesories in general or his music needs.

By Carrie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

This is my first xmas with my boyfriend (we're both 20) and I don't know what to get him. I love the stocking idea but he already gets one at home so I don't know if that's too much. What should I put in it if it is a good idea? Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

By Jess

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have no clue what to buy my boyfriend for x-mas, this is our 1st time and I have no clue what to get him. He likes a lot of different stuff and he won't give me a hint in what he wants. (12/06/2007)

By Rebecca

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm lost as well. We've not been dating for very long but I still wanna get something nice. I'm 14 and so is he. So far I've only thought of two things. First I'll burn a CD of "our songs" and second, he's a drummer so I'll get him personalised drum sticks! Hope it'll help. (12/06/2007)


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I think that if you want to buy a good gift for your boyfriend, always go for something that could benefit you too, like a nice shirt from your favorite store, cologne, a necklace or bracelet, and a picture of you with a really cute frame.(12/08/2007)

By Kasey

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for 11 months. We're both 14. I love him to death. He's so perfect. He's so excited to give me my gifts, 4 of them apparently. And one is so amazing, he thinks I'll cry. But the bad part is I don't know what to get him! OMG, OMG, help please (12/08/2007)

By savannah

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

If I'm creating a photo frame for my boyfriend, what should I put on it. I mean, of course, I'll write like 'I LOVE YOU' but what else help plz. Christmas is really soon! (12/08/2007)


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Well, in response to one of the answers, I wouldn't advise getting a bass guitar for your boyfriend unless you're willing to spend a TON of money. A good bass can run at about $500 and a good amp can go for as much as $300. (12/09/2007)

By Frannie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I had absolutely no idea what to get my boyfriend either. We're both fifteen and we've been dating for almost eight months. I asked him what he wanted and he insisted that I shouldn't get him anything, that he didn't want me to spend money on him. So instead of spending a ton of cash on something artificial, here's what I did!

Find a shoe box, basket, or buy a photo storage box from the local craft store. You can leave it the way it is, or if you're a little more artsy, decorate it. I cut letters from a magazine and glued them around the edge of the lid so that it said "I love you" over and over. I wrapped the box in newspaper and glued little pictures of "inside jokes" on it. You can write quotes, make a collage, whatever you want, but be creative and make it your own!

Fill the box with cute little things that mean a lot to you and him. some ideas are:

  • Old diary entries about how much you had a crush on him before you started dating.
  • A picture of you together from middle school.
  • A photocopy of how he signed your yearbook.
  • A CD of your favorite songs (if you really want to be sweet, put the number of songs that corresponds to you anniversary date. ours is on the 19th, so I put 19 songs on the CD and on the insert of the CD case, I wrote little notes about each song)
  • Bake him his favorite cookies or buy some of his favorite candy. My boyfriend always complains that I eat all his gum so I bought a couple of packs of his favorite brand.
  • If you're corny like me and keep all your movie ticket stubs from your dates, throw them in the box. On the back write something like "first kiss!" if you have the stub from the movie that you had your first kiss in.
  • My boyfriend is an amazing guitarist. I obviously can't afford a new guitar, but I stopped by the music store, got a couple of ten cent guitar picks, and wrote sweet messages on them with a sharpie. things such as "ily" (i love you) or just a little heart so that everytime he plays he thinks of you. You might want to leave some plain so that if he's playing around friends, all of his picks don't have hearts on them. =D
  • I kept the flower that he left in my locker on our one month anniversary. I picked a couple of the petals and put them in a ring box. Draw a heart on the outside. again, personalize it.
  • My boyfriend also says that he doesn't have a picture of me to put in his wallet or look at when he misses me. Take a picture of yourself or use a school photo. If I were you, i'd avoid peace signs or kissy lip faces. MySpace defaults probably aren't a good idea. Just a picture of you the way he sees you everyday. If your bf comments on your smile, make sure you're flashing some teeth. =D
  • Get a small picture frame and decorate it. Put your favorite picture together in it, or if you have more than one picture together, put them in a photo album or small scrapbook.
  • My boyfriend loves the way I smell (it's so cute when I catch him sniffing my hair!) so get a piece of fabric or just paper and spray your perfume on it. Don't be shy, it might seem strong at first, but it'll wear off. if you have fabric, rub some of your body wash or shampoo into it. Be sure to let it dry!
  • Make a list of all the things you love about him. Don't be afraid to make it long if there's lots of things. Be sure to make note of the little things that he'd be surprised you notice. Compliment his clothes or the things he does for you. If you're having a hard time, run through one of your favorite dates in your mind. If there were things he did that gave you that "dropping stomach" feeling or made you think "he's so cute!", jot it down.
  • If you're REALLY REALLY artistic, sketch a picture of him. If you're like me and you suck at realistic art, do something abstract, but point out how he influenced the art or what it means. Or if you sing, record a song he likes. If you're into poetry, write a poem.

These are just some ideas that will hopefully get you started. The main point is to make this your OWN. Make it fit YOUR relationship. If the relationship isn't as developed or long-term yet, include more joke-ish items. If you've been together for a while, don't be afraid to up the corny level. Don't be afraid that you're boyfriend won't like it because it's too sentimental, he'll love it, trust me. I really hope this helped!

