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How to SET Permanent Sharpie Pen Ink into Clothes

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How do you SET Sharpie Ink into clothes (primarily cotton or cotton blend t-shirts and also dennim pants/jeans).

I work at a Scout camp and at the end of each week all the staff and kids sign each other's camp shirts (or Jeans - mom's GOTTA love that! LOL). Anyway, last year, my daughter wore her t-shirt a lot and all the sharpie "permenant" ink came out in the wash - isolated case of NOT wanting it to come out, but I can't find anywhere to tell me how to make sure it DOESN'T come out!

Scouter James


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By TeenyBopit07/09/2013

Here are the exact full proof way on how to set ink into clothes. Items needed- Salt, Iron, White Cloth. These instructions included in the link are very simply. ***Always wash in cold water as less as possible or dry clean. You must place the item of clothing with ink on it onto ironing board. Place the white cloth over the area where you'd like the ink to to set, Iron over the cloth on med-high heat setting. After waiting 24 hours after ironing every area. Place 1/2 cup salt into washer with cold water, no detergent. Wash item. Then dry in dryer.

By trykbos (Guest Post)06/16/2008

Someone told me to put it in the dryer first.

By Chrisseh (Guest Post)10/09/2007

Someone told me that you could soak the article of clothing in vinegar before washing it.

By Heidi (Guest Post)08/27/2005

I would iron it (as someone else suggested) and then soak it in cold strong saltwater (just as you do when dying a garment). Afterwards wash in cold water only.

By Trooper autographs (Guest Post)08/15/2005

If a regular sharpy pen in put through the wash once will it be removed or faded? Is there a way to prevent that from happening if the pens do?

By Liz from Ontario (Guest Post)07/13/2005

Sharpie makes a marker specifically for this purpose- you can find it with the other sharpie markers at the store and it will say "for laundry" on it. It is about $2.00

By Sonya Yoder [1]07/13/2005

I think I would try ironing the item at as high a setting as the fabric allows/

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