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Dyeing Leather Purse


I have a purple purse and I would like to know if you dye leather and bake the dye into the purse so it does not come off. The shoe maker place told me you have to bake the dye to make it stay from coming off. I want it dyed black.

Kim from Maumee, OH



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By pam munro 523 790 10/25/2007

Putting black leather dye over purple shouldn't be too hard. Just prepare the leather surface well. Use several coats. and then seal with black wax polish. I don't know about the heat - sounds to me as if it would be bad for the leather??? Go to someplace that deal with leather crafts, like the Tandy's chain. They will have everything you need.

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By (Guest Post) 10/25/2007

I agree with previous boster, but I know that SOME dyes require heat to set them--usually boiling for a few minutes. I suspect baking the leather while wet wouldn't hurt too much but better to check b4 ruining!

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By Jim Stapert 1 10/26/2007

Go to . They have actual leather dye, not thinned down paint. It is guaranteed not to peel, flake or chip.

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By Carol W. 6 94 10/27/2007

My dh, who does leather work has dyed shoes and purses for me. Find proper leather dye and follow instructions. There is proper lacquer finish to use on top.
Due to fumes work in ventilated area. Allow 24 hours for each application to dry and absorb properly. I have a pair of previously white leather clogs that he did and put in an aged look by dying a blood red under the wear creases and years later they look better than ever with no white ever showing through. Tandy is the number one source of leather work and their web site is informative.

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By KNEIT1221 (Guest Post) 10/28/2007

If I sent you the purse could you dye it? Please let me know. Thank you, Kim

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