Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym


I need ideas on how to transform a church gym to an elegant yet inexpensive wedding reception.

Heather from Murray, KY



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By tracy (Guest Post) 06/26/2007

Ballons are a really cheep way to bring fun to a hall fill and let them hang from the walls and celling, make "trees" with them and tie together and put on the dance floor. weight with potted plants. use and arch over the cake table also table runners in your colors is a great way to add to any hall. chair swags and bows are cheep to make too..

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 06/27/2007

I think I would cover the things that make the room look gym-y. Balloon clusters and crepe paper could cover the basketball baskets. You could rent carpeting for the lines on the floor. Using dimmed lighting would cut the game-day glare. Live music, if you can find a harpist or pianist, would make the huge difference. How about a slide show of the bride and groom's early days playing against one wall?

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By Heather (Guest Post) 06/27/2007

I was in your shoes not to long ago! My reception hall had bad lighting and the floors needed refinished. I know it's hard to stay on a budget, but sometimes if you rent a couple of eye-catching items, it can draw everyone's attention and all you need to supplement are simple table decorations. I rented a backlit lattice for the cake table and lights in toulle that hung from the ceiling. That made the reception hall. All I put on the tables were cylinder vases with a floating candle and a candle ring at the bottom. I bought all of that at a $1 store. If the gym can't raise the basketball goals just hang a little toulle and borrow some christmas lights and you will have an elegant looking cascade to frame the room.

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By Allison 21 158 06/28/2007

My friend had her wedding reception in her church's gym and she made it really beautiful by hanging four big pieces of tulle along with Christmas lights from a central spot on the high ceiling, draping the pieces down to each corner of the gym. I don't know if that description makes sense... it was really pretty because the draping of the tulle and the dim lighting of the Christmas lights softened the features of the gym. You really forgot you were in a gym. It kind of made a canopy above the reception that covered the icky ceiling. I'll see if I can find a picture of something similar...

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By Valerie 1 5 07/03/2007

I've seen some beautiful lighting indoors with the "icicle" lights people use at Christmas time. I dont' know if there are poles you can string them to, or not. Perhaps white miniature lights in artificial plants would work, too. All the best to you as you wed.

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By denise w (Guest Post) 07/03/2007

the easiest and cheapest way to cover ceiling is buy a few cheap helium tanks and the colors in your wedding for balloons and lots of ribbin to tie on them and fill the room with them. i agree with the spray painted branches cause they are free for the asking and you could add a few flowers to the branches attached to the walls and it would be awesone and use small tea candles all over the place for lighting alng with xmas lights thruout the branches. and use a focus table either the head table or the cake table in the middle of the room to focus people to look to the middle rather than the walls.i made choclate covered strawberries and put on scures and added foliage to a vase and this was my edible center peice on each table along with the tea lights i wrote my and my hubbies name on candle holders in gold and the date and this was the favors and so on. it will be get dont worry congrads

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By Becky B. (Guest Post) 07/16/2007

To keep lattice from toppling, we hinge two pieces together and set them up where they don't open completely, making a "V". We also attach fabric or bulletin board paper in the wedding colors to the back of the lattice for a nice effect. You can also shine a spot light to the back of the panels so the fabric glows from the front.
My son and his fiancee will soon be getting married and their reception will also be in a gym. The above suggestions are great. I was wondering, though, if anybody had a suggestion about making an inexpensive gazebo structure for the center of them to showcase the brides table.

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By carolyn (Guest Post) 03/15/2008

I am planning my second daughter's wedding, too. It will be held in a church gym also. With my first daughter's wedding I did the white Christmas lights and tulle and balloons, gazebo and lattice and made a tulle canopy over the center of the gym which was over the gazebo with the cake in it. It was beautiful.

My second daughter wants nothing like her sister's decorations. I want to cover a rectangular gym ceiling with white fabric. I want it to drape in folds from a center wire or pipe the length of the gym (60 ft) out to the walls. Any ideas on what we could use to support all the fabric so it will not fall down on our guests? We have been thinking about PVC pipe, wire, wood beam, but we want the least amount of marks left on the walls as possible. I already have the fabric and it is much heavier than the tulle. It was free so I couldn't turn it down.

Also, if you have seen a picture on the web that shows this, I would appreciate you sharing this with me.

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By Donna in Bloomfield, KY (Guest Post) 07/09/2008

Use tobacco canvas that you can purchase at your local farm supply store. It is very inexpensive and can be a beautiful way to transform a large area like a gym. Use ivy and white Christmas lights with the canvas in a creative way and you will have a setting lovely enough for any formal gathering.

