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Confirmation Gifts for Boys

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What kind of gifts can you get for a teenage boy for confirmation?



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By helen (Guest Post)05/06/2008

My son's confirmation is tomorrow and I already gave him a nice silver Casio Watch.

By francine (Guest Post)04/01/2008

how about a nice watch with the date engraved on the back and the boy's initials ( including the new confirmation name initial)

By Agnes Hollenback (Guest Post)03/31/2008

Do you have a medal of St.Sebastian?? If so, please let me know?

By stewart (Guest Post)12/10/2005

how about a st.christophers pendulant (the patron saint of travellers) or other suitable patron saint-depending on the boys interests

By Teri (Guest Post)03/21/2005

When my oldest son graduated his confirmation classes he was given a bible by one set of grandparents, and a gift certificate to a christian book store by his other set of grandparents. The gift certificate was nice as the store had so many nice things, not just books, and he was able to choose what he wanted. He bought himself a wallet.

By (Guest Post)03/19/2005

We bought our son a gold watch for his confirmation. A crusifix is also a nice gift. See if there are any Catholic stores in your area, they usually have some nice things and the people who work there have good ideas.

By Karen Thibodeau [1]03/19/2005

a cross necklace i know it has an actually name but i just woke up. A bible

By Lee-Ann (Guest Post)03/18/2005

How about a collectible coin set?

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