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Lip Balm Stains on Microfiber Sofa


Can anyone tell me how to get Carmex (lip balm) out of dark green micro fiber sofa. She tried a shampooer and it only made it worse. It is a large area as my niece's daughter smeared it all over herself and then rolled on the couch. Thanks.

By Nancy from Mokena, IL


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By Sharon L Martin 12 5 11/23/2009 Flag

Try shaving cream with a toothbrush. Good luck

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By Jodi 15 11/24/2009 Flag

My dog knocked a pan of vegetable oil off the stove, rolled in it and then rolled around on my brand new micro fiber couch to get it off. I used dawn dish soap mixed with water and a hard bristle brush and then used the attachment on my carpet cleaner to pull any left over water out, let it dry in the sun, no oil and no "water spots" appeared. Good Luck

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By leanne chaisson 44 84 11/25/2009 Flag

I am assuming that lip balm is wax based, if so an old issue of good housekeeping magazine suggested using an iron and kraft paper to get wax out of fabric. I would suggest using a low heat on the back of the couch as I am not familiar with what microfibre fabric is, if it does not harm the fabric it would be worth trying the above suggestion on a small corner of the stain, and deciding whether or not to continue
Hope this helps. Hugs, Cinnamon

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