Happy holidays! =D and good luck! (12/09/2007)

By =D

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Last year for my boyfriend's birthday I went to his house in the morning and woke him up and he was so surprised to see me there. It was soo cute cause he had serious bed head and no shirt on and he kissed me and I told him I made him breakfast. He was so excited. I also gave him a frame with a picture of us in the middle and magazine clips surrounding the picture of all our inside jokes. It now hangs on his wall. Obviously I was on a budget. He loves homemade gifts though! Hope this helps! (12/09/2007)

By Caroline

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

If you haven't been dating for a while, get him a CD, a shirt or even a poster of his fav. band. If you guys have been together for a while, you can make a journal/scrapbook of all the times you've spent together. Me and my boyfriend have a journal that he made me on our one year anniversary that we write notes to each other in and pass back and forth. I don't know what else to tell you guys because I'm not even 100% sure what I'm going to get my boyfriend this Christmas. XP (12/10/2007)

By lizz

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I like the whole mixtape idea. But I'm a music fan. Maybe make a CD of all the songs that mean something to the two of you. Or maybe pick a fave band of his and make a whole grab bag of it, like autographed photos, t-shirt, badges (think ebay!)...the whole deal. I think I'm going that route with my husband this year, he's a big music fan too. Or just make a whole collage of pics of you and him. Super-sweet ones. They may act like they don't like the mushy stuff, but if you make it personalized and memorable, they def hang onto it. Or the homemade thing? Make him food? It's the way to a guy's heart. (12/10/2007)

By shannie

Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I don't know what to get my 18 year old boyfriend for Christmas. It's our first Christmas and we've been together about six months. He's really into baseball and I honestly have no idea, can anyone help me?

Heidisc1 from Philly, PA


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

If he is into baseball put together a baseball themed gift. Maybe an old movie (Field of Dreams or Major League), or baseball cards, or a jersey and socks. It depends on your budget. You could always go to one of the photo places and have a picture of you taken in a baseball uniform. Or if he has a favorite team or player you can look on Ebay and see if somebody is selling something (old ticket stubs?) unique. Good luck with your gift and the relationship. (12/11/2007)

By Kay

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

A great gift no matter how long you've been together: home-made fleece blanket. I know they've started to sell kits for these in some stores but if you'd like to make a full-size blanket go to any craft store and pick out 2 different fleeces. Try his favorite colors or those of his favorite sports team, school, etc. Then you just cut slits about 1" apart and a few inches in, then with both fleece designs facing out, tie them together. Easy, hard to screw up. It cost me about $30 and it was a useful and appreciated gift!
For the boys who don't wear jewelry but you like the thought of getting something engraved, maybe a money clip w/ his initials would work. Happy shopping! (12/11/2007)

By saRAH!

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

You say he is a baseball fan? I don't know if you can do it online but what about a personalized Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat? Try their website to see if you can order one. (12/12/2007)

By Anela

Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend is turning 16 on Dec 15, so I'm getting a bracelet with his name on it and on the back it says my name and the date that we started going out. But Christmas is coming up too and I have no idea what I should get him.

Francie from Naples, FL


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I've been together with my boyfriend for a while now. I'm getting him engraved drumsticks and does he have a favorite sports team? something that has to do with that.

another idea. mine plays soccer :] and so instead of using some cheesy card or something get a little soccer ball and write how much u love him and things like that :] Hope this helps! (12/14/2007)

By :]

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Well I'm 16, me and my b/f have been together for quite some time. I'm not sure what to get him cuz I'm preppy, and he's not. His fave color is black, and he likes hard core metal. Also his fave type of truck is Chevy. Help me I have no idea on what to get him. We are engaged and its almost Christmas. So please if you have any ideas HELP! I love him but I don't think he wears any jewelry. He is also a workaholic. (12/15/2007)

By Tasha

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My son is getting his girlfriend a collage picture fframe with pictures of them in it. (12/16/2007)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

One year I bought my boyfriend a silly little card that played music. I was lucky enough to find one that played his favorite song. It was small and non-expensive but it really meant a lot to him, because he thought I hadn't paid attention to the little things.I do pay attention to the little "hints".

He may drop from time to time; like if he tells you his favorite sports team, buy him a ticket to the next game that they're playing, and maybe buy a picture of the team to hang on his wall, like my sister did two years ago.

Her then boyfriend is CRAZY about Kentucky Wildcats. So she bought him a large picture of the team to hang on his wall but she was able to get it signed. she also bought season tickets.

You could even get him a pet. maybe a little over the top, but if hes an animal lover, buy a small animal (kitten, puppy, gerbil, hamster.....etc.) and a cage, food and a few toys.
Hope it helps my love. (12/16/2007)

By Alexandra

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm 18 and me and my bf have been dating a year and a half and this year I'm getting him some cologne, mistletoe(you know ladies), and just somethings that remind him of us and things he really wanted that don't cost maybe over $50.
~Mandie (12/17/2007)

By Mandie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm 18 and my boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years. This is our third Christmas so I maybe able to help you!

