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Chocolate Stains


How do you get rid of a chocolate pudding stain that's been set into a comforter? It has been through the wash and dry cycle once already in cold water? My friend got it on my blanket and it makes me mad that she refuses to fess up to it, so I would really like to get it gone.

By Ally from Alta Loma, CA


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12/09/2010 Flag

Try 3% hydrogen peroxide. Lightly soak the area for a minute or two and then rub the fabric against itself, rinse and then wash with a gentle soap. You may have to reapply the peroxide an extra time or two. Test first in an inconspicuous spot for color fastness.

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By bkvander 2 114 12/09/2010 Flag

There isn't much Dawn dish liquid soap won't get out. Pre-treat it with Dawn, let it sit and wash.

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By Sean L. 1 02/13/2014 Flag

I know all the responses are from women... Except mine. But I took a little advice from this post, little advice from that one... Wha la, my own solution. I took the pillow case (no judging, it's valentines day!) with the chocolate stain and rubbed 2% milk into it using small circles. Then put about a dime size drop of Palmolive on it, small circles, little more milk and BAM!!! Gone! My girl was impressed with the night but I think she was even more impressed with my stain removal abilities! Lol

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By arpita 2 02/21/2014 Flag

Not to worry. Apply full fat milk/heavy cream (skimmed milk wont work) on stained part of the cloth with cotton/tooth brush. Keep aside for 2-3 minutes. Scrub again gently. Rinse with warm water and detergent.

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Archive: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I spilled the kind of chocolate that hardens onto my favorite pants. The chocolate came out but some kind of oily(?) residue has remained. They are 100% cotton.

Thanks for the help,


RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

There is a color-safe bleach called VIVID that comes in a liquid or a powder. It gets out lots of stains that others can't touch. And if your daughter truly gets chocolate stains on all her clothes, you might want to start dressing her all in brown!!! (07/14/2004)

By Becki in Indiana

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

Rub some DAWN dishwashing liquid in the stain. Let set for a few minutes and then wash. Works every time here. (07/15/2004)

By janet

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I agree with the Dawn dishwashing liquid. This usually works well for me, especially with those oily spots on dark colored clothes. (08/23/2005)

By washburn6394

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

When i have a stain that i can't get out I always use Clear Magic. You can get that at farm & fleet or somethings wal-mart carrys it back in auto deparment. Good Luck (10/01/2005)

By Joyce wis

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I use Dawn on the stain and let it soak for a short time. In the meantime I heat a medium saucepan full of water on the stove or heat a large measuring bowl full of water in the microwave. I then place a medium sized empty bowl inside the garment with the stained part of the garment in the middle of the bowl. Place this in the sink and then pour the hot water over the stain. This has even worked on stains that have gone through the dryer. (10/02/2005)

By Joan - WY

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

Fels-Naptha soap! Just wet the material, rub in some fels naptha and wash as usual. It can be found in MOST laundry sections of wal-mart, or other is an "old" bar soap but, old isn't always bad! (10/02/2005)

By Mary

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I used this method to clean chocolate off a denim fabric couch: Scrape off excess dried chocolate with a spoon. Sponge stain with cold water. Mix 2 tablespoons of borax ("Boraxo Laundry Booster," or "20 Mule Team Laundry Booster") and 2 cups of warm water. Sponge stain with this mixture. Rinse well and wash as usual.

By Cathy

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

THANK YOU! My 2 year old daughter had gotten chocolate stains from M&Ms on a dress I had recently bought her & the stain had set in so I tried the Dawn dishsoap trick, the stain is gone! I will pass this tip onto everyone I know! (01/30/2006)

By karen

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I've tried the Clorox Pen, and it doesn't work on anything it's supposed to, so far. So, now I'm trying the Fels-Naptha soap and Dawn soap to remove the chocolate stain which has "set" for 9 hours. I also tried Tryzyme from Amway, but this is a stubborn stain! This white blouse has not been in the dryer. (03/15/2006)


RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I used Dawn's foam detergent - It worked a miracle on the entire load - I had a brand new pair of Ping golf shorts of my husband's and 4 very good golf shirts plus everything else that went through the original load. The chocolate all came out. I was thrilled and recommend it to anyone with the same problem that I had! (04/30/2006)

By Gretchen Smith

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

My fiance spilled chocolate sauce all over a very expensive new Kenneth Cole dress shirt (100% cotton- made in Indonesia) while at a trade conference for his job. i've tried the conventional stain removal methods on chocolate stains in the past but nothing works better than HEAVEY CREAM. Believe it or not, something in milk dissolves every trace of chocolate from clothes, you can even use icky bad stinky milk, as long as the milk used is real cow milk and has a high fat content. Heavy cream works best (skim won't work), just use a toothbrush and lightly scrub the stain with cream, let stand for a few minutes, scrub lightly again, and throw into the wasH with warm/hot water and regular detergent. (05/19/2006)

By dedeyre

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

Goof Off The Ulimate Remover! Lightly cover stain wait a minutes or two and then wash in hot water and laundry soap. This removes oil like you would not believe. I have 3 sons; it has said a lot of clothes. Actually, my youngest son just start working at a cafeteria. He had oil all over two pairs of his jeans. Just two days ago I said what is up with the oil. He said he stir fries. Thank God for Goof Off. Jeans are clean. (05/26/2006)

By Tina

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

The oily stuff left can be removed by putting a bit of dawn dish soap directly on the greasy spots. Let it soak in and wash in the washing machine with normal detergent as usual. Dawn has great grease fighiting power on dishes and clothes. (07/30/2006)

By leslieann

RE: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I have done this before and it worked for me. On clothing, even after it has been washed and in the dryer, if the chocolate stain remains, put some kitchen roll or similar under the stain, and iron on the reverse side. It melts the chocolate back through and into the paper. (11/06/2006)

By Sirena

Archive: Chocolate Stains on Clothing

I have medium green color cotton slacks that have a chocolate stain on them. What is the best way to get it out?

Archive: Set-in Chocolate Stains on Clothes

I have set-in chocolate stain on my clothes. I don't know how the chocolate candies got in the washer or dryer, but I found the stain after I had dried my clothes. There are stains in several shirts and sweatpants that are all brand new.

Jade from Ventura, CA


RE: Set-in Chocolate Stains on Clothes

I got a Pink brand white tee with green lettering from Victoria's Secret for Christmas and I split hot coco on it and the Dawn worked! I let the shirt soak in cold water for about ten minutes then put dawn on my fingers and rubbed it in and the stain was disappearing. Then i put it in the wash with cold water and regular detergent and the stain came out! (12/23/2007)

By Courtney

RE: Set-in Chocolate Stains on Clothes

Thanks so very much, Courtney, for your response to my question. What a great Christmas gift to get the answer to my question.

Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you, Courtney, and to everyone out there!

Sincerely, (12/26/2007)

By JPW63

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