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"Soft Wrap" Presents For A Green Christmas

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My family always has a chore of finding correct size boxes for Christmas gifts, and then having to break them down afterward for the recycle bins. This year, we have pledged to "soft wrap" every gift. There will be no more boxes, and no chore we all dislike. Let us all save planet Earth!

By Avis from Boulder, CO


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By Louise B. [5]10/25/2014

My family hasn't used either new boxes or even wrapping paper for years. I have some commercial boxes we reuse, but mostly we put things in cloth bags that I had sewn from some Christmas material. We reuse them from year to year. For gifts that leave the house, I reuse wrapping paper from other gifts that others have given, or reuse gift bags. I haven't bought wrapping paper in well over 15 years!

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]11/13/2011

I've read plenty of historical novels and non-fiction. In centuries past, there was little to no actual wrapping paper. Gifts would be wrapped in a cloth, leather hide or perhaps butcher or brown packaging paper. (You know, the paper lunch sacks are made from).

We've been force-fed the consumerist party line for long enough. Isn't it time we thrifty folks stood up for non-consumerism?

By Roseanna11/08/2011

In the past, I have done the same thing. If I didn't have boxes, I would wrap gifts just in tissue and wrapping paper. If I did have boxes, I would recycle them for the next gift. If I had to buy boxes, I would wait till the best clearance prices (like four in a package for either 10 cents or 25 cents).

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