*make a quilt with iron on pictures,
*scrapbook - make everything black and white you will be amazed at how much, easier it will be!(and classy),
*burn a CD

*get a fish bowl, pebbles, and a beta fish and on the bowl with stickers right "You're the only fish in the sea for me" (my bf was so excited when he got his fish!),
*or get a frog ... "I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince charming"

got money?
*buy him a wallet and fill it with different gift cards,
*concert tickets,
*picture in frame,
*guitar hero accessories (lame but true, they love them),
no money?,
*100 reasons why I love you,

BF gone over break?
*write a letter for every day he is away! If he's flying include fun things to do like a crossword with clues about the two of you. *call card, *stamps!
HOPE THIS HELPS! (12/18/2007)

By Michelle

A Silver Ring

That's just funny, my boyfriends name is Casey and he wants a silver ring, lol But I think I'm getting him that and its a great idea, My best suggestion would be to get him something meaningful, my boyfriend loves to cook so I went to the bookstore and got him a book. That is advice that other famous chefs have given to people, I gave it to him early because I couldn't wait and he loved it, Just get something to do with what hes interested in and your safe, good luck (12/19/2007)

By Tina

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend is 16 & so picky with clothes so I decided to get him something else. lol I got him a "Digital Photo Keychain" because he just got his car. I'm uploading a few pictures from the last two years on it. I'm putting that in a little stocking and I'm trying to think of something else i can put in the stocking that'd be cute and extra. (12/19/2007)

By =]

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RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My bf is always locking his keys in his car, so I bought him one of those spare key holders with a super-strong magnet on the back so he can put it underneath on his car.

And thanks to everyone's answers. They really helped me with other stuff in addition to the key holder! (12/21/2007)

By Jess

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hi! I'm 17, this will be our second Christmas together and last year we started dating dec.3 so Christmas came fast-i got him some shirts from Pacific Sunwear and I forgot what but something else lol anyway his bday is in feb. and v-day is to so its like all 3 are close! for his birthday I got him tickets to go to Florida with me that coming spring break.

I suggest tickets for a night together maybe a movie and a dinner. or a concert. or a trip together. clothes are nice too. I know guys don't really like getting clothes sometimes but they need it! :) (12/21/2007)

By Lisa

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Me and my bf just started dating Dec. 3rd (2007) and we went shopping together and he wouldn't tell me what he wanted and I didn't know what he wanted. he just said that he wanted me! so I just winged it and I got him a key chain that has a key and a heart on it and I said that it was the key to my heart! I also got him some cologne of my choice because he said that he likes what I like! so in return he gave me his class ring and some other stuff! It was cute and it worked out for our 1st Christmas! It's all about the love! good luck (12/23/2007)

By Kasey

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Well, I'm 16, and my boyfriend and I have being going out for around 3 months. For Christmas, I bought him his favorite cologne, Gautier 2, for roughly about fifty bucks and change. Ladies, the guys don't wanna stink around you! When all else fails, cologne does work as a first Christmas gift. Especially if you pick it out. It makes the guy want to wear something that you like, or that is a turn on for you.

I also remembered some of his favorite movies and bands, and when I was in Hottopic, I found some great Tee's that I bought. ( Boondock Saints, and some sarcastic quotes, etc. ) It really meant a lot, surprisingly to me, because it showed that I did listen to him and what he loves! Good Luck!


By Sharon

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

If you take my advice, boys don't give as much importance gifts as girls do. So a good gift for your boy should be perhaps a lingerie treat or may be your self cooked recipe. Think of something innovative and not the usual stuff.

I found some really innovative stuff here: (02/03/2008)

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hey everyone, absolutely LOVED your ideas! I didn't ask for ideas but obviously I needed some if I was looking :) I especially liked the scrapbook/album idea, the stocking filled with a variety of things, and the list of things I love about him. Great ideas girls! Keep up the smart thinking. Much love to all! <333 My bf will love it. (06/15/2008)

By Brittany

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hello ladies. Okay so I'm not trying to brag but I'm a very creative person when it comes to gifts. My boy friend is 21. This is going to be our 3rd Christmas together. So it does get harder to think of gift ideas but I manage. Some gifts that I have done:

-For Christmas two years ago I made a book called "everything I love about you from A-Z". It's the cutest thing ever some appropriate examples..C- your Chevy (because he has a super nice pick up) D-our dates F-your family- J-Jet (his dog). I put a picture on each page and I just love it!

-For his 21st birthday I put 21 things that reminded me about him in a huge box such as, a lava lamp, a hoodie, boxers, sandals, shot gun shells, fishing lures, candy, sun ships (his fav) gas gift card etc.
-Last Christmas I got us a helicopter ride for an hour. He really enjoyed that.

-For our one year anniversary I got him a beta fish and a shirt that said I'm a keeper. Just some ideas! Hope they helped! (09/25/2008)

By Nicole

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

This year is our 4th Christmas together. we've both had our 18th birthdays this year. So I was thinking about like an alcoholic gift set since I can legally buy him one but it not meaningful enough. I'm struggling for ideas because it feels like I've got everything he wanted over the course of the last 3 years so this year I'm at a dead end. I was going to get him a PS3 but he got himself one *grr* so now I'm all outta ideas however reading feedback on here was very helpful, especially the more meaningful , personal gifts! (10/08/2008)

By kattx

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a long time. He moved away right after we started dating though, so I never see him :[. Anyway, I wanted to make him something really amazing for Christmas to send to him. He plays instruments, guitar especially.

So I decided to buy a miniature guitar, like a display kind of thing. And write all my favorite things about him all over it, I'm also getting engraved guitar picks and drumsticks for him, and maybe a scrapbook.

I know he'll love it. and its a good idea for a music boyfriend. (10/09/2008)

By Cristy

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I thought these calendars were *totally* hilarious, and they're kind of cool cause they're environmental and all. and of course my bf thought they were super fun.

