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Dawn Dishsoap For Fleas


How do I use Dawn on fleas?

By Barbra from Calistoga, CA


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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 11/07/2010 Flag

I use Dawn when there are lots of fleas on cats and puppies and they need lots of grease and stuff removed from their coat. Usually for a life threatening infestation, I just smear a circle around their neck, since the bugs will crawl into their ears and eyes, if you don't trap them this way. Then I wet them and lather them up really good and then let them walk around the bathroom for about maybe 6 or so minutes. Then I rinse them off.

However, I have bought a bottle of tea tree oil at Walgreen's, and I am sending a link on how to use it for dogs. I would probably both make the spray and put some drops into the shampoo.

Here is the lice and Dawn remedy for human lice, and I am sure it would work on a dog also, maybe use a little less than six ounces of Dawn for a dog.

6 oz of Dawn dish detergent
2 oz white vinegar
Two tablespoons tea tree oil

...Mix these together:
Put on hair ten minutes
Comb through with metal lice comb
Rinse and condition

Maintain the effect by putting 15 drops of tea tree oil into any shampoo, and washing hair two times a week with it.

Tea tree oil must never be used straight on the skin and is toxic to cats.

I would probably get a bottle of whatever kind of shampoo you are going to use on the dog, and put those drops into there for use on the dog every time you bathe him.


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By William K. Moritz 2 01/10/2011 Flag

Well, Hells Bells, I use it to rid my dogs of fleas and tick, foamy bottle I use as shaving cream, it a great body wash, pre-wash on the the hair before the expensive shampoo and it take only one squirt into the dishwasher soap pan to give me great clean spotless dishes. What's the downside to this soap, it saves birds and that makes it good enough for me, (cry,cry) -sorry.

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By greg12 1 08/09/2011 Flag

You guys are the ones that they are talking about at the Veterinary conventions. NO Dawn and NO baby shampoos on dogs, ever! It is awful for their skin. Use a non-detergent, non-degreasing, gentle dog shampoo. Any shampoo left on the dog long enough, will kill the fleas currently on the animal.

The flea medications provided by veterinarians have all been retested in Tampa, FL. They all work when applied properly and consistently to every animal on the premises. Use year round. Fleas can live in "a cocoon" stage for up to 7 months. The U.S. doesn't have a 7 month freeze to kill these insects.

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By luvmypug674 2 08/31/2011 Flag

Hi Hey You,

I found this post while looking for instructions on how to use dawn on your dog to kill fleas. I called my vet about a sudden onset of fleas, late in the year, and he advised me to try dawn.

I have found very mixed results about whether to use it or not, but being as my vet recommended it, I feel that it is probably safe, if used in a pinch and not really often (no more than once every 2 months since it will strip the oils that dogs need on their skin).

What got my attention in your post was how you said to never use baby shampoo on your pet. I own a pug who is very prone to hot spots and dry skin. I tried about a dozen different pet shampoos that advertised they were good for dry skin and hot spots, and my poor buddy got no relief.

I asked my vet and he suggested to try baby shampoo. I invested in a bottle of Johnson's baby shampoo for hair and body, and it has been a life saver. He no longer has the dry, flaky skin, and hasn't had a hot spot in over a year now.

I bathe him with it about once a month, and not only does it cure the dry skin, but it also gives him a soft, healthy looking coat, and keeps him smelling nice almost all month. It has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my little man.

I am not sure why your vet, or the vets at these conventions, say that you should not use it, because mine did tell me to, and it is great. I'll never use a different shampoo on him. I guess vets are just like doctors; none of them agree on everything.

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