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Keeping Flies Out Of Dog's Food

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My brother's dog has flies all over his dry dog food. He has to feed him outside, due to him being an outside dog. He is a Great Dane and way too big for the house. Does anyone know of any tips to keep flies away that will not harm the dog or the food that he will eat? Thanks for any suggestions.

Tammy from Fort Mccoy, FL


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By Texasld0507/15/2010

Well number one, dogs are made to be outside, their fur protects them from heat as well as cold do the research. You do not ever put ice cubes in any pets water, this can cause them to go into shock when they are overheated. Dogs originate from wolves, and I don't see many of them sitting in the ac while they are in their dens nor do I see them drinking from purified water bottles with ice cubes, they are our best friends but let us be realistic. I mean if it's some fluke of a day and 110 you should make sure they have some shade, could even wet down the area a little so it is cool. I live in one of the hottest parts of Texas and have a great pyraneese who prefers to be outdoors, although she's welcome in anytime, so come on people they are animals. Their feet most likely don't get hot walking on their paws because once again nature gave them soles, just like you and I would have if we had walked around barefooted our entire lives " hello Africa" and I've heard of plastic bags working too but just feed your dog in the afternoon when it cools off this will minimize the flies, before you feed him again, dump out the old food n rinse the bowl. That will minimize the problem.

By Marcie [4]05/14/2008

Off subject, but Great Danes are NOT outside dogs, yes, they are large, but they belong in the house. I cannot understand why people get dogs just to chain them up outside. They want to be with their pack, their people. Explain this please, I don't get it.

By x (Guest Post)05/13/2008

I would not reccomend putting a flea collar around the food! Those chemicals are serious! I don't even reccomend using them period. Also, I believe that the dog should be fed according to its weight (the bag or your vet should have instructions), in two to three smaller meals daily. When dealing with flies, you could be dealing intrinsically with parasitic larvae, etc. These can cause pain, infection, and hair loss. It is also VERY important that the dog have adequate shelter from the heat, obviously. You can buy fly ointment to repel flies from the pet itself.

By stngray (Guest Post)05/13/2008

You live in FL. You can't put dog food outside and leave it out because it spoils quickly in the FL heat. That's why it draws flies. It is "food" after all. You can't even leave a dog outside in this heat. It's much too hot.
Mix the dog's food with a little canned food and see if he will eat it all at once before he goes outside. Also, be sure he has ice water at all times when he's outside. His water also gets too hot to drink. No matter how big the dog is, the owner has to find room for him inside to lie down out of the heat or find him a good home that's large enough.
Also, that dog needs a lot of exercise. I live in FL and I walk my dogs in the morning or late afternoon when the sun it not so hot and the pavement is not too hot on their feet. Good luck!

By Joleen (Guest Post)05/13/2008

Try food grade diatomaceous earth. It is very cheap and I get it at my local feed/farm supply store. It is a powder. I put it on my dog's food every time they eat. It also helps ward off any intestinal parasites they may get. It is a great repellent. It has MANY more uses!

By Evelyn Rios [2]05/12/2008

I know this doesn't sound like it would work but we have used this method for years to keep flies away from outside barbeques and dinner parties. Hang clear plastic baggies (you can reuse the ones from your grocery produce) filled with about 1-2 cups of ordinary tapwater around the area where the food is kept. I don't know why it works but the flies won't come near the area. Then I just leave them up until they get dirty looking from dust and then use them to water my plants and pick up my dog's tootsie rolls with the old plastic bags and put up new ones.

By Coreen Hart [73]05/12/2008

Feed what the dog will eat in one sitting. Then take the dish indoors and put any leftovers back in the sack.

By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)05/10/2008

Although not 100%, some herbs (such as basil) repel flies. I own cats, and found that the best thing to do is feed them, and once they are finished, remove the bowl and put it into the fridge. Otherwise, if the dog is not eating all the food, why not give it a bit less? You can leave some dry biscuits out for it if it gets hungry.

By Lynda (Guest Post)05/10/2008

We feed pets on cheap deep discounted holiday sale paper plates, just the amount of food that likely fills their stomachs, at regular times of the day. This way, the plate might stay down between feedings, but is usually licked clean before any pests get to it. Otherwise there is no trustworthy way to keep flies and other things out of the food, wet or dry.

Water bowl is cleaned in soapy water every other day, kept full daily and is enough just for two days, so that mosquitoes, ants, and microscopic pests can't grow there.

I have heard that neighborhood pet bowls draw rats, opossum, wild animals of all varieties of creatures, so it seems to me that for this reason in the beginning. We need to be more responsible to our families, pets, and neighbors.

By Kim Churchman [3]05/09/2008

You could put a flea collar around the outside of the dish while the food is not in it, so they avoid it and then not show up when he's having his dinner. I agree with the post about not free-choice feeding. My dog and I are bonded with mealtime ritual, and I get to see how her appetite is, and she is so much healthier.

By Oberhund (Guest Post)05/09/2008

He could try not free-feeding him, but feeding him at regular times during the day. Putting the food down, and then removing whatever is left after 15 minutes. The dog will quickly learn to eat his portion right away, and then you won't have food lying around for the flies to get at.

By Julie [49]05/08/2008

years ago my mom used those sticky roll tapes that pull down into a curly long piece of tape that has sticky stuff all over it and you just pin or tie it where flies are and they go to it and can not get off. they were sold at the dollar stores and came 4 to a pack for like a dollar or two. you could hang those above the area above the dogs reach but still so flies will land on them to reduce the fly problem.

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