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By adh (Guest Post) 11/21/2008

Well, I'm not sure about the decorating, I myself am trying to wrap my head around that for my own wedding but my fiance loves basketball so I was considering letting everyone take a shot if they make it we have to kiss or do something silly. I'm not sure which way I'm going with that yet but I'm leaning more towards silly.

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By Billie (Guest Post) 11/26/2008

CAUTION- Depending on the type of sprinkler and fire alarm system, helium balloons floating along a ceiling can be "seen" as smoke and trigger an alarm - or worse- the sprinklers. Ask the facility manager before you begin.

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By Cindy Shaw 06/02/2009

For brides in Utah and Washington you need to check out cindyrellaweddings.com Unbelievable decor at a great price!

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Archive: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

I need ideas on transforming a church gym into a reception area for 250 wedding guests. I have endless strings of white lights but have no idea how to begin this project!

Barb from Three Rivers, MI

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

Hi Barb, Make a square out of the lights on the floor to make a dance floor. Cover wires with a white border. Get a couple sheets of white lattice and decorate with greenery with the lights all through it. Put the lattice behind the wedding table or the cake table. Decorate all the tables with it...There is endless possibilities..just have to use your imagination..Check out wedding books out of your library or decorating books. Good Luck and I hope this helps

By ditzy46

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

Check out Oriental Trading's website...they have tons of wedding decorations REASONABLY priced...everything from arches to balloons to bubbles, table cloths, etc...you will get a ton of ideas by just looking at the website

By Lois D

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

You could wrap the lights with tulle or small netting, and drape it around the room. Or try renting an arch and decorate it with tulle and lights. Add silk flowers in the wedding colors.

By duckie43

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

For my son's December wedding, we used our Christmas tree in the gym. I believe it was decorated with white lights, a large ribbon bow (white, silver and gold with streamers) and silver & gold ornaments. It was beautiful! We also used tulle and twisted it with strands of white lights to use in the archway. (Tulle fabric is really inexpensive and it looks really pretty). We used silver and gold strands of beads to weave in and out of lots of things like flower arrangements, tulle, we randomly placed them on serving tables, etc. Like one of the other suggestions, we also used lattice panels painted white. We used greenery, lights and tulle and wove them randomly through the lattice slats. (Our gym walls were really ugly). We even had the table that the wedding cake was on in the gym under a small gazebo. Congratulations and Good Luck!

By Tammy in SC

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

I recently went to a large wedding and it was held in a ballroom. They took large tree branches and spray painted them white. Then wrapped the branches in lights. They placed them in all corners of the room. It was very pretty. Best wishes to the bride and groom.

By Becky

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

How about using all those lights--I have no idea how many--to make a large lattice above the gym but below the ceiling, like a twinkling lowered ceiling. The tulle can be laid over it to make a ceiling, and bingo! no gym. When you rent chairs, get the ones that have gold backs. Most people don't notice table cloths or napkins, so get or make the least expensive ones you can. White ones look more formal, anyway.

By the Oracle

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

We did our own, and used some ivy garlands decorated with lights, and a few flowers tucked in. It looked nice.

We also used white helium balloons bunches, with a few of our wedding colors mixed in. We anchored them with ribbons to small sand filled vases, and added some flowers there. We also tied white bows around the vase neck, halfway up the ribbons, and at the base of the balloon bunch. We made them so the would float at about 6 ft. so it didn't interfere with close pictures, but showed up in longer shots.

You can vary the height with the ribbons, colors, and flowers to make nice effects. A 3-4 ft. height can be used to "wall off" areas, and create a wanted traffic pattern.

By Brenda Chavis

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

Center point of ceiling. Hang a huge hoop ring of wood. From their out, attach one end of string lights and take it to the end of its length and attach to small hoop or staple to ceiling if permitted. Strings of silk flowers or silver garland would be nice to entwine with lights. You will need high ladders and get the guys to do the hanging.

Good luck, and congratulations.

By diane

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

Thanks to all of you for the great suggestions! Does anyone have an idea for the back support of a lattice panel? How do you keep it from tipping over onto the cake table? I'm the mother of the bride, and the bride is in Sarajevo visiting her groom.

By barbwelty

RE: Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

We held our daughter's reception in the Church gym. I took dry bush branches - spray painted them silver and white.(you can accent with your colors) they were put into the white buckets from Walmart bakery (frosting comes inside ) the buckets were filled with rocks and sand, then top layered with plaster on top to hold each trunk in place. I strung the tiny little lites threw each bush making a beautiful effect - we had a arch dressed w/tulleing and flowers from a dollar store. Living in Northern MI, the branches were every where "free" . they can be made months in advance and dressed up the gym nicely- the arch we placed as a entrance on to a small dance area - from the eating area. When the lights are low and night comes the gym becomes filled with a wonderful twinkle glow.

By debi

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