Check it out:

They're only $12 so they're a nice gift that someone can actually use without being super pricey. (10/13/2008)

By Avida

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RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hey ladies I know the holiday gift ideas are hard but here are a couple cheap things I gave given the boyfriend over the past few years. I made a pillowcase with pictures of us on it all you have to do is buy iron on paper and print the pictures on it and then iron it to the pillowcase. HE LOVED IT. You could also get him a DIY blanket where you tie the ends and it's personal, but not too hard.

If your guy is into video games, I bought mine a "video game chair". It was like a hundred dollars so that would probably be all he would get for some of you, but it has speakers that hook up to XBox's, play stations, and whatever else. You could also buy him his favorite video games if he rents a lot of them

Another thing I did was call and ask his dad his jean size. Jeans are always a good idea because you can never have enough and it beats a gift card which is so impersonal. (10/15/2008)

By Samantha C

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

For Valentine's Day I baked over 100 heart shaped cookies, brownies, etc of various sizes and put them in his car that morning so he would find them as he went to drive to school. He (and his family!) loved the giant heart shaped brownie especially. Since it was February the weather was chilly enough to put all the baked goods (which I had wrapped in Valentine's day plastic baggies) in the car knowing they wouldn't melt.

Also, that same boyfriend just loved Napoleon Dynamite. For his birthday I got him the DVD along with the "Vote for Pedro" shirt. To top it off I sewed him his own stuffed "tiger". It was pretty easy to do-- just used the head of a lion stuffed animal and the body of a tiger. Him and his friends loved this thing and it always made appearances on drunken nights.

"Themes" usually help me out if I'm really stuck. I got another boyfriend this super cute (but totally manly) mug with gourmet hot chocolate packets, a new North Face ski cap and gloves, and two ski passes to the closest slopes.

My current boyfriend appreciates one, more luxurious item as opposed to lots of things. Ex. Ugg moccasins (get him to try them on--he will never want to take them off--also, if he thinks they're too girly or whatever, take the laces out--it makes them look more rugged and they're still just as comfy), lacoste sweaters, burberry polos, North Face anything, cologne (if you know what he likes)

Also, for fun, whenever gifts Mrs. Field's has a ton of gift ideas for any budget. Also, guys just love those fleece knot blankets--especially ones with their favorite sports team on one side and a coordinating, solid color on the other--great for tailgates!

Hope this was helpful! (10/17/2008)

By Camille

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Concert tickets are always great especially when paired with the band or artist's cd.

Also, a cute gift used to give out for all occasions-- buy a jumbo popcorn tub (they sell them at Blockbuster), stick one of his favorite DVD's (or one you both like to watch) in there along with some of his favorite king sized candy. If you want, you can also put a Blockbuster gift card in there and let him know that any movie he rents, even if it's Supertroopers or whatever, you will cuddle up and watch with him. (10/17/2008)

By Camille..again

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

This was AWESOME. I just wanted to put some things that I have done in the past. And old BF and I loved Kenny Chesney so I bought him a little tractor.

Little things shirts, socks, PJams, boxers, hunting cloths, batteries for hunting cambras, GIFT CERT, cologne, Belt buckles, Boot laces, Boot shiners, Gum, his favor Candy, dvds, rock band songs, Jeans, New boots, arrow heads for the next year, Board Games for us to play, pictures of us in frames, first movie ticket we went to together with a picture, facial wash and moisturizers (Guys need it too) Santa outfit, :) guys love, pack of blue moon (his favorite beer, Riding gloves for horses, I love you this much card that you make, Wallet full of gift cards (They will love it nothing better then getting more gifts inside of a gift then wrap the cards before you put them end so he has to open them. (10/21/2008)

By Stephanie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm 16. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years. Maybe I'll be of some help:

Last Christmas I made him a photo album of pictures of us together throughout the year.
(for that you kinda have to plan ahead to take tons of photos)
I also made him one of those fleece tie blankets, make it extra big though, so you BOTH can use it. :)

I got him things I knew he liked:
his favorite cologne, comfy Abercrombie sweater, a Burberry scarf, and a huge pack of Sour Patch Kids. (his favorite candy).
Good luck!
-Michele (10/23/2008)

By Michele

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm 15 and my boyfriends also 15. We've been together 5 months and we both decided to exchange Christmas gifts. In my opinion the best idea for a homemade present is a scrapbook filled with memories, photos, ticket stubs from dates, etc. You cant go wrong. :) (10/27/2008)

By Louisa

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

A great idea for a Christmas gift came from my boyfriend. We decided to make gifts for each other since we didn't want to keep buying gifts. So he made me a letter explaining his feelings for me, put a picture of us in the background and then put it in a frame. It was a great gift that you could do for your boyfriend! (10/27/2008)

By Cat

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. We are young only 16 and 17, but we still like to celebrate haha. Some things I've gotten him were:

a scrapbook (I do this every year so this will be 3)
a blanket with our picture on it- cvs walmart has them

I had a picture puzzle made-- cheap -- like 14 bucks we out it together and then I framed it for him.

guitar pics, band tees, and a wallet with is fav band.

