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Taking Prenatal Vitamins When Not Pregnant

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Is it OK to take prenatal vitamins if you're not pregnant, just to have stronger nails? I've read a lot lately about how women's nails were at their best while taking prenatal vitamins, so I can't help but wonder if it would work any time. I can't imagine there would be anything harmful about it.

Bonnie from Tuckerton, NJ



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By lily (Guest Post)09/30/2008

You should only take half a pill if your not pregnant.

By Artlady (Guest Post)07/02/2008

I agree with everyone who's posted. My doctor recommended them to me when I complained of thin dry hair and broken nails. I get compliments on how shiny my hair is. It made a big difference. My daughter tried them, but like someone else mentioned, they made her sick to her stomach. Good idea to buy a small bottle first. I always buy the store brand because they are cheaper.

By Vi Johnson [237]07/01/2008

I asked the druggist at Costco.I was comparing the special diabetic blend and noticed the ingredients were not as much as in the prenatals. His answer was "Yes,all women should be on them." They have more of what we need and are CHEAPER than a lot of the special blends. GG VI

By Estella (Guest Post)07/01/2008

I was told by a doctor to take them for my nails, but they gave me an upset stomach. So I would not buy a huge quantity until you see if you tolerate them well.

By falldowngobump [1]07/01/2008

Several years ago I was really sick and very rundown. My doctor recomended pre-natal vitamins to help build me back up. I still take them. I have great nails and hair.

By jean (Guest Post)07/01/2008

My daughter is a nurse practitioner, and has a patient who is 94, and has been taking them for 60+ years. In fact, they are the only medication she takes, and she is in great health. Her 70 year old daughter also takes them.

By Judi [17]06/30/2008

My dr. said it would be good to take them all the time.

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