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Giving Cookies as Gifts


I have done a lot of cookie baking. I would like suggestions on how to present these gifts-packaging, etc, for the WOW! response they deserve.

Linda from Vista, CA



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By Harlean from Arkansas 139 417 12/18/2006

You can find nice platters, baskets, and other containers at the Dollar Store for $1.00 each. Last year, I bought Dollar Store pizza pans, and found (also at the dollar store) some extra large ziplock bags that the pan fit into. Just add a pretty stick-on bow, or a bundle of curly ribbon and a gift tag

Harlean from Arkansas

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By Lynn Marler 43 117 12/18/2006

Hi, Linda, you can also find some really pretty plates at thrift shops, antique shops, even "junk" stores, etc.

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By sue (Guest Post) 12/18/2006

I like to take a box the size of a boot box with a solid white bottom and just wrap the top with wrapping paper. Then line it with foil or saran then fill it up with the bakery. Tie ribbon around the whole thing to keep it closed. This method has produced pretty inpressive results for me when the receiver see's rows and rows of cookies.

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By Tandy (Guest Post) 12/20/2006

I use tin buckets to package gifts that are handmade. They can then be used again by the person getting the gift.

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By suzanne 278 750 12/21/2006

You can also buy new, undecorated paint cans at any hardware store. They are just plain silver color.

Editor's Note: Here's an article about it:

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By Beverly (Guest Post) 12/18/2006

I saw Rachel Ray on TV the other day. She said buy cheap, odd plates at a discount place and get the decorated Saran wrap at a dollar store, sit the plate of cookies on a large piece of it and bring up on all sides of the plate and tie with a ribbon with wire in it. Makes a beautiful presentation.

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By brenda thompson 1 30 12/19/2006

I have tried all sorts of things, but the best were pretty new heavy decorated boxes ( mine were a nice bright red with gold lids) with tissue paper lining them. Then stack cookies or candies in rows standing them on their sides, using just one type of cookie per box. for example only shortbread in one, or only chocolate chip in one, so on and so on.
I used to buy pretty bags to stick the decorated plates into,but with all the money and time spent baking...presentation was just as important for the cookies to be recieved well.
oh, dont forget to tie the box closed with a pretty wired-ribboned bow!


p.s. tip for next years the heavy cardboard decorative boxes after christmas, while on clearance. then store them in a clean safe environment till next year. do the same with the wire edged ribbons and you will have one less expense to worry about when the time comes.

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