A nice fossil watch is always good,
a book with all the letters we write each other

We went to build a bear and built each other teddy bears to sleep with. This was super fun and cute! (10/29/2008)

By me

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

This wasn't a Christmas gift but it was a gift for Valentine's day.
I handmade a canvas because I like drawing. And on it, it had his fave bands and artists that I drew such as Russell brand, the arctic monkeys, noel fielding, Pete Doherty etc and in the centre there was a picture I drew of me and him with some love hearts. I drew a little envelope and I wrote "handmade by Hayley for Alex for Valentine's day 08" & stuck some photographs on it too. Some of it I painted as well but for most I left it black & white.
It took time but he absolutely loved it, and its hanging on his bedroom wall now :)

I made one for my best friend too when she moved the other week to Australia and she loved it as well. I think hand made things are really lovely to do and give as a present.

As for bought gifts, me & my bf last year decided that we would buy each other gifts that were the same. So instead of getting each other random things we both said we would buy each other perfume/cologne.
So he bought me the Sarah Jessica Parker gift set & I bought him Lacoste essential.

We're going to do the same this year but for a different category. I think this is also a really good idea because you can both talk about what you want, & you know that it'll be in the same price range, and it's also a kind of "his and her" thing so it feels really special too.

Other ideas could include a watch, dvd box sets, chocolate, gift cards, gig tickets, etc. There's loads of stuff really it's just personalizing it to make it special.


By Hayley

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 2 years and do I ever know, it gets harder to find gifts the longer you're together. For me, as a tradition every single year i always got a stocking filled with candy and treats and little toys...what ever entertains me. So, for one Christmas I gave him a stocking just like mine and filled it. He loved this really much and even felt apart of my family. (11/01/2008)

By Vic

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hey, put him into his own romance novel with you. has 25 books that you can put him into where you are the stars. How romantic is that? (11/03/2008)

By fld

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I am stuck! I have been with my boyfriend since march of 2008. We have known each other for 5 years (ever since he come back from a mission trip to Mexico). I don't know what to get him for Christmas. I thought of some clothes and some cds or something, but the problem is that his birthday is Dec. 26, and Christmas is the day before! WHAT do I do? He is worth a lot more than everything. So I feel like when I get him something it's not good enough. He is going off to college in January. I need ideas! I already have him some things, but not a lot. Thanks, Dana (11/03/2008)

By dana

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four months and this Christmas is going to be our first together. I know that he has already gotten me my gift and I know that it was really expensive and nice. I have no idea what to get him, I don't have a lot of money to spend like he does, and I want my gift to be something that lets him know that I love him and I want him to love it. Can you help me? (11/03/2008)

By Katie22

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I don't have any idea what to get for my boyfriend we have been together for about 2 years and I have to be like what do you want for Christmas, baby. (11/03/2008)

By hayley

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half, were 16. We've been though valentines day, birthdays and Christmas's and this is what I've gotten him:

1. lacrosse goal hes really into lacrosse),
2. tickets to a college lacrosse game,
3. made him his favorite cookies and wrote on them with icing,
4. his favorite movie (nightmare before Christmas),
5. promise rings (we both bought them for each other),
6. t-shirts, and game

By Molly

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I are both 19, and we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary very soon (Dec. 8), and this will be our 3rd Christmas together. I haven't decided what I'm getting him for Christmas yet, but I figured I could let everyone know what I've done in the past.

1st Christmas: cologne, 3-fold picture frame w/ 3 of my best senior pics (this was his FAVORITE even to this day!), and a long-sleeve cotton shirt from Eddie Bauer.

1st birthday (our b-days are only a day apart!): a CD that I made w/ songs that are special to us and/or that are romantic.

2nd Christmas: He's a hunter/country boy (<3). I made a fleece blanket for him w/ John Deere fleece on one side and camo fleece on the other! (He STILL sleeps w/ this every night, and now he has it in college. It's great to cuddle w/ together too.), and I got him a 350 gift card to Cabella's, sounds impersonal, but he told me that he wanted some new coveralls, so I got him the gift card so he could pick them out himself.<br />

2nd birthday: 2 tickets (GREAT SEATS, which makes a huge difference b/c it will show him that you want to show him a good time) to a Cardinals game and a Cardinals tee-shirt to wear at the game! The game was about a month later, so it was like he got the present all over again, AND it was great to be able to do that together! As an added bonus, I offered to drive, and when we got there a little early, I look him out for lunch and paid.

For our 2 year anniversary, I'm making him dinner at his house, and we're going to go see the new 007 movie since we went to a 007 movie on our first date! Very romantic and meaningful. (11/13/2008)

By Jennifer

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 9 months. He's 16 and I'm 15. A while ago he said he saw these New York Yankees boxers and he wanted them. So I was going to get those for him. Then the other day he was on line and found these sweatpants he really liked and sent them to me. I ordered them off line already so so far I only have those two things. They come out to be less than $50. So I will probably get him like a new bottle of his favorite Burburry cologne. I also might get him a gift card to his favorite restaurant, Outback Steak House. (11/16/2008)

By Alexa

Gifts for my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now. I'm 16, and he's 17.

We started dating around the beginning of the school year last year, so I was fortunate enough to have to get him a Christmas gift, which took a lot of thought out of me. I talked to him about music a lot and found his favorite band was Pink Floyd. One of my friends likes them too, so I had her discuss albums with him. She told me there as one CD which he didn't have and he wanted.

For Christmas that year, I bought him a band t-shirt, a teddy bear, earrings, and a the CD. He has earrings, so I put them exactly where his are on the bear, and I put the shirt on the bear as well (it was a pretty big teddy bear) I then put the CD in the bears lap, and put all that in a gift bag.

For Valentines day, we decided to make each other gifts. I sewed him a teddy bear, and made the teddy bear a back pack. Inside the backpack, I put in 20 Hershey kisses, 19 were cherry, which is his favorite flavor, and one was just regular. For each kiss, I pulled out the saying, and replaced them with a reason why I loved him. For the silver one, I wrote I love you, and that one I wrote by hand and not by computer. I also made him a card.

For his birthday, a few days later, I took him to the mall to go shopping. I made a mental note of everything he wanted and went back and bought the thing he seemed as if he wanted most.

If you get stumped on what to get your boyfriend, take him shopping. He will point out a thing or two at least that he wants or needs. Buy him that when you're not shopping with him. He will admire the fact that you were listening. (11/17/2008)

By Shananae

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I did this for my boyfriend and mines 2 year. There are frames at crafts stores which have the space for the picture, then matting around it on which you can write. I put at the top of the frame "100 things i love about you" then I came up with 100 things about him which I loved. It took a little bit to come up with 100 things. but the gift was a huge hit. (11/17/2008)

By Lindsey

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 1/2 years. Over time I've bought him an x box (along with extra controllers and games), tom tom GPS, mets/giants hoodies, tickets to mets games, I made a calendar of all pics of us, the entire series of seinfeld dvds, and the most recent gift was a ski trip. I surprised him with it two days before and had everything arranged and his friends came along too. (11/20/2008)

By katie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

If your boyfriend likes M&Ms you can customize them on this website You can put messages and pictures of you both together on the M&Ms. (11/23/2008)

By dominique

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have been with my boyfriend for coming up on 2 years (Dec. 15). I was kind of stumped for what to get him, and then it hit me! Go to the wal-mart (I know it sounds lame) but if your guy is a outdoors person, get some fishing wire, some bait (DEAD), and other little things he might need, like a cheap pocket knife, and make a little gift basket! It's reasonably cheap (depending how big you make your basket), cute, and thoughtful because you made the basket yourself! (11/25/2008)

By Catie

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

All of your ideas are wonderful! My boyfriend and I have been through a lot in the past year. I was pregnant and had a miscarriage and we were both 18 at the time, and it really had an impact on both of us. And he's dealt with my attitudes, PMS, and just everything in general. When I want something he always buys it. So I want to do something that will mean a lot to him. I know a few of you were talking about doing a scrapbook, which is something I want to do but I think I will have to wait until next year to do because we don't have too many pictures together. So what I've decided to do is make him a gift basket that his the following:

1. Cologne [gift set includes travel size cologne, regular size cologne, deodorant, and body wash],
2. Headphones,
3. Bake his favorite cookies,
4. Favorite candies,
5. 365 Days Jar [write things you love, like about him and everyday he misses you he can take out a piece of paper from the jar and read what you wrote],
6. Coupon Book,
7. Watch,
8. Stewie pajama pants [he loves family guy!]

And I've already gotten him an Xbox 360 which is what he wants the most so I'm just hoping he will love his gifts! I actually plan on putting more stuff in his gift basket I just can't decide on what else I want to do.

Hope this helps! (11/25/2008)

By norene

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hi girls. I am 16 and my boyfriend and I have been together for a year now.
For his 16th birthday, I bought a silver guitar pick and had the front engraved with our initials and the back engraved with lyrics to our song. I then put it on a silver chain for a necklace. He absolutely loved it and he wears it practically every day!
This would be good for any holiday. Hope this helps (: (11/25/2008)

By Ange

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Something that he can do with some of his friends would be cool. Even something with just one friend if you don't wanna spend too much. Say like tickets to a hockey game, or laser tag passes. I am getting my bf a round of paintball for him and a friend. (11/27/2008)

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 14 months. But last year for Christmas this is what I got him.

1. a fleece blanket, with penguins on it cuz he LOVES penguins.

2. a CD mixed with songs he likes and our song.

3. a coupon book (with stuff like free kiss, or stuff like that).
4. a stuffed penguin :) (loved it).

5. and a box of his favorite candies all mixed.

Just thought I'd tell what I got my boyfriend. It might help it might not. I thought some ideas in here were REALLY helpful for this year's Christmas! :) (11/27/2008)

By Kelsey L.

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have been with the most amazing boyfriend/fiance for almost 2 yrs, and I gotta say I love spending every moment with him. He makes me happy even when I'm not in the mood to be happy. So yea I think that the greatest gift you could give your someone is the love you want from him. Through out all the LOVE in the world what to you would be the best gift. It's your choice on what to give him. Always know that he will love you no matter what! (11/28/2008)

By Lucy

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend Gilbert have been going out for exactly two months. This will be our first Christmas together and I want it to be special. I wanna get make him something as well as buy him something that will remind him of me. I was thinking of buying him a hamster. Yeah I know it's weird but he says that I look like one so i thought it would be a funny idea.

I was also considering a coupon book and maybe even baking him a heart shaped cake. Once I made him a CD with all our songs including some romantic ones. He really liked it. I also wrote him a letter of how much he means to me and the impact that he has made on my life and everything i love about him.

If you're a singer write him a song and sing it to him if he's a romantic kinda guy. Or maybe even making him a calender with pictures of the both of you together on each month. I hope i was able to help and I wish everyone the best of luck.
(29/11/08) (11/29/2008)

By Tatiana

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 months but we've known each other for 1 1/2 years, My advice: If you don't know what to buy your boyfriend, take him somewhere! I'm taking my guy to a couple of GT basketball games (cuz I can get free tickets) and I'm taking him for the laser show at St. Mountain. If you do this and still want him to have something under the tree, write him a romantic letter about how much he means to you and everything. Trust me, this will mean the world to him. (11/29/2008)

By Anonymous

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My Boyfriend and I have been going out for seven months and this is our first Christmas together. I'm thinking of buying him a picture frame and putting in my favorite picture of us and an ornament with something like "our first Christmas" on it. But I don't know what else to get him. Help me! (11/29/2008)

By Dana

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm 15 & my boyfriend is 16. We have been involved for 16 months the day after Christmas. We usually don't do gifts, we just spend time together. But I really would like to get him something this occasion. And I'm pretty sure he wants something. He means to me, and he has been there through so much.

He has been playing baseball since he was 3 and its his life. I was thinking building him a bear that is wearing his favorite baseball teams uniform. He is some what of a sucker for corny things. Any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks ( :
hendersonjoselyn(at)yahoo(dot)com (11/30/2008)

By Leigh

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My ex and I had been together for three years. I can tell you what I had got him in the past and I hope it helps some.

Our first Christmas we had only been together for a few months so I made him like a little mini scrapbook. All the pages are already creatively done so you just have to add the pictures. You can pick one up at Joannes or Michaels. I also gave him his favorite candies in a little Penguin case (it was an inside joke between us)

The second Christmas I got him a dog tag necklace. It was silver with a strip of gold on it. I also got his initials engraved on the front (he wore it ALL the time)

The past Christmas I was running out of ideas. He's a pretty big beer drinker so I got him a mardi gras Heineken Neon for his place, my favorite cologne on him, and a few shirts.

Hope that helped. (11/30/2008)

By A baby

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months on Dec.4th. I've known him for 5 years and I have liked him the whole time, and when we started dating I found out that he liked me the whole time also! So things are working out great.

He's totally into music, he plays piano, bass, and trombone. He's writing me a song for Christmas! He also swims and LOVES movies. One thing I'm going to get him for Christmas is a "movie night" basket. I'm also going to get him a guitar strap (because his broke when he flung his guitar around his neck).

I will probably also get him a band t shirt and make him some food. He loves my cooking. music is also a big part in my life, so I am attempting to write him a song. It's harder then it sounds!
One more thing. He just got his license (were both 16) so I'm going to get him a little penguin key chain. He loves penguins! (11/30/2008)

By ashley

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 10 months now and Christmas is coming up. I am 15 and he is 17. Of course he has something for me already and he said it's really good and I already know it's expensive. I had about 10 ideas for presents for him but he got everything! At first I was planning on getting him a guitar, picks, amp, wallet, band shirts (he already has every single one for his favorite band), cologne he just told me he is getting from his grandma. (12/01/2008)

By alice

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I made my boyfriend a great frame with a bunch of pictures of us scattered around on it mixed with all the tickets of shows and movies we had seen together in the past year. that was for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. If your at all creative I suggest maybe drawing a picture of him. I did that also but I'm waiting til Christmas to give it to him. Also, he's been saying he wants a ring so I am going to get him a plain silver one with engraving on the inside of it so it isn't too corny. Lastly, I'm thinking of buying him a star, it's something different and it's surprisingly inexpensive. Hope this could help. (12/01/2008)

By Chloe

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 7 months. For his birthday, I bought him a stuffed animal bear (it's an inside joke), a gift card to Subway (he loves subway). I made him a peanut butter chocolate cake, and I wrote him a card about how much I love him and why. I put sparkles all over it. He LOVED all of it.

For Christmas I might do one of the coupon things like "free back rub.. free wrestling match" ...he LOVES wrestling. I might do the 100 things I love about you or A-Z thing. and buy him something cute.. he likes socks :P (12/01/2008)

By Briannaa

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I met the guy of my dreams about 3 months ago and we've been going out ever since. Everything is going great, and presents aren't a big issue because we like just being together. But, now Christmas is here and I don't know what to do!! He is getting me something really great and I want to get him something amazing. He loves Ohio state but has basically EVERYTHING that's cool. He's a tech-head too, but I don't have a LOT of money. I want to make him something he would keep forever. PLEASE help me! my email is luvseclipse01 AT Thank you! Much appreciated. (12/02/2008)


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months, basically 5. He's 17 and I'm 16. He's so excited about getting me a gift and already has like 4 picked out. So far I got him a picture frame and put the date he asked me out with a cute picture of us in it, a pair of Oakley's since he's obsessed with aviators and it's an inside joke sorta, and I'm baking him cookies and decorating the tin with pictures of us, movie ticket stubs, all that fun stuff. But, I want to get him something else cute and memorable! Can anyone help me? Thanks:] (12/02/2008)

By Lynn

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

So this is me and my boyfriends second Christmas together. So far I've accomplished in getting him an engraved promise ring, spider man chap stick, sweater, and a car mitt to clean his car. I just feel like those are so impersonal. I know that pictures are good gifts but I'm just worried he's going to get me something that will blow mine out of the water. Help me.

By Valesecia.

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm making my boyfriend a list of things I love about him from A to Z. Love ya! (12/03/2008)

By Dana

Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together 11 months, it will be a year on New Years, I'm 17 and he's 18. He doesn't work so we have decided on spending a limit of $20 on each other. But he said I can't buy him games or DVDs or anything like that. He said he wants me to get him something really special that he can treasure. He's really into games and computing.

I want to make him a stocking with lots of unusual things, but I don't know what to put in it. My ideas so far are some guitar picks and I'm going to do a drawing of us. Anyone got any other ideas? I can think of lots of things, but they go over the budget.

Amy from London, UK


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hey there. I'm 21 and my bf is 25 we've been together for quite awhile, but nothing really long yet. He is deploying to Iraq, but will be here for the holidays. Since he's deploying very soon, I can't get him the things he likes because he can't take everything with him (such as his fave cologne, xbox360, etc.),
but I bought and am creating a few things that hopefully he can take. Here are some ideas on what I'm doing.

  • Scrapbook with pics of us, ticket stubs and such, quotes, memories, reasons on why I love him, and funny pictures I found online and some are inside jokes.

  • A fleece blanket which I hope he can take. I want him to remember us whenever he's under the blanket.

  • A digital photokeychain, if I can find one.

  • Hopefully some engraved dogtags with our names on it.

  • I'm planning on including a little note about how much I'm in love with him and that he's just the one for me. Also I want him to remember our love that way when it's tough out there hopefully it'll keep his spirits up.

  • Homemade calendar with pictures, funny things.
That's about it for now, but I kinda wish I could buy more stuff though to balance out the homemade stuff. Everyone has good ideas by the way. (12/20/2008)

By Chrissy

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

You could always do a Build a Bear if there is one close to you. They start at $10 and you can add a voice box to it with your own message in your own voice for not too much more. It's a great gift and when you aren't there he will still have a message from you. (12/20/2008)

By Kelly

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

For those whose boyfriends are gamers, I would suggest getting him the movie "Grandma's Boy" if he doesn't own it already. It's about a 35-year old gamer who has to move in with his grandmother after being kicked out of his apartment. The movie was produced by Adam Sandler, so that will give you an idea of the humor involved, but it is a funny movie. (12/21/2008)


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

All of these are really great ideas, thanks for the help. Another tip, personalized M and M's are really cute and not that expensive as part of a Christmas gift. I got some that say "I love you" and "My name + his name". (12/21/2008)

By Caroline

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

How about a sterling bracelet or a stainless one with your name on it. Or how about a key holder that he can hook on to his belt, or a a keychain or a wallet with your picture on or in it. If he drives or loves a certain kind of car, you can get him a keychain with that car's logo on it.

Another thing he might really like is, if you could burn him a CD with all of yours and his favorite songs on it. And if he or both of you listen to it often, then throughout life whenever he hears one of those songs, he'll always think of you.

They sell black lights at Walmart, maybe he'd like one of these, or a T-shirt with his favorite bands logo or picture on it.

If all else fails, print out some very nice coupons for him that he can "cash in" later on. For example: This coupon good for one batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, etc. etc. (12/21/2008)

By Cyinda

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Wow, I have been dating my boyfriend for 11 months and it will be 1 year on New Years. That's weird. You should make him a scrap book of pictures of you two or take him to the spot where you first kissed and have a picnic basket prepared for him. (12/23/2008)

By Erin

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I took a picture of me and my guy and put it in a picture frame. Around the picture frame I wrote lyrics to our song, it's meaningful and not expensive. (12/24/2008)


RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I made him a tie blanket. He loved it. (12/24/2008)

By Girly

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend almost four months. This is what I got him for Christmas this year:

  1. Engraved Zippo from ThingsRemembered [.com]
  2. Wii travel case
  3. Nintendo Monopoly
  4. Wii candy tin
  5. Zelda mint tin
  6. Personalized travel mug (Dollar Tree find!) with a cute picture from his favorite video game rolled up in it.

The travel mugs are a great idea if your partner loves their coffee. These are cheap, the Dollar Tree is a great place to find them, and you can print out anything you want to put in them.

My boyfriend's a nerdy little thing, always playing with his computers at work (certified computer tech). So I got a plain stocking and glued on little microchips, cables, cords, and $2 broken Gameboy games from pawn shops. Inside it, I put a game he wanted, a candy filled cane filled with computer guts and his favorite candies, the tins of candy, his lighter, and other candies I knew he'd like.

It's definitely a cute idea. No matter what your partner likes, you can always dress up a stocking with little knick-knacks and surprise them with it in the morning. (12/25/2008)

By Leanna

RE: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I used the box idea. My boyfriend is going away for a while and I wanted to get him something to remind him of how much I love him. I got him some clothes and stuff, but I felt like I should give him something meaningful.

I got a box, and for every day that he would be gone I came up with a reason that I loved him and put it on a slip of paper. I came up with way more things that intended, 1000 to be exact. I also added in titles of some songs that remind me of him or him of me and our songs, and some quotes and poems. Also some "remember when's", and some little cut out hearts. I decorated the box in pictures of us and on the lid put the lyrics from "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge. ("I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is, now you're in the world.")

When I gave it to him he literally broke down into tears. He says it's the best gift he could have ever received and that nothing will ever top it. I hope this helps, I know it helped me a ton. And it only cost me like 4 bucks for a box and some paper. Hope this helps. (12/28/2008)

By Char

Archive: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have a 23 year old boyfriend and he has everything he wants. What he wanted for Christmas, he just bought. So now I don't know what to